Laioath's Plot notes

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Laioath's Plot notes

Postby Laioath on January 13th, 2013, 3:37 am

~ Main ~

- Making a living friend.
- Find a clue about his sister's explorations.
- Explore where he thinks his sister could be.
- Has an issuse with the doll
- flashback about his sister
- takes a break from his search
- learns how to fight more proficiency

~ Sides ~

- Making more friends.
- Making a mistake with a doll
- Find my sister's Grimore
- Talking to Earnis about the past
- Engage in some sort of sparring
- A quarrel with a wild animal
- flashback about learning glyphing

~ Skills ~

- Improve Carpentry
- Improve Glyphing
- Improve Painting
- Improve Intelligence
- Learn Observation
- Learn Impersonation
- Learn Disguise
- Learn Reimancy
- Learn Voiding
- Learn Shielding
- Learn Animation

~ Lores ~

- Doll Crafting: Realistic faces
-Lore of Glyphing: Magic barrier
-Lore of Glyphing: Magic restricting fields
-Lore of Glyphing: Basics of void seals
-Lore of Sagallius
-The mark of Cordas
-Lore of Animation: Understanding life principal
-Lore of Animation: Rituals
-Lore of Animation: Limitaions

~ Doll lores ~

- Doll Crafting: Realistic faces
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Improved technique and movement.
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Advanced technique and movement.
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Mannequins
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Blocking doll
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Wind dancer
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Guardian doll
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Doll of tools
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Trigger doll
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Doll of binding
-Lore of Doll Crafting: Twin fate

~ My little goals ~

- Get better cloathing
-Get better equipment
- Meet a Pycon
- Get experience
- Uses a maniquen to impersonate someone
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