IC Info [Regional Quest] The Siege of Sahova

Combat, conspiracy and communion, in the citadel of the undead.

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An undead citadel created before the cataclysm, Sahova is devoted to all kinds of magical research. The living may visit the island, if they are willing to obey its rules. [Lore]

[Regional Quest] The Siege of Sahova

Postby Paragon on August 29th, 2012, 11:38 pm

The Siege of Sahova


Factions gather outside the walls of the Undead Citadel, and the Nuit conspire to act against them. Inside the walls of Sahova lies a fragment of Sylir - in what form, no one but the Nuit know. While the Syliran Knights lead the righteous, Rhysol's Ebonstryfe seek to attain the fragment at all costs. The Nuit have their own defences though: golems, wards of immense magic, and the wisdom of the ages...

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