[PC Plotnotes] Bravin

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[PC Plotnotes] Bravin

Postby Bravin on October 29th, 2012, 4:23 am

Outline for the next few threads:

Flashback to when Bravin is 18, and write about the selection test:

The Fight: Bravin fights an unnaturally fast and strong applicant (a Novice of the Flux, though Bravin doesn't know it) who mysteriously freezes up and can't react to Bravin's attack in time, so he wins. (He thinks he wins due to his own skill, but really it is because of the Flux user's inexperience in directing their Djed.)

The Interview: An old, grizzled, and hostile monk of Uphis interviews Bravin. Though Bravin displays excellent knowledge of the philosophy and religion of Uphis, the man is unimpressed and reveals that Bravin only won his fight by luck. Bravin asks what he means and the man laughs at him and tells him about the Flux. Bravin is angry and insulted and the man says if he is such a good fighter, he should prove it by lasting three days in the Aperture. So Bravin makes it to the third stage.

The Trial: Bravin's grumpy old interviewer takes him to the Cursed Bridge, which Bravin, who isn't very superstitious, thinks is quite amusing. He immediately sets off in search of his father's blessed sword, which he knows is lost somewhere in the Aperture. As night falls he notices a slightly younger applicant from a rival quarter following him. Cold and annoyed, he kills the girl/boy, seeing it as killing off a future enemy. Also he is paranoid that the other applicant was following him to steal his sword.

Bravin ends up either hallucinating after touching a corricore, or he fights marrow dogs, or both. He doesn't go thirsty because of the fall rains, but he does go hungry and either eats the scraps thrown down by the Nykans above, or he eats a marrow dog or something. He might become disfigured in some way.

After this thread is graded, move on to some more flashbacks. At least one flashback should focus on Bravin's childhood and training with his father (Staanos), and some more flashbacks should focus on him training with the monks, learning to use the Flux, and forging a love-hate friendship with the grumpy old monk who interviewed him. Perhaps this monk, a Prior, will even vouch for Bravin and promote him to Acolyte. He definitely needs to become humbler and wiser over the course of the 5 years of flashbacks between his selection test and the current date.

Also I need to roleplay with: Lance Tycan, Dau Kaiden, and Arion Vernedette. I don't know about Lance and Arion, but since Dau wants to go to the Aperture, maybe my character should join forces with him to go look for the sword. Of course Bravin will probably try to double-cross Dau and kill him when they have the sword, so that a) he doesn't owe him any favors and b) word doesn't spread that he needed help going into the Aperture. Or maybe he is mature enough by the present date not to worry about such things.

Goal for the far future: become promoted to Prior, learn more magic and fighting skills, become Competent in longsword, and finally petition the High Priest to give him a few Acolytes under his command to go and launch a mini-campaign against the Myrians, the goal being to simply kill as many of them as possible to gain favor with Uphis, who hates Myri.
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