Just a Quick Note!

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IC News travels slowly in Mizahar. Fortunately there is a constant stream of news from around campfires, from caravan to caravan and from merchants to merchants. Within this forum lies the best of the best of this talk. Also, within this forum, OOC news from the staff and players can be found. This forum requires all posts to be 'approved' by a Founder before they are displayed. So if you post within, be patient. Your post did display - it simply will not show to everyone until approved as actual 'news'. Please keep all Introductions, Status Updates, and various other discussions in their appropriate forums and leave this area for game news!

Just a Quick Note!

Postby Gossamer on May 6th, 2010, 5:32 pm

Hello Folks!

Just a quick note here. News Around The Campfire is a forum that is designed to be IC and OOC Game announcements that are major. This means for the OOC sections - we get to hip hip hooray things like new Storytellers and Featured Characters or really big additions to the Wiki. For the IC section, if you want to post an open letter IC to someone else or announce a wild public party in Riverfall... or Syliras wants to host a ball... that too can be accommodated.


That being said, this is a 'by approval' forum. That means, once you hit post - your post will not show up until a Founder approves it. :) We are getting a great deal of 'Hello!' or multiple posts here because people think they should be visible immediately and they are not. But don't worry, everyone does it so no hard feelings. Just try not to multiple post in News and make sure the news is actual 'News' and not little heads up posts or simple greetings. We have Mizahar Discussions and Introductions for those.



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Just a Quick Note!

Postby Charon on May 6th, 2010, 9:26 pm

:) How many threads did you have to delete for me?

Guilty as charged, but in my defense my internet was also screwing up greatly when trying to make the thread so I figured it was broke (chat was also skipping at the time). :p But this is very good information to know and it's better late than never...
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