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Known as the Celestial Seat, Nyka is a religious city in Northern Sylira. Ruled by four demigods and traversed by a large crevice, the monk-city is both mystical and dangerous. [Lore]

Nyka Event Calendar

Postby Tarot on December 1st, 2012, 3:50 pm


Nyka Event Calendar

This thread contains information on what's going on in Nyka throughout the current season. You can freely reference these events in your roleplay. Events marked with an asterisk (*) are important enough that trade caravans would spread the news to other cities. Therefore, you can refer to these events even if you are not residing in Nyka, provided enough time has passed for the rumor to have made it that far. Also, the news will have passed from mouth to mouth enough times for some details to have been lost or changed along the way.

Winter 512AV :
General information
(*) Winters are rarely harsh this close to the sea, and the winter of 512 will not be remembered as a terribly cold one. However, the long-term aftereffects of the Djed storm have compromised the third crop in the Nykan farmlands. The city is not in a state of famine just yet, but there are growing worries in that direction and the daily ration of food has been cut by a fifth for the time being. Monks being exempt from the cut has sparked dissent against the cults for the first time in decades. Rumor has it that Skerr was so furious over the loss of fertility that she almost went into labor twice. Regardless, her faction's influence is temporarily reduced.

The Aperture has been eating chaotic energies from the Storm, and regurgitating increasingly violent phenomena. Scholar fear that, if the Aperture's challenges become too powerful for Nyka to meet, the city may eventually decline and fall.

Excavations in the local Nykshela quarries are said to have brought up a new vein of strangely colored marble, possibly related to the Djed storm. The monks of Xannos have seized control of this new vein and samples are being held for examination. Someone goes as far as venturing that the city might soon issue a call for foreign experts to add their opinion on the nature of the material.

A new drug seems to be circulating in Nyka. Called "Godeye" and coming in little blue vials at 5 Laat per dose, it is rumored to be brewed from Konti vision water and the blood of monsters from the Aperture. The drug induces powerful hallucinations, often of a mystical nature such as a god imparting wisdom and orders to the user. While sages warn that the visions have no guarantee of truth to them and are often more malicious than not, several Nykans have taken to assuming the drug hoping for communion with their god.

(*) A team of archaeologists have recovered stone tablets from the Aperture and are in the process of translating it. Writings from ancient Nykalia are always an exciting discovery. This particular tablet contains the tale of an ancient creature called Ravarisk.

(*) Rumor spreads that a certain abandoned house that half-collapsed overnight several seasons ago is actually a gateway to another reality. The monks have sealed the area with heavy Shielding and glyphs, making it extremely difficult to ascertain the truth of the matter.

- 1st day: Beginning of winter, dark cloak procession through the streets as the monks and ordinary citizens alike flagellate themselves with whips hoping for a merciful winter.
- 5th day (*): A red steam rises from the Aperture throughout the day, forming a crimson cloud over the city.
- 6th day (*): Red rain falls from the sky. If examined, it is revealed to be blood. A lone man claims a vision from Viratas.
- 14th day: Seasonal monk recruitment begins on this day and will continue through the late 20s.
- 22nd day (*): Five babies are born on this day, an unprecedented event. Citizens assemble spontaneously in the streets to celebrate, and things quickly devolve into a large-scale riot that leaves five dead at the end of the day.
- 29th day: Uphis leads the yearly 'Myri burning' day in which an image of the goddess of war, slayer of his father, is humiliated in various ways in the Celestial Square.
- 38th day: Claw marks appear on several doors around the city after a night of nightmares.
- 41st day (*): Xannos acts as judge for the yearly crafting contest, with artisans from all over the city and beyond participating in the event.
- 45th day: Midwinter day, lights are lit on the Celestial Palace in a Watchtower-like display of hope.
- 53rd day: First major snowfall of the season. A foreign sailor slips and falls into the water, drowning as the Nykans watch him without helping. His name is later mocked for his display of weakness.
- 61st day: The foreign sailor's ghost begins haunting the city. Three Nykan women are disfigured by his freezing touch.
- 65th day: Fasting and purification day.
- 72th day: (*) An eerie grey light emanates from the Aperture, looking like a lighthouse in the distance. No stars are visible tonight due to the light pollution.
- 79th day: Skerr is finally seen again, still pregnant as ever.
- 85th day: Marriage day. Twenty couples from all over the city gather in the Celestial Square and say their vows to the goddess Cheva.

Spring 513AV :
General Information:

The Mizaharian New Year was, thankfully, not punctuated by a disaster of global proportions like last time, and the celebrations went off without a hitch accordingly. WIthout a hitch meaning that there were several deaths, more broken bones, and a tad too much wine. Whilst the planting of the crops went smoothly, food remains in shorter supply than it would otherwise be, and tensions remain high, with injuries related to food distribution as common as in Winter.

The Aperture's supply of violence has fortunately begun to run out, and though it remains more active than usual, it is no longer a death sentence to get too close.


1st: Nykans the city over join to celebrate the New Year’s and attempt bloody murder. Twenty three are dead by the end of the celebration- A new record.

5th: Trade ships from Zeltiva, Mura, and Sahova arrive to trade for food and other goods.

6th: A Daggerhand arrives from Sunberth to test his mettle against a group of five monks. The resulting scuffle resulted in three windows broken, and a severed Sunberthan arm for sale in the Fourth Day Market.

9th: A Nuit of Sahova is spotted entering and exiting the Tempered Anvil headquarters in the middle of the night over the course of three days. Rumors about the marble discovered in the Quarries resuface, and take a turn for the fantastical.

17th: A vibration emanating from the Aperture knocks down unsupported objects and pottery, and rattles windows. The monks maintain that it was a natural tremor.

18th: A shooting star touches down over the Nykashela quarries. Monks of Xannos are quick to scoop it up and take it back to their headquarters.

(*) 26th: The High Priest of Xannos announces that Astral Coordinates have been divined from the meteorite, with plans to open up a portal on the 45th, in order to set up security measures.

30th: Youth everywhere in Nyka set out at night to celebrate the Star Crossing, an unsanctioned holiday in which a great deal of reckless, public love is made between those of different Quarters. There are two deaths after some very aggressive gentlemen started dirtying up the front door of the Hostel.

31st: Sanitation workers go on strike to protest the sorry state of the streets after the previous night’s festivities. The monks respond with bludgeons. The resulting riot leaves forty one in the hospital.

(*) 45th: In a public ceremony held at the Tempered Anvil headquarters, a Prior of Xannos opens the first portal to a new world…

51st: A rash of illness is afflicting Nyka. The rat population has exploded through the roof, and citizens are advised to stay indoors. The wheatfields have been assigned a permanent guard of fifty monks until the pestilence passes.

54th: A Blighter is announced to be in the city. Those entering and exiting the city are subject to search, and monks prowl the streets for recent arrivals. Failure to comply with orders to disrobe is met with violence.

Fall 513AV :
General Information:

Diplomats! So many diplomats! Nyka gets to feel special this season! They have good timing, too; the city has finally recovered from the one-two blow of the Djed storm and Spring invasion. Rations have returned to normal, and everything is in one piece again. Just in time for a new wave of madness to hit. Strange things... Well, stranger than normal, are happening in Nyka, and what it all means has yet to be decided.


Fall 1st: The lady in purple is seen sitting atop the Iron Fist school just after sunset. The headmaster Ximal is found missing not long after. There is no sign of a struggle, and his doors and windows remained locked- from the inside.

Fall 2nd: A new headmaster is named by the monks of Uphis. The school continues to function as normal.

Fall 5th: The last of the damage from the Spring invasion is finally repaired. Celebrations end in nineteen cracked ribs, thirty seven broken noses, and two cases of third degree burns. Everyone involved commented that it was "damn good."

Fall 11th: For three bells after noon, the sky in Nyka shines green. The birds in the city simultaneously lay eggs. The day was described by many as "boring." To quote sixty year old native and veteran dock worker Bron Charlesson, "That's nothing. When I was but twelve years old, a blob of seaweed rose from the shore and started eating boats. That's scary. Egg laying just means omelets for the next fortnight. I hate omelets..."

Fall 19th: A loud caterwauling is heard from the wilds in the North. The Warfields are closed while a small party of Uphis monks investigate.

Fall 21st: The scouts return with a pleasant surprise! Ambassadors from Ravok have arrived along with a sizeable number of guards and gifts of gold and opals. They are soon escorted to the Celestial Palace.

Fall 22nd: Black smoke belches forth from the Aperture. There is a small uptick in violence among houses next to the rift following.

Fall 23rd: One of the ambassadors is found dead in his room, his chest hacked open, his throat and nose torn out. There is signs of a struggle, but none of forced entry. Talks stall amidst rampant paranoia and some rather nasty accusations.

Fall 26th: A marked rise has been noticed in levels of adultery. Some Nykans blame the new guests. The new guests are displeased.

Fall 31st: Sahovan ambassadors enter the harbor in a magically powered, sail-and-oar-less "ghost ship". Unfortunately, they are forced to do battle with an actual ghost ship that had surfaced from the depths of the ocean earlier this week before they can dock.

Fall 35th: After a particularly tense bout of conversation ending in three tables burnt to cinders and a dead marmot, the Sahovans and Ravokians are relocated; the Ravokians to a small clutch of apartments in the Eastern Quarter, and the Sahovans to the Wizard's Thumb.

Fall 47th: An initiate of Xannos claims sight of a large Nykalian archway leading to an enormous cavern system during her third trial. She insists she caught snatches of human movement from its depths.

Fall 53rd: Members of the notorious Second Edict have been going missing at an alarming rate- those affiliating themselves with the group are advised to remain with witnesses they can trust at all times, and to avoid going out near sunset.

Fall 65th: Bees! A swarm of dire bees(?!), each measuring about a foot in length, take nest on top of the Celestial palace. Seventy three people are stung. Sixty seven bees are punched in the face. Reimancers are soon dispatched to "drown the petchers." The hive is dispatched three bells, and ten colorful chains of swears later.

Fall 78th: The remaining Ravokian ambassadors depart with kind words, as well as a dagger blessed by Uphis as a gift.

Fall 84th: The Autumn harvest (mercifully) goes off without a hitch, bringing Nykan food supplies back to normal levels again.

Winter 513AV :
General Information:

Following a relatively peaceful Autumn, the Winter of 513 is marked by chilly winds and blistering conflict. Among redoubled riches and a shiny embassy from Ravok, a new enemy is emerging. One that could threaten more than peoples' lives.


Winter 1st: A Wailer is cornered and dispatched by a pack of weavers in the Flaxen District. As a reward for their service, the responsible party is given double rations for a week.

Winter 5th: Large numbers of slaves are being bought by members of the Second Edict... Including several that were missing and presumed dead.

Winter 9th: Every light in Nyka glows red for twenty three ticks, and the city is rocked by minor tremors. The monks have taken this as an omen.

Winter 20th: Initiates of Xannos catch three slaves trying to steal an alchemy circle from the Wizard's Thumb. Two of them commit suicide; the third, unfortunately, dies from his wounds.

Winter 23rd: Happy days and jubilation! The yearly celebration of Uphis begins! There's strongmen! Test of might! Wrestling! Knives! Fire dancers! Shirtless bodybuilders! Tanning oil!

Winter 29th: Ah, Myri burning day. That delightful time of year when Myri is mutilated and/or humiliated in effigy as part of an ongoing grudge for the murder of Uphis' daddy. Fun times!

Winter 34th: A long, bellowing roar comes forth from the Aperture, rattling windows and causing objects to fall from their shelves. Some citizens insist they saw their roofs bristle.

Winter 35th: Six people are discovered dead in their homes near the crack of dawn. Two burned to death when a torch sconce inexplicably fell from a wall, one was crushed when their shed collapsed, and three were apparently swallowed up by the ground itself when their floors split open. Investigations of each of their homes reveal plans to paint dangerous fire-spewing glyphs disguised as murals throughout the city.

Winter 42nd: several fires are started in various Zeltivan trading ships docking in the city; witnesses claim to have seen red-robed figures fleeing the docks shortly after smoke started rising.

Winter 50th: A dangerous contagion is discovered in pockets of the Eastern Quarter. Believed by the monks of Xannos to be the work of vaporized Vilemoss, those afflicted find themselves possessed by an unnatural and corrosive rage. Aberrations of the skin are also quite common.

Winter 63rd: Azim, the merchant of mind-altering substances of dubious origin, is announcing a "doom sale." With the world obviously ending, everything is half-off for Winter. In the good Benshira's words, "Come on! You and your family will be dead soon anyways, why not die happy? It's good pri-i-ice!"

Winter 74th: A rogue Reimancer is stalking Nyka's womanfolk! Eyewitnesses report a balding man in his forties using his dark and terrible powers to blow up their skirts. Several men across the city rise to defend their lady's honor, only to discover that their lady had given the petcher a black eye. As local monk Amelia Amelio said, "That's the Nykan way. Bang-up job, girls!"

Winter 80th: The monks of Skerr manage to successfully capture a woman in vermillion robes when she attempted to set the wheatfields ablaze. Her attempts to disembowel herself have so far proven fruitless, and the interrogation is ongoing, so says Skerr's High Priest.



- Do something degrading to a representation of Myri.
- Solve a riddle at the Sharp Tongue Pub.
- Take a complete stranger on an adventure!


- Get in a fistfight with a cultist.
- Flee from an eldritch horror.
- Pour your soul into prayer.


- Get your skirt blown up/ Defend your darling's dignity!
- Remember a special moment with a special someone.
- Experience something... Abnormal.

Spring 514 :
General Information:

After last season's terrorist activity, Springtime brings renewal and good cheer! Food is plentiful, festivals are many, and a Vantha couple even started singing in the rain. There is no way this could foreshadow anything horrifying! None! At all!


1st: The New Year's starts in usual rabid fashion, with Nykans the city over crowding around the Aperture to send offerings of food, crafts, and the occasional poem drifting down into the Heart of the World on their adorable little makeshift parachutes and enjoy themselves. A pair of young gentlemen known for enslaving hapless foreigners tumbled into the maw, inciting another round of festivities.

4th: The Ravokian embassy is finished! The half-dozen ambassadors from the floating city are most pleased with this new, less knife-laden abode.

19th: The crime of the century! A mom-and-pop cake shop was callously and terrifying robbed of its contents by a trio of masked twelve-year-olds on horseback. One of the owners laments: "I told them to piss off, so they threw rocks at me and pegged me square in the jewels, see, and then they kicked me just everywhere, stole m'cakes, and ran away like a buncha yellow cowards."
The monks urge anyone who may know the thieves to "Lay an ungodly beatdown on those sons of vagiks."

20th: This season's monk trials begin. Three hundred eager men and women joust for the honor of joining Nyka's guards, caretakers, and custodians. Perhaps a third of them will actually don the robes.

30th of Spring: Twilight brings with it its own very special soundtrack of young lust tonight. The Star Crossing, born from an excess of glee at a successful planting, has the adventurous engaging in "Inter-Quarter relations" right there in the god-damn-street. While it's one of the few occasions when citizens of different Quarters can roll into other neighborhoods without the slightest modicum of worry, many of the older denizens complain about all the damn noise.

32nd: Dyes, powders, and paints go on sale for totally insignificant reasons guys, really.

45th: Woohoo! The Rainbow Riot arrives! Perhaps Nyka's populace was just looking for an excuse, but to celebrate the mid-point of Spring, everyone decided many years ago they'd grab all the dye they could and hurl it at each other. Thus, a Rainbow Riot. Catchy, innit? Citizens are encouraged to grab a fistful of powder, a paint-soaked sponge, a bucket... Really anything that'll stain someone fushia, and have a go at their neighbors. "Quarter Loyalty" blue (Uphis! Yeah!), red (Whoo, Xannos!), yellow (Laat power!)and green (Skerr is sexy!) are available for those who want to get their turf war on.

46th: Cleaning staff in the city go on a hunger strike when they see the rainbow everyone vomited all over the damn place. A local cobbler refers to the disgruntled workers as "party poopers."

50th: The hunger strike ends. The workers' wives rejoice. Cleanup begins. The people enjoying the mess of color sniffle slightly.

54th: After an incredibly lengthy (and painful) interrogation, the strange figure who tried to set the wheatfields ablaze from the Wizard's Thumb divulges her identity. She claims to serve a creature known as the Ravarisk, something she believes to be a source of infinite knowledge. Apparently, torching Nyka's food supply was revenge. The monks have not seen it fit to release her, or any more information other than that. When asked if this had anything to do with the Protohuman relics found two years ago, a hopeful newsman received a slap in the mouth.

62nd: Oh horror! Farmers across Nyka leap onto various bits of furniture, with a few braver souls taking up arms against a dread horde of hyper agressive gerbils. The little anklebiters kill seven sheep, fifteen cats, and one very unfortunate cow. Requests for hawks go out to various nearby cities. Well, as far as any city in Mizahar can be considered "nearby."

70th: The year's harvest concludes most smoothly, with a surplus- finally!- projected for the year. Skerr is pleased enough to allow sweets in the populace's rations for ten days. Parents are ambivalent about this. Their children, on the other hand, are not.

Summer 515 :
General Information:

The summers in Nyka are rarely excessively hot, and this one is no exception. Temperatures are generally pleasantly balmy, with a few hot days popping up like gophers. Similarly, the season is largely a moderate one, with sudden spikes in paranormal activity and highly aggressive fauna. Visitors are advised to avoid trawling the coast while wearing silver, or blaspheming against Zulrav.


3rd: Faint green lights are seen floating over the wheatfields, vanishing when approached. A farmer claims to have made out a woman’s face in their movements.

7th: A Summoner of Xannos goes missing. Her fellow monks begin a search, though no one is hopeful.

8th: The search concludes without success. Disappearances are common, and the monk of Xannos’ is no special case. A short, body-less funeral is held, and life goes on.

13th: Seasonal monk recruitment begins and continues until the late twenties.

19th: A man is found dead in the Western Quarter after fatally injuring his friend’s wife by throwing her head against a marble wall. The monks say his behavior and death were the result of a tragic experience with the Red Cloak- a known Nykan drug. His body has been bundled away, as well as that of the wife’s. The area the crime took place is cordoned off until the following day. A cursory examination will reveal the place was cleaned.

35th: After a series of vicious brawls between Uphis and Laat monks that leave one combatant without a left pinky, the tenants of a clutch of houses straddling the Eastern and Northern quarters hang banners of swords on their walls. The tenants’ hopes that this would finally settle the fights turn out to be in vein as the “ousted” Easterners vow retaliation.

68th: A Nuzem attacks a pair of fishing boats, ripping half the stern off one and bringing down the masts of another. Three fishermen die in the attack, and a call is raised to hunt the beast down, if it remains in Nykan waters.

70th: A 17-year-old tanner in the Southern Quarter claims she is pregnant from the Aperture. While she says she is a virgin and does not have any apparent lovers, the multitude of other, more reasonable explanations are favored over hers.

75th: Witnesses awoken by the noise see four monks of Xannos and three of Laat fighting outside the Hall of Robes over what appear to be scrolls and a stone tablet in the night. While neither are damaged, the monks of Laat seemed to get hold of the tablet and one of the scrolls.

Fall 515 :
General Information:

Autumn in Nyka brings with it brisk temperatures, longer nights and the second annual wheat harvest. Pink is in along with light overwear, rations are enlarged slightly as food pours into the city, the Giving begins, and civilians are advised to not heed any cries for help they might hear in the night.


2nd: Fall wheat harvest begins, overseen by the monks of Skerr.

4th: Citizens across Nyka gather across the lip of the Aperture to tithe their blood to the Heart of the World. They hope that dripping their blood into the rift will placate it and thus spare them. An Uphis monk falls off the edge into the abyss under mysterious circumstances.

9th: Cows throughout Nyka start developing high fevers, dripping noses, bleeding noses and eyes that turn opaque. Monks of Skerr are both baffled and concerned.

19th: The first of the infected cows dies. Many more will follow in the coming days.

26th: The collapse of livestock in the city causes meat to be strictly rationed, with the vast majority of citizens receiving none at all. The monks, naturally, are exempt.

31st: Fishermen, sailors, and others who make their livelihoods on the sea send rafts laden with wheat, wine and feta cheese out into the ocean, both as a way to repay Laviku for allowing them to reap the bounties of his oceans, and also in the hope that he won’t chuck a typhoon at them when he’s feeling grumpy.

39th: The Fall harvest concludes. Mercifully, the supply of grain is high in Nyka following a successful reaping. Three workers are lost to wheat beasts by the end of it all.

40th: Two men are struck blind after they allegedly followed the sound of someone weeping just past sunset. They were found insensible with milky, clouded eyes sprawled in an alley by a passing monk.

43rd: A pregnant woman reports being attacked by a man with bulging veins and solid red eyes who kicked her door down and attempted to drag her out of her home. She was able to defend herself by breaking his arm with a rolling pin.

62nd: The Aperture emits a thin blue gas in the middle of the night. Those out in the streets or emerging in the early morning find themselves feeling warm, happy like a drunk man, and craving warm flesh.

78th: White sparks fly from the depths of the Aperture into the starry sky like fireworks, quickly growing too distant to see. The next morning brings with it a shower of rain and electrum rings.

Winter 515 :
General Information:

Winters by the sea are normally not excessive, but this one has a bit of a nip to it. Neons are popular and scarves both practical and less so come into fashion. The season is marked by heavy rain, low temperatures, and erratic wildlife. The monks advise people not to make eye contact with strange children for more than four ticks.


6th: A deluge lasting several bells causes minor flooding throughout large parts of Nyka as streets turn into shallow rivers and the Aperture becomes a waterfall. The downpour lasts through the night and part of the following morning.

9th: A local voider turns up at the infirmary following with serious bite wounds following sightings of what appears to be an ordinary bull shark swimming through the air. It takes out a little girl's pigtails and two pigs in dive-bombing runs through the streets before retiring to circle around the Celestial Palace for a bell or two. When monks of Xannos come with bows to take it out of the sky, it flees into the wheatfields. A bounty of two hundred laats is placed on its head.

12th: Swirling grey clouds form above the Aperture, darkening the skies above Nyka and occasionally rumbling ominously. They will remain for most of the remaining season.

15th: An enormous thunderstorm rocks the city in the night, upturning unattended carts and ripping shingles off of roofs with powerful wind. Driving rain and lightning cause minor damage to the wards painted on the city's walls, and lightning strikes cause a few isolated fires that are quickly put out by the storm itself. Curiously, the vast majority of lightning struck directly into the maw of the Aperture and a concentrated cluster hit a street in the Northern Quarter.

16th: A dark-haired woman with tattered clothes and a stupefied expression is found wandering the streets North of the Celestial Square. She is soon identified as someone who had vanished and had been labeled dead years ago. Her memory of those years appears to be missing. She is immediately taken to the Infirmary for treatment and questioning.

23rd: A number of dogs leap off the Cursed Bridge to their deaths without provocation. The following night, it snows. Those outside and uncovered report burns where the snow hit them, and a Southern woman reports seeing Morwen trawling in the vortex above the city.

36th: A brawl breaks out in a Western neighborhood that leaves two dead, twelve injured and three missing. The walls of the street in which the brawl took place are covered in red letters belonging to a language that has yet to be identified. Later, three men are spotted walking off the edge of the Aperture and falling silently to their presumed deaths.

40th: Upon realizing other cities have flags, the Celestials announce a contest to design one for Nyka. The winner will have their design flown on the city's walls.

59th: A fisherman finds a grand piano in his nets. When played, those around it grow cold and drowsy. Naturally, he decides to sell it in the Fourth Day Market.

62nd: A boy living on the border of the Eastern and Southern quarters is admitted to the infirmary with multiple stab wounds. The next day, an elderly man from the other side of the street is admitted with a broken arm. The two are moved to opposite sides of the infirmary when they start fist-fighting.

Spring 516 :
General Information:

Aah, springtime. The depressing vortex above the city dissipates to reveal blue skies and a gentle sun. Weather is generally pleasant with regular light to moderate showers, light airy clothes and seafoam green are in fashion, and people are warned against interfering with mating kinkajous.


1st: Nykans the city over file to the lip of the Aperture to tithe gifts to the Heart of the World and pray for a better new year. Three people fall to their deaths during the event.

8th: What looks like a small ball of fire flies out of the Aperture, sails over the city in an enormous arc before landing with a resounding boom just outside the walls. A small crater is left where it landed.

17th: Peach trees are found poking sporadically out of the stone streets with gnarled roots pointing towards the Aperture. The fruit have an aphrodisiac quality when eaten.

23rd: A monk of Skerr is found dead in a street on the border between the Southern and Western quarters, no less than seven arrows sticking out of his body. His fellows vow retaliation.

30th: Hundreds of red snakes pour out of the Aperture in the night, biting at anyone unfortunate enough to be wandering the streets at the time. Those bitten experience intense sensations of euphoria, invincibility, and, for a brief time, possess perfect knowledge of the migratory patterns of local birds.

42nd: Neighbors greet each other this morning with stories about a strange dream they had in which they witnessed a white tower burning before a shattered moon. It soon becomes apparent that the whole of Nyka had the same dream. The more superstitious citizens (of which there are many) insist it’s a message.

50th: Skerr comes out to the wheatfields under heavy guard to oversee the spring planting.

63rd: A fisherman claims to see a portent of floods from Makutsi in the clouds and urges his neighbours to brace themselves and their belongings.

70th: A tidal wave damages seaside houses and drags a few boats (along with unsecured goods and crates) out to sea. A certain neighbourhood is left feeling somewhat smug. Two people, an elderly man and a three-year-old child, are found missing in the aftermath.

75th: The woman who claimed she was impregnated by the Aperture gives birth to a healthy baby boy. This elicits mixed reactions.
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