Flashback "Thank you," and his voice was quivering.

Johanne meets a sailor with strange markings all over his skin.

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A village cut off from the rest of Mizahar by the Valterrian, slowly reestablishing contact with the outside world.

"Thank you," and his voice was quivering.

Postby Invictus on December 13th, 2012, 8:23 am

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Skill XP Earned Lore Earned
Observation +5 To Be as Young and Old as Time
Tattooing +3 Alas Denval, I Knew Her Well
Weapon: Stiletto +2 Lowering Your Sails: Jo's First Kiss
The Quay: A Favorite Spot
Joseph: A Man Scarred Into Memory
Scarification: Basic Understanding
Scar: Leth Chasing Syna


Remind me to subscribe to everything you ever write. This was a beautiful piece of art, and all too worthy of being the featured thread of the month. It was blissfully poetic with never a dull moment. I'm just sorry I couldn't find much more in the way of either lores or skills to give this the full credit it deserves. But you have my gratitude for allowing us all the chance to read it. You're a gifted writer, and this was a brilliant piece. If you need more words of praise to fill your ego, I'd be happy to oblige in a private message or two. For now, though, I'll leave you with this. Enjoy.
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