Hey folks~

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Hey folks~

Postby Callan on January 13th, 2013, 3:21 pm

Hello everyone! This is not my first time coming to Mizahar. Many months ago I came here with a character named Roald, whose concept was to be a tough-as-old-boots barkeeper. Regretfully I didn't play here for long and never managed to finish a thread.

Anyways, I hope that this time I won't feel quite so daunted by all the administration required to maintain a character here on Mizahar and with a new character, have less trouble interacting with other PCs

So, a little about myself; I'm a 22 year old male from england and I've been roleplaying for about 7 years in various mediums. I started in MMO's, then moved back and forth between them, RP chatrooms, Instant messaging and forums.
My favourite method of RPing has probably been Instant Messaging. I tend to get into the 'mood' to RP for phases that last an hour or two. Forum RPing can take longer than that to make progress which sadly finds me not in the mood to write by the time I get a reply.
That said, Forum RP tackles the frequent issues I've had with RP that can be attributed to my timezone. No need to stay up until silly-o'clock to have some RP!

As I said above, I want to start with a new character. I have a few good ideas but I'd like to run the concept by some of you guys in case there's something that conflicts with the rules of Mizahar. (I've read a lot of lore and rules, but there's still an awful lot I haven't read! o.o)

So here's my basic idea: A dour, scar-faced sword-fighter bent on revenge.

And here is the history I've dreamed up so far:
My character is the human son of a Svefra mother and a human father. He was born and raised on the Suvan Sea with his mother. He was not gifted with the natural talent for life at sea that his half-kin were and was to some extent ostracised by his peers. He did however grow to be quite the scrapper, defending himself against ridicule and derision with knuckle and knee.
At some time around his early teens, my character's home boat will be raided by non-svefra pirates. My character's mother will be slain, and my character horribly scarred by a pirate's blade.

Here's where I become unsure of the details. I already feel there's a problem with my character's race. I know humans are granted and extra 5 points starting bonus because they can't benefit from the connections/allies that other races can benefit from. I don't mean to give my character an unfair advantage by having him born to a Svefra mother. I do intend for my character to become separated from the pod and to hunt the pirates that killed his mother with or without the aid of the Svefra.

Also, I'm unsure of who would instruct my character in swordplay until he reached Adulthood.

Any help you guys can provide would be very welcome. Please don't be afraid to criticise or make suggestions if I've made a blunder anywhere.
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Hey folks~

Postby Vaspira on January 15th, 2013, 7:22 am

Hello Callan! Welcome back to Mizahar, I hope this time around is a better experience for you :D. As for the Svefra question, I am unsure.. It would seem your character should be a human, svefra, but alas I could be utterly wrong on that assumption. But you could always go on Chat and ask that question, and it would be promptly answered for you :D.

I personally think your character has an intriguing rich history. I believe you are doing great so far!

As for the sword fighting thing, you could always ask about a NPC to teach you? Or maybe you can do a Flashback thread with someone that teaches you. :) Just some suggestions.

Anyways, I do hope you find all the answers you are seeking, and that I was somewhat helpful!

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