The Heist (Echelon, Gale, Rayes, Miro, and Ignotus)

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

The Heist (Echelon, Gale, Rayes, Miro, and Ignotus)

Postby Miro on March 20th, 2013, 1:15 am

To Miro, it seemed that the best plan of action was an ambush. They would set traps and use overwhelming force to clear the field. It was what the Reimancer was familiar with. An ungodly amount of power from an unlikely source. ”Everyone, I will be preparing myself to take their entire force.” He spoke just these few words and broke from the group and began pace around the ruins to take the setting in. Murdock wanted him to glyph the area, and it was a good idea. He could demonstrate his power and magical authority with it. The area here was a suitable ground to hold down, and the best place to be when it came to fighting a group effectively. The best way to fight against larger numbers was to put them all at a disadvantage and use heavy force to exploit the opening. To the wizard this was simple, just a matter of rigging the field. Any tactician could tell you, if you hold the high ground, you hold the advantage. The challenge was to actually hold this advantage.

Cut off their ascent and they are left in a group unable to move. His powerful Reimancy would massacre them. Perhaps trap the stairs, make it dangerous or impossible to walk on. Even a novice earth Reimancer could turn stone stairs into a steep slope that none could climb quickly, and it would remain unnoticed until approached. A more sadistic wizard might turn them into a field of sharp spikes to pierce feet. Atop the stairs would be the perfect spot to create a cover and wield his maigc. After coming so far up, there was only one quick way down.

Stone blockades atop the stairway to take cover behind were perfect, but easy to spot. It would serve him well to prepare spells to be stored away in glyphs. That would mean that he could rain down fire with Djed already spent and recovered, allowing him to deal damage more efficiently. The best raw element to produce in this case was rock in the form of spears. He could attract the deadly weapons and rain them down on the unsuspecting foes. The Res used to transport it also capable of becoming lava or lightning to further the destruction. It was an easy win, if his Reimancy was truly legendary.

What else that could be done was a bit of a mystery however. It would serve them well to have Ignotus and Murdock ready to assist with whatever preparation they would make if Miro were to become low on ammo or need assistance. It was even possible to make a crow's nest for Gale to spot their target. If each would work to create some slight advantage, surely he would have the assistance needed to focus on his offense.

The offer to make trap glyphs sounded reasonable for Murdock, if he would avoid powerful spells. The Reimancy the Chained One wielded was far too dangerous and powerful to be trusted to a focus. A weak glyph could easily kill a friendly target. It was safer to only store stable elements, stay away from the fires. His skill in magic made him the most deadly wizard that any would ever encounter. Ionu's Light and the Flux with his masterful skills in Reimancy made him a fast shot with deadly accuracy. Few things lasted long against having their faces covered in lava or taking a bolt of lightning to the heart. Well delivered spells only took a slight amount of his Djed.

The wizard had a task for Gale, as much a demand as a request. The standing wall near the back of the ruins still held a firm structure. It towered well over their heads, providing a sky high view down on the city. Most of the walls were decaying quite heavily, but one area in particular looked viable. A pillar stood near the wall, capable of support a person if a stone balcony was added. The real challenge would rest in creating a stable transmutation of earth. If it were to falter and collapse, it would be Gale’s death.

The only other issue beyond that was successfully retrieve their bounty. He doubted their foes could retreat with the goods, though the Reimancer would need to take care not to hit the artifacts. A bit of effort was all that was needed. It was a necessary risk any way he looked at it. The spears presented the only real chance of inaccuracy, and they alone were not very destructive. The undead turned his attention to the two remaining allies near him. He sought one in specific, Gale, the artist. The position of scout was one necessary for victory, and he was just the person to do it.

"Gale, I think you would do well to work as a lookout during the actual heist. If you are not afraid of heights, the warning of enemy arrival would allow us to prepare for the assault. It would be important for you to remain hidden though, so keep that in mind.” Miro then turned his attention to the man who gathered them. ”As for you Murdock, working on glyphs or making other preparations is best for now. I will need your help with Glyphing, so if you are skilled enough to create traps, you can trigger my sigil.” The undead flashed a confident smile, showing his unnaturally deadly fangs. ”When it comes time for the initial assault, I will unleash my full power on them. I should be able to slay as many forces as they send, but one can never be too sure. I will prepare my Reimancy to be stored and used to double my killing potential."

The wizard walked to the broad ancient wall and placed his hand on it. Weathered by Zeltiva, yet still sturdy in its foundation. It was important he had the Djed to proper equip himself with ammo for the day in question, so his casting would have to be efficient. The easiest addition to the wall would be a set of rungs for a ladder, simple enough to accomplish. Before any of that however, he would set the perch to be stable.

Miro began pouring a liquid Res from his hands, a light blue substance that slithered up the stone structure before him. His magic climbed and spread, filling in any areas of the wall that looked to need repair or added support. He continued the spell to the top of the pillar and began to build his Res. The growing mass began to take shape, wrapping about the pillar and bridging the gap between it and the wall. Miro began to make it more detailed, flattening the top and using the excess to surround the pillar and make a suitable place to stand. The final touches included lowering the ledge closest to them. He transmuted it to a rock, and had no doubt it would serve its purpose.

The Reimancer turned his attention to crafting a ladder up. Proper spacing and stability were important. Again he began to produce Res, this time in spaced out piles. They scaled the wall and up the lowered side of the perch. One by one he began to shape his Res into rungs. Each a few inches thick and connected to the wall in the center as well. The area where he would have to switch walls, Miro made sure to create a thicker bar between the walls capable of supporting more weight. Two vertical grip were added at the top before it was transmuted to rock.

Miro began to climb and test the structure, pleased with what he found. Once on top, he was able to look down the path to Zeltiva, some obscured, but still able to see enough for a warning. The platform was sturdy, and he was felt confident to stand on it. "All set for you, Mr. Artist. As long as you are careful, it should prove to make you feel rather safe. Up here nothing will hurt you, plus you get a great view. It might just inspire you to paint it, or whatever it is you do." The Chained One again revealed his teeth, a fitting addition to the mask. The hideous face he bore was appropriate to mark him as the monster he was.

The spell to prepare the perch was a decent warm up. The mage had already wrapped his mind in the art of defense by the time he climbed down. How to glyph his magic, rigging the stairs, and beyond that, how he would craft their cover at the top of the stairs. To have stone covers was obvious, but he could keep them glyphed until the last moment. With Reimancy as his sword and shield he did not fear any foe. Spear crafting was simple, already having the skill mastered. With a hundred spears raining down, there would be little work left to for his staff. It almost didn't seem fair though. If all went as planned he would do all of the work alone.

Did that mean he deserved more reward, more of the power? Of course it did. He would demonstrate his power, and any who refused him would be made foolish. It would be apparent in the end who made things possible, and the rewards would be divided accordingly. None would cross him after witnessing what he could do. All parties would find their payout, and the undead would find his thrill. Though nothing provided a thrill like a priceless artifact, that he was sure of. To obtain more power and feed his craving, it almost made his lifeless heart race.

Miro gazed out over the cliffside and into the waters below. Light sparkled on its surface as a cool breeze rustled his hair. Still he had so much work to do. He would now start on the most difficult task, creating the spear gllyph. He had an idea of how the sigil could be done easier, but first he would need supplies. "Alright, I will be back in a bit. I have some business in town." On his way to leave, the wizard looked over what each other person was doing. He was sure none of it even mattered.

”I will create a store of spears, a cover and an obstacle for our enemies to overcome. When they arrive at these stairs, they find their ascent hindered, and at the top barriers covering us. I will be on the other side, my spears on hand. I cast my Res and spears down on them, and one by one they fall. Now I only need to prepare my magic to bring it all together. The city will have all I need in the way of supplies.” He chuckled to himself, so confident in his power. The Returning gave him a drive towards domination that he could not deny. All but the most intense will to resist was useless when faced with a means to advance his power.

While the bold wizard thought his plan perfect, his other half knew to doubt such things. The frozen charm about his wrist had listened well to all that he had said and done, but could not disagree more. "And you expect that mercenaries who's food comes from killing smug fools like you will die so easily? Your plan has holes in it no matter which way you look. There will come a time and place where your magic falters, and I will suffer as much as you. You seem certain in so many things, yet you are acting on words of people you do not trust." But the proud mage could hear such a critical opinion, for he would bet their lives on success. In his mind, the only question was how far would his foes make it would before their deaths. And this was exactly what his Familiar feared.

Miro’s stubborn mind was impossible to sway however. He would prove his magical dominance to the skeptical Irylid once and for all. "I know the limits of my power, which is why I am so confident. As long as my preparations are in place, we are safe! I will never be bested in a fight, not with the elements at my command. It matters little the situation, the end result is the same." Such folly was the price of his power. Both the power granted to him by Uldr and Reimancy had tainted his mind with delusions of immortality. "Just you wait, boy, that confidence will be your end. All life has a weakness, and your most obvious defect is your mind. Think yourself immortal, all powerful, then face an entire force. You are but one man, only able to cast a limited amount, and sustain limited damage. Why do you think yourself capable of slaying an army with only yourself to rely on? I do recall you have been killed once before."

The Reimancer had no response for his partner however. Instead he would just focus on how to move forward. There was no time to focus on negativity. He only concentrated on his walk to town and the supplies to gather. As far as Glyphing went, there was a bit of shopping to do. He would need a large pot of inscribing paint and proper brushes. It was a special occasion, so it was best to do things proper. He planned to make use of a switch, so another color of paint would also be needed. There were other things he needed in town as well though. If ever there was a time to shine Ionu’s Light, it was now. And since he would have to carry supplies back up the trail, his pack would also be a wise choice.

Miro walked quickly, but he could not escape the Irylid attached to his wrist. ”You know, Mask Boy, there is still time to do the right thing. You could turn them in and stay safe. I am sure there is reward for stopping such a crime, saving such valuable items. Surely you are not afraid of the Nuit or his smooth talking conspirator. I would however watch the “artist” though. Not that he seems powerful, but you may want to consider something. This man, why is he involved in such a dangerous crime? Would he really take all of this risk with no ability to defend himself? I suspect he is a spy. It is also possible for him to take the opportunity and reveal your plans for his own gain.”

Ender was always cautious, but to suspect Gale of such a thing seemed paranoid. Well, maybe he did have a point. If there was an odd man out, it was him. His skills involved, artistry? What brought him here, and more importantly, what did he hope to gain? ”You are speaking, well, it is nonsense. I mean, have you seen the guy? He appears as innocent as they come. I suspect he is the type to seek thrills and nothing more. I had only planned on causing some trouble, but did not realize this much work would be involved. It is much the same for him, no doubt.”

But Miro was always naive, something Ender knew all too well. The Irylid’s keen eye had caught a detail missed by his master. ”Did you not see it, the look in his eye? Fear, regret, all after hearing what YOU were. He does not trust you, and he does not like you. Your kind disgusts him. You are right on one thing though, he is innocent. Far, faaar too innocent to witness what you will do to these people. Even after it is all over, how long before guilt eats away at him?”

Such a stark statement, it made all too much sense. His partner wasn’t entirely unreasonable, but it would not cause him to act against the artist. Again, his confidence reassured him none would risk angering him. The wizard had a bad reputation for making annoyances disappear. He was not in the habit of letting enemies live. Those who aimed to cross him aimed to be crossed off Dira’s list. Though now his walk was ruined by the paranoia his Familiar had inspired. Slowly it began to frustrate him. There was no way of proving Gale’s loyalty, or any of the others, not without interrogation. That itself posed more problems than it solved though. Only one solution came to mind, the answer he had always fallen back to in the past.

”You know Ender, I can not deny what you say. My eyes will be open, not to just him, but to all. Let me propose a philosophy that should put your mind at ease. There is not a man in this city, no, this region, or better yet, this world, able to withstand the full fury of my Reimancy. If we are betrayed, there are only a few people who could be responsible. Torture, dismemberment, death, these are the answers to betraying MY trust. I don’t care if this entire city is ripped apart because of it. In the end, they will know my power, all of them, and it will never happen again, for fear of me will dominate their every thought.”

Miro removed the Mask of Many as he neared the the end of the trail. For as well as it fit on his face, taking it off proved difficult. Ender was acting odd, so focused on unbalancing his mind. Gale did not hate him, nor did he distrust him. The wizard had offered his Djed to protecting him, and that was a sacrifice not many would make. The Irylid was just jealous, hating all things that would steer his master towards independence from his other half. He was greedy, wanting the wizard’s Djed only for himself. Worse than that, he aimed to hurt Miro to get his way. The Returned would never be dominated by a creature meant to serve him.

Now in the city, he would need to gather his things. He kept his mask tucked inside of his robe while heading to the University. In his room he wasted no time. His coins were pocketed, while his staff was placed on the unused bed next to his backpack. The mask was tucked away in his pack along with a pot of inscribing paint wrapped in an old shirt. Each of the items were taken with him as he hurried back through the halls. Miro wanted to get free of this place, hating drawing attention. Ionu’s Light was a powerful artifact, and some scholars might even be able to sense its worth. He would make haste to the final stop in town.

There was a shop, of course on West Street, but, further details were foggy. He looked inside once, a bit of the usual in Zeltiva as far as style went. Though what was not typical was all of the interesting art. That was what drew him to look around in the first place. Inside were displays of art crafted through various mediums. Most of it was far too sophisticated for the undead, though he could appreciate the talent and artistic vision needed to craft it. In many ways art and magic were not so different. In both, one must visualize their creation, then possess the skill necessary to bring it into existence as intended. This ship would have all he needed. Though he was not entirely sure that they would have in store what he wanted.

”Now where was that one at exactly. Wasn’t it, no, no, it wasn’t. Or maybe it was, was it, maybe, or... Oh yeah that’s right.” Miro smirked with delight as the memory came back into mind. He snapped his fingers and started to make his way towards West Street. Once he turned from Market Road, it was only three or four shops down, on the left side. As he walked, he immediately recognized its unique appearance. The painting on the exterior of the stone building was either an abstract mural or meant to advertize for each of the colors they had in stock. The undead expected it was the latter. He looked over the colors used, and all seemed to be included.

Entering the vast store room inspired a sense of wonder in his heart. The smell of painted canvases and sculpting clay was strong in the air. A man with long brown hair wearing an odd garb made of fine silk stood behind the counter. He sat motionless observing a painting, and paid no attention to Miro. The wizard walked to the counter and waited for the man to notice him. For a while he did not move, but then turned, suddenly startled. ”Oh, I didn’t see you there.” The man looked Miro over for a moment and raised an eyebrow. ”Is there something I can help you with? All of the art you see is on sale, supplies are in the back. So, what will it be?” He would be sure to get all he needed while in town, not wishing to make multiple trips.

”I am in need of supplies for painting. An artist’s kit and paint. An average pot of red paint your largest pot of inscribing paint. I require pa collection of various brushes as well. Can you manage this?” Miro put a bit of concern into his voice, concentrating on acting alive. It took conscious effort, but he would breathe and blink regularly to wave suspicion away from his undead features. ”Yes, we have all of that in stock. Give me a moment and I will retrieve it from the back. Is that all you need?” The man flashed a half hearted smile, eager to make a sale, receiving a nod in acknowledgement.

Miro took out his coin purse while the man disappeared in the back and cradled it in his hand. After a moment he returned from the back with his hands full. First an oddly shaped bag was placed on the table, then a large pot of paint, and finally, a smaller one. The shopkeep grew a sour look on his face though, seeming displeased with having to work for his Miza. ”Everything you requested, sir. Our heaviest pot of inscribing paint, half a gallon of red paint, and an aritist’s kit, complete with a set of brushes. Now, that will be, well let’s see here...” The man looked over the items before looking into Miro’s gray eyes. He flashed a grin and his eyes lit with optimism. ”Fifty gold-rimmed Miza.”

It was definitely overpriced, but that was this street’s theme. The undead reluctantly began to count out his money in stacks of ten. His mind tempted him with doubt as he finished counting. Trying to taking advantage of a wizard was rarely wise. ”Seems a bit expensive, don’t you think?” His words conveying his apparent doubt. But those on West Street knew just how to handle such doubts. ”No sir, not at all. What you are paying for is quality, class, an impression. These tools have a unique elegance, and everybody will know just where you got them. All artists know one thing to be true. Quality tools produce quality art. It is not the man, but the brush in his hand, and the paint on it.” The man quickly snatched away the coins, moving them from sight before his customer could have second thoughts. Then promptly returned to observing the art, ready to be done with the customer. ”Thank you for your business, sir. Be sure to visit again soon.”

Miro carefully placed the smaller pot in his backpack and took the remaining items in hand. He would be careful to ensure their safety on the trip back to the ruins. Finally he was ready to head back and complete his Glyphing. The journey back was long due to the care taken. When in the ruins, he emptied pack and replaced the mask on his face. To finish his Glyphing he would need Murdock’s help, but not for a while yet. Miro grew more confident in his glyphs each time he practiced. His focuses could even be reliable, if they were not overloaded. There was even a way he could contain a larger spell by creating a more complex sigil.

It was always difficult to try and coordinate a complex glyph system. At least he knew what he wanted the end result to be. Several focuses containing spears directed to flow out from one rune. So, a system of focuses contained and guided by barriers and paths, that much he was sure of. Guide it into a switch, that would allow the spell to merge, and from there out a final focus. A trigger to deactivate a barrier and release the effect. Around the switch would be the best area for a trigger.

To get started, he would need to know how well a focus could handle a spear. ”It is best to sort that out now. But I will be sure that my focus can handle the spell with ease. A trial to test the waters is definitely needed.” The undead began to gather some supplies and moved to a distant spot. ”Create a spear, work to contain and test the limits of a well made focus, and after that I can have confidence in my craft.” After doing it once, he was often able to improve on the technique. Glyphing had a way of bringing out a hard working side of him, like most world magic. So much care and preparation had to be taken, the cost of not casting from your own Djed.

Miro loved how expressive Glyphing was. It only cost paint, a little time, and an artistic flair. It was all about formation and design, so it all flowed together into a system. Each rune was a piece of the sigil’s body. Every symbol had a purpose, an intent flown into it. That intent makes it possible to control magic in these various ways. Each sigil had a body, much like the Chained One. The focus, a store of Djed, the ability to release magic. The switch, the ability to alter magic and change its form. Barriers containing Djed within the body, defining the boundaries of its form. And of course the paths they formed as channels for the magic. The art of personal Glyphing could also increase his combat potential, but that was a task for a later time.

It was time he saw just how far his Glyphing skills had come. For this experiment he would forgo the use of a barrier. He needed to know the potential of his focus alone. Miro dipped a medium brush in the inscribing paint. He noticed the tiled ground, each square about a foot in length. It would help him a lot in drawing runes. Miro concentrated on the Djed Flux in his left arm, redirecting some of its energy to his right hand. He placed his wet brush down at the edge of the tile and brought it around clockwise, just barely keeping it within the bounds of the square. Within it he drew a vertical line, this symbolizing both the spear and the Djed of personal magic. Around the line he drew another circle, careful not to intersect the outer circle. This would represent world magic and Glyphing. In it, he drew a square that came to an end at the edge of the circle, combining them. The square would represent the stable element of earth.

Miro was very pleased with the rune. He relaxed his Djed Flux and his right hand felt sapped for a moment. He calmed himself and stood up. He distanced his feet, held his back straight, face serene. He did not quite need the assistance for casting, but it was always necessary to maintain a balanced mind and body. He held his hands before him in fists that he stacked, but left an opening so that one might be able to look down their center.

Djed began to flow into his hands, gathering, readying for release as Res. For a moment the Reimancer ran safety precautions through his head, everything seemed to check out. Miro began to fill the gap in his hand with Res, slowly lifting his right hand while conversely lowering his left. As his hands moved further apart, a bar of light blue formed between them. Even when his hands could separate no more, the mass continued beyond them. When it reached completion it was nearly as tall as him. Both tips were rounded and it was transmuted to a shaft of solid stone.

The wizard kept focused, ready to react in an instant. He held the long shaft firmly in his hands and lined it up above the center square of the focus. Very gently, he began to lower it to make contact and be taken in. The focus gave a bit of resistance, but then began to consume the spell. He kept the lowering pace slow and steady, afraid of it releasing too quickly or pushing the rune past its limit. Bad things happened when magic was pushed past its limit. To his surprise, he was able to guide it nearly all the way in with no issue. The spears he planned on making were very capable of being stored. He was down to the last foot of it when the spell halted. It was still for only an instant, then it began to shake. Even gripping it, he could not resist the vibrations. An amount of strength from the pathways in his legs was directed in a desperate attempt to steady it, but he found no success.

Miro released his grip and redirected the stolen energy in his left arm and brought it to his right. The wizards mind readied for anything. The glyph was suddenly dangerous. He brought his right hand out and produced a stream of Res that quickly enveloped the spear before resting his Djed Flux. There was no use in trying to calm it further, so he solidified his Res and focused his consciousness entirely on the mass. He issued a powerful commanded to attract the Res coated earth and come to his hand. His will battled the glyph, causing the spell to shake even more violently before it snapped.

The shaft flew to his hand and the focus faded away. He turned his Res to a gas that hovered near his hand, allowing the rock to fall. ”Well, I won’t be walking around over here. This glyph could be potentially dangerous, but luckily it is out of the way. Only a fool would walk so close to the edge.” All in all he was pleased with his experiment. The focus design was great, and even without barriers he could contain his spears. The undead returned his brush and paint to the rest of his supplies and seated himself. He wrapped his legs beneath him and allowed himself to hunch over. He closed his eyes and even tuned out his sense of hearing. Everything faded away to darkness as he gathered every last bit of his mind.

His mind calmed, thoughts became fluid and clear, but there came to a point where he felt no more enlightenment. He felt centered, his mind at balance, yet his thinking was not stronger. A system this big, so many mistakes could be made, he needed to have a firm concept. Ender was doing well not to distract him, but he debt was repaid as Miro did not bother his Familiar in return. He would need some help, borrow from his body to his mind. Every muscle in his body felt lax, unused, which meant he could borrow from them. He started focusing on his body, sensing and recalling the flow of his Djed Flux throughout. His attention moved from the top of his head, down his neck, to his chest, arms and legs, all the way to the tips of his toes and fingers.

The potential of his new body amazed him. Such a vessel was to be respected, and most of all, it was capable of some serious abuse. The Flux could be used to the extremes without much worry. His mind needed assistance, a risky technique, if stressed or abused. The wizard focused on the pathways of his entire body, redirecting a light stream of Djed to his mind. For a moment his pathways flickered with a flash of excitement. First he noticed the numb feeling in his hands and feet, then arms and legs. It continued through his chest and caused it to swell with energy. The Djed flooding into his brain caused his mind to flood with a cloud of confusion.

The wizard concentrated to bring order to the wild noise. Chaotic thoughts began to clear and settle. He needed to visualize the sigil. All of the effects he needed to happen followed the simple effects glyphs could provide. A series of focuses contained and guided by barriers that would form paths. The paths would lead into a switch and combine the many focuses. Then a finally it would flow out another focus meant to unload the combined spell. The switch would be surrounded with a barrier to prevent the sigil from releasing and rigged with a trigger. With those tiles he could arrange the glyphs perfectly.

Miro began to create an image of the sigil in his mind. He would make a hundred spears that would be sorted into rows of ten. Each row would be surrounded by barriers that flow them to the switch. Then another path to the final focus designed with drawpoints for each spear. The final barrier and trigger would allow the spell to be activated on command. He concentrated on memorizing the arrangement, and after finishing released the redirection. His mind slowly darkened and caused him to sink into his mind. For a few chimes while he sat blankly gathering his weakened mind. When the dizziness had mostly faded, he sat himself up straight and began doing breathing exercises.

It was odd to breathe while being dead, though still relaxing. A deep breath in through his nose, ”one,” held for a moment, then out through his mouth, ”one.” Then another, in the nose, a count of two, then released, and another count. He continued on and on until he reached a count of fifty. When finished, he sighed and brushed his hair out of his face. It was almost as if he was living again. ”That might be the most relaxing thing I have ever seen you do. Just the sound of your breathing were calming. For once you actually improved my mood. I suppose I will thank you, perhaps reinforcing good behaviour is better suited for conditioning. Good boy.”

The wizard smirked and gradually worked his way to his feet.and began to examine the area he had to work with. Near the stairs he would need to make a cover that could be stored away safely, but for now he would just leave room. He had an idea to create a raised area with earth Reimancy to form a track in the shape of each rune. With his magic he could create perfect shapes and save time. Then he only needed to paint on the track. He planted his hands and began to create Res. For a few chime Miro spread his Res underneath the ground. He continued until it was saturated with enough Res to complete all of the Glyphing needed. He surveyed the area to assign runes to the tiles.

The Reimancer walked by, counting out the twenty tiles along the way, pulling his Res to raise and form an inch long track along each tile border. He then went down their length towards the stairs and raised the twenty rows to be ten long. A perimeter of tiles was raised even higher, as well as every other row that would serve as barriers. These would become the tiles to contain the focuses Djed. The focus he used before was perfect to use for each rune. Then he would have to design a barrier. He would use complementary shapes to keep a balanced flow. Inside the square space he would make a diamond, inside the diamond another square, and finally inside that a circle. Each shape another layer to contain the magic further.

Miro stood before the empty squares, eying the first row before him. This would be barriers, he raised his Res in the shape of a diamond, each of its points coming to end and merging with the outer edge, then the same with the square, diamond and circle inside. The wizard went down the row perfecting each rune, slowly picking up the pace. He continued to process down every other row until the focuses were surrounded. It was surprisingly easy and saved a lot of time. Now he would have to switch to focuses. The undead walked the rows and filled in each empty tile with a circle, a line, then finally a square. He finished the set of runes with a transmutation to rock.

Next he would have to create paths to a switch. Tiles did not allow diagonal lines to work so well, but they still helped. By cutting half way through and lining opposite corners, he could create perfectly angled lines leading towards a switch. Miro focused and drew the substance from the ground and continuing the paths until they all converged in several layered triangles. a series of parallel zigzagged lines along the length of each diagonal barrier that created a pattern of four triangles and a diamond in their center repeated. Then he judged a good spot to alter his Res and reformed the lines to become a wavy circle, a barrier. Within that circle he formed slightly smaller circle lower to the ground, this would become the switch. He pulled the lines of Res to wrap about each other and come together in the center. The shapes were transmuted to rock also.

The Res supply was becoming scarce, but luckily there was not much more to do. Miro lifted a path of two spread tiles from the path towards the stairs. He separated the tiles into individual squares and filled them with his barriers, the circle, line, square combination. The paths lead into an area of tiles for the final focus. A space of five by five tiles and a perimeter around it formed into barriers. The inner box would be divided into a grid of ten by ten to create a space for each spear. The obvious first step was to cover each line with Res as he had so many times before, then eye the center of each line to form the remaining lines. At first they were off, but he fine tuned them to be even. In each box he drew a small waved line. He finished the sigil by transmuting it to rock.

As the Reimancer was pleased looking over his work. Now he only needed to coat it in paint. He took a medium brush and dipped it in black inscribing paint. He wetted his brush and began to follow along the lines of each rune that he could reach. He moved around the outer perimeter of the sigil, leaning in as far as he could. If any spot looked at all bare, more paint was applied until thick and consistent. In order to reach the inner track he had to increase his reach with Reimancy. He called the remainder of his Res to the brushes handle to lengthen it and transmuted it to rock. It started off difficult, but with practice he was able to finish painting the inner section of the sigil. No longer needing his extended brush, Miro tossed it to the ground and caused the rock to shatter. He would need to paint the switch in red and finish minor details. He started with another medium brush and red paint. He took his time to lean in and coat the switch. Proper care was to be taken with the wet paint and tracks of earth. For the final touches he used the detail brush to go over each small symbol in his final focus.

The sigil was completed, but he continued to pace around for any area needing a touch up. After a few passes he found his work not only acceptable, but well done. With a smirk he envisioned the spell’s release. Once loaded, the spears, all contained and guided, would attempt to flow to the switch. The switch however was blocked by the circular barrier around it, of course deactivated by Murdock’s trigger. With the barrier removed, the switch combines the magic flown through it and guides it to the final focus. The combined spear spell flows out of the hundred designated drawpoints in the focus, neatly arranged. From there it is a simple matter of attracting the element with Res. The attack section of his Glyphing was complete. Now he would move onto defense.

Miro took his inscribing paint and brush and moved onto the stairs. Another sigil would need to be drawn here to contain their cover. Four focuses contained by barriers and united by a single trigger. A four part cover of rock Reimancy would be stored, one part inside each focus. The area at the top of the stairs was left open for just this, so he would have all the room he needed. He walked along the base of the stairs and decided which tiles would be used for what. Each focus would be three long going along the length of the stairs while being two wide. Since there were four of them, and all needed to be surrounded by a one square perimeter barrier, that made the size clear. Seventeen long by four wide. The barriers used before would be recycled again, but for the focuses he would have to get creative. And this time he would be drawing without the assistance of magic.

The Reimancer started with the easiest part, the outline. It was simple enough to follow along the lines and try to keep a straight arm. When the outer box was done, he continued onto the four inner boxes, and counted out the divisions between them to ensure was error free. The outer barrier and focuses were ready to be filled in. For each tile, he drew a single line going along, creating several small boxes to surround the four major ones. It took him some time, but he filled out each box with the barrier pattern. Inside each he formed the familiar diamond, square combination, each fitting within the last. Drawing it without his assistance from magic went well, being quite used to drawing the rune by now.

To start the first focus, Miro drew a line from the top left corner to the bottom right, then one opposite it. This did well to section off and divide the shape into smaller parts to work with. From there the center was clear, and he could draw further. He drew two more lines, this time through the center, one vertical and one horizontal. It created several triangles within the rectangle and divided it. This was a tool only to help him along with keeping his shapes symmetrical and scaled correctly, but worked well of design as well.

The wizard focused carefully on the top left diagonal line to find the middle of the edge and the center. From there he drew a straight horizontal line to the opposite diagonal line. Then he repeated the process for the lower line.. This created an hourglass shape within the drawing. On the top line, the very left side where it started, he drew another line connecting it to the center of the bottom line. He did the same for the right side of the top line, aiming it down to create another triangle. This process was reversed and repeated it for the lower line to the top. It formed a crazy design, now four triangles forming an hourglass shape with a diamond in the center. The final shape was a square dead in the center of rune within the diamond. The first of four was finished.

To copy was more difficult than to just redraw it with the same formula in most cases. Miro started by looking the shape over, reflecting on every line he drew, letting it soak into him. It was not like his Reimancy assisted sigil, this was more personal. A muscle memory was formed deep within him when crafting it. Being undead made it easier to work like an automata, no thought, just perfectly executed action. He only needed to shut his mind off and allow his body to move as it had before. Though without proper training of this skill and only having drawn it once, it would still take a lot of concentration. Still he would push to tap into this hidden potential and be taken by his work.

Miro started in, first by dividing the shape with lines. For each concurrent line he glanced back to ensure the image stayed fresh in his mind. Each stroke of the brush required careful focus to ensure it was properly placed and straight. When he finally finished the rune, he noted that its quality was roughly even with his prior work, though it took him longer to draw. For the next copy he only looked over a couple times, working to halt his mind and focus only on the image to be replicated. The last focus was done without him needing to reference his prior works, and by now had memorized the movements of starting and forming each linel.

All but the required triggers were present, and those he could not do himself. He held an activation in mind, but for now he would produce the ammo to load them. After this he would not spend any more Djed. He hadn’t pushed himself very hard, but he would need to be at his prime for fighting. Ionu’s Light was taken in hand, the wizard in a casting stance with staff held out. It was important he cast enough for spears and covers, while having enough remaining to load them and cover the stairs. Miro took one last deep breath before initiating a flow of Res.

The stream of light blue liquid poured from his staffs end for some time. The Reimancer began to form two masses of similar size. The first was to be his spears adjusting the height of the Res. He walked up to the substance and began to mark with his nail where it would divide to form each spear. With every touch a crater formed down the substances length to divide it. He did this down one side, then down another, creating each of the hundred spears. The tips were chiseled out and the remaining Res was pulled to the other mass. He turned the spears on their sides and lowered them to the ground. The transmutation cemented their form in a stack of stone harpoons.

His on hand Res was plenty enough to handle the task of loading the spears. Miro smothered his spears with the magical substance, surrounded the rock, saturated it and attracted it. He aimed his staff down, then lifted it, willing his Res to follow. The blue substance moved as a whole, hiding its contents as it shifted and positioned itself above the sigil. The Reimancer brought his hands together before his chest, his face grim with intense focus. He then split his focus and thought of each spear individually. The spears began to break apart from their tightly formed stack to spread out in rows atop his focuses. It was important that they all be loaded at a slow speed to ensure they did not release with any risk. He would also need them to flow through the sigil at the same speed.

Miro grasped Ionu’s Light with both hands and pointed it outwards. He concentrated his mind on controlling Reimancy with precision using his staff to guide him. Very slowly and very steadily he lowered his staff dropping it all the way to the ground. It was not so slow that he miss an opportunity, yet slow enough not to cause any risk of firing at someone. It took him less than half a chime before he sensed his Res had nothing to attract. He looked out across the rows of blank squares, their focuses faded away until activation, filled with his spare Res. The sigil was now loaded, and could be dangerous if disrupted. Though the rule of a focus was that magic would come out exactly opposite how it went in. The spears went in butt first and will rise spike up at speed lowered.

The wizard gathered up his supply of Res. Now he needed to create his barriers and store them. He moved to the next sigil and split the mass into four above the focuses, holding an amount beside him for the remaining stairs. He formed them it into small square plates, shifting the substance to be widest at the bottom. They were stretched to be over five feet tall and over two feet thick at the bottom. Miro willed his on hand Res to surround the shapes and be ready to attract and load the barriers. He willed the barriers to transmute and be held by attraction. However the Reimancer quickly found his control slipping against gravity due to the heavy element. They dropped into their focuses in a matter of a few ticks.

To finish, the remaining Res was pushed down across the stairs to even it out and smooth the surface over. He left an open area along the side so that they might be ascended from the right. He could not cover all of the stairs, so some were skipped along the top. His work was all done, and only needed Murdock to assist him now. ”Hey, Murdock, I need your help. Your traps use triggers, I am sure. I need two of them made.” Miro pointed down a the barrier around the switch that would release his spear sigil. ”That barrier around the switch, I need it triggered to be released by command. When the phrase ‘barrier release’ is said, have it activate.” He then pointed to his other glyph. ”For this one another trigger connected to the barriers around the focuses. Any means of touch or strike activation would work well.”

The wizard gathered his supplies and moved them behind the perch made for Gale. His staff was kept tight in hand as he leaned against the wall. He was not entirely sure what they would be up against, but he was ready to fight a small army. Being given the chance to really test his Reimancy was a gift. A personal wizard lives to test his magic in combat. Until it was time to act he would be on guard duty. He did not need to sleep and would be ready for anything. ”Alright Ender, I don’t need to focus any more, so we can talk. We just wait. Waiting is best done in silence, don’t you think?” And he knew that the lack of an answer meant yes.

ExpensesArtists Toolkit 25 gm
Inscribing Paint 3 gm (X5) 15 gm
Paint Pigment 1/2 gal (Red) 5 sm - 2 gm
Various Brushes 6 cm-5 sm
Paid 50 gm
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The Heist (Echelon, Gale, Rayes, Miro, and Ignotus)

Postby Eldritch on September 10th, 2013, 8:43 pm

Wren :
Negotiation: +1
Persuasion +1
Leadership +2

-Gathering others for the Heist

Ignotus :
Tactics +2
Hypnosis +1
Observation +1
Intelligence +1

-Planning out the Heist

-50 GMs in bribes

Miro :
Familiarity +2
Glyphing +3

-Taking Ender's name
-Crafting traps for the Heist

-50 GM's for purchases

Gale :
Observation +1

-Dragged into yet more dastardly deeds

Notes :
Nothing to note

If you have any comments/questions/concerns about your grade please PM me and we will work something out.

Keep on writing!
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