[AS - Spires Office] Spirian Nights

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[AS - Spires Office] Spirian Nights

Postby Capricious on October 30th, 2012, 11:28 pm

"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish."
-John Jake


Hello! I am the AS of The Spires! Come in, sit down on my comfortable chairs and have yourself a cup of tea - with a side of chocolate. Ignore the candle-lit lanterns and tell me what is on your mind, or what you need. As the bells pass, I hope we will become wonderful friends and bond over the chocolate everyone is addicted to. I promise, this Hedgehog can have chocolate!

So you have a grade just for me? Let me find my handy dandy hedgehog sized pencil and take notes on what you want. Better yet, would you write it down for me? I left the template below.

Grading Template :
Code: Select all
Name and Link to Thread:
Characters Involved:
Type of Thread:
Requested Skills:
Requested Lores:
Additional Notes:

You've chosen me to run for you? Do you realize hedgehogs aren't that great at running? Well, let me waddle on over and have you tell me what you need. We'll plot later, in PM. Once again, fill out the template below.

Moderating Threads Template :
Code: Select all
What Season:
What you seek to learn from the thread:
What you seek to gain from the thread:
Additional notes you feel I should know:

You want to help me develop? Gasp! Look at my little hedgehog legs wiggling in delight! I would love for your help in developing. The Spires could always use more development! You can find this information in the suggestion box (which is where all development should be placed) or below. If you have an amazing, awesome, really, truly creative idea, PM me and we'll discuss it. Otherwise, PM me and wait for the go-ahead before filling out the template below.

Developing Templates :
Code: Select all
Frequency: (high to low)
Threat level: (high to low)
Major features:
Most common in:
Physical characteristics:
Social Structure:

Frequency: (high to low)
Major features:
Most common in:

NPCs (if applicable)
Products/Services (if applicable)
Training/Employment (if applicable)

Skills: (5 most notable skills)

NPCs should include a picture, a history, and personality.

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[AS - Spires Office] Spirian Nights

Postby Banir Ironwood on February 6th, 2013, 8:35 am

What Season: Winter
What you seek to learn from the thread: Shielding
What you seek to gain from the thread: I wish to have Banir learn and take his first tentative steps into shielding. I thought this over a while and figured not only did it fit with his personality a little. It would most likely be something he'd express interest in.
Additional notes you feel I should know: None off the top of my head
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[AS - Spires Office] Spirian Nights

Postby Aradia on March 7th, 2013, 3:30 am


Name and Link to Thread:Where are you Brother?
Characters Involved: Aradia and Red
Type of Thread: Traveling
Requested Skills: None, unless you see something.
Requested Lores: About the Wind Eagle would be great.
Additional Notes: None :)
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