[Wind Reach] The Communal Kitchens

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] The Communal Kitchens

Postby Gossamer on May 23rd, 2010, 7:58 am



There are two parts to the Communal Kitchens; the first part is the great common room with long stone tables and food line for general meals. The second part of the Communal Kitchens are the Kitchens themselves, there is the line kitchen made and maintained for the massive serving of people, while smaller kitchens off to the side allow people to prepare their own meals. The Storerooms are off the main kitchen and actually have a back entrance to allow for food deliveries. However, Head Chef Davoid keeps a constant watch over the storerooms and they are under her lock and key.

The great common room is what most people are familiar with, it holds long stone tables that thirty men could sleep head to toe on and still have room. Stone benches are placed with spaces in them to allow people to sit down. For those that are so inclined to hold long talks while eating, they often bring there own leather skins to lay on the stone benches to offer some padding. Ringing the ten long tables are many smaller circular ones, with the same stone benches. The tables were made for small groups of people, who enjoy talking during their meals, and are often filled by artisans. Columns supporting the ceiling of the room are spaced evenly about the tables. The columns have great slabs of slate hung on them, in which pictures and written words are drawn on them. The slates contain food requests and the amount of food vouchers for those that bring back the desired items. Though only Endals look to the slabs, there have been a couple of Chiet that have risked the dangers of the outside and brought back food. The food line is open twice a day to serve Dek. Chef Davoid keeps a large pot cooking constantly, calling it Chef’s Soup which is served to the Dek along with a helping of beard twice a day. For the Chiet and Yasi, they can choose between soup and beard, or the daily meal which is prepared by the kitchen staff. The Avora and Endal are allowed to choose from any of the meals served, and to have a piece of roasted meat as well. The meals are served throughout the day, but one will be denied service if they don’t have a food allotment.

From the food line, people can feel the great heat of the kitchen along with scents of roasting meat and bread. The grand line kitchen is set against a magma pocket and the heat soaks through the walls of the ovens and metal plates that act as grills, thankful the Chef Davoid is a experience reimancier and has added reinforcement to the stone and air vent in the ceiling, keeping the heat to only a dull roar. The kitchen is a place of action, Chefs are constantly kneading dough, chopping mushrooms or vegetables, trimming a piece of meat. Then there are those that are grilling on the flat top metal, or using large metal tools to pull out bread from ovens, or stirring the forever soup cauldron. Chef Davoid keeps a watchful eye on all, making sure that not once speck of food goes to waste. Bones and vegetable ends go to stock pots while, prime fruit and meat go into the daily meal. If a chef is so unlucky enough to burn a piece of meat, Chef Davoid personally gives them a look of disgust that some men have broken into tears over it. However, the meat usually finds itself into the soup. While cooking is going on the grand washroom next to it is keeping up with all the dishes. Dek crews work very hard in the lye laced environment, washing dishes and eventually cleaning the kitchen afterwards. For their rewards they are granted an additional small mid day meal of soup. However, some Dek don’t believe that offsets the nosebleeds and cracked skin on their hands from working more than ten days in the washroom. Still the washroom is always staffed by willing Dek.

The storerooms are perhaps the best guarded areas of Wind Reach. Large steel locks and heavy stone doors keep the storerooms closed for almost the entire day. The only time they are open is to allow for the daily gathering of ingredients and the daily storage of foodstuffs. The first store room is a dry room, a soft mild dry heat comes from the air while, grains and spices add to the perfume. The dry room is where all rice harvested from Thunderbay and salt comes to be stored. The room is massive and holds a small grain mill so that the Chefs can make rice flour when needed. The second storeroom is a cold room, cold water from the top of the mountain is piped down into this room. Reimancers go into the room twice a week to produce grand ice blocks that sit in various places around the room. Meat, fruit, and vegetables are stored here. The temperature is kept near freezing, and as the chefs enter the area there breath can be seen in the low lighting of the room. For food deliveries a small room has been set off to the side with a drain. Three very large looking Chiet stand guard over the temporary store room, while one keeps track of food entering.

Lastly the private kitchens were made for those few people looking to impress others. The private kitchens contain an oven and metal flat top, while allowing a few pots and pans for general use. They are often used to impress prospective mate, since the people who use them are forced to use their food vouchers to trade in for ingredients. A small stone table is set in the room to allow for people to sit down and eat. While a few glass lamps are lit in the room, to provide dim lighting for a romantic mood and make sure the other person doesn’t see any burnt spots on the food.


As Head Chef of Communal Kitchens, Chef Davoid is force to be strict and harsh. She grants no extra portions without a great deal of work; knowing if she hands out extra portions today, people starve tomorrow. Though Davoid has never raised her voice to anyone, she is also not someone to grant a favor.

Mod Note:

  • Feel free to use the Communal Kitchens as a gathering place for all castes. If you wish to learn cooking, you can choose to use your own rations in the private kitchens or talk to Chef Davoid in handling some of the daily cooking.
  • Location Description by Dreamcatcher.
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