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Postby Vaspira on December 21st, 2012, 6:53 am



The Basics

Race: Kelvic
Age: 20
Age (Kelvic): 2 Year
Birthday: Winter 18th 510 AV
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 128ilbs
Hair Color: Black
Coat Color: Almost Black with black rosettes
Eye Color: Light Blue
Kelvic Form: Black Leopard
Leopard Height: 36 inches (3 Feet)
Leopard Weight: 140 Pounds
Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Jamouran Grunts





Outside Beauty
Vaspira has golden tanned skin that she obtained from living at the Suvan. Her eyes is a shocking glacier blue, with black slits in the middle. She has elongated canines, that are small and can only be seen when her mouth is open. Her ebony hair is of a silken texture, shiny, and comes to her waist, usually it is straight but tends to be a little messy looking as if she just got done having a romp in the hay. She has a some what athletic build to her, from the rigorous hunting and training she puts herself through, yet still maintains her soft femininity. Her voice comes out in a seductive female growl, confident and strong. She walks with the grace and attitude of a predator, striking fear into the soft.

When Vaspira is in her Kelvic form, Black Leopard, she isn't enormous but she is not small either. She is of medium build, with large paws, and extremely long and sharp claws. Her fur is a very dark grey, and her rosettes are black. One can barely see her rosettes until they get up close. She is definitely an animal you would not wish to run into in the dark. Her animal form has rippling muscles that she doesn't mind showing you how they work. Her eyes are shockingly blue in her cat form and seem to glow even in the day time.. She has amazing eye sight in the day or night and a decent sense of smell.

Beauty On The Inside
Vaspira holds on tightly to the facade of a fierce confident predator. She is strong willed and independent. She does not give up easily when she is pursuing something or someone. She is a highly seductive creature, and uses that seduction to her advantage when she can. She is arrogant at times, just like any other predator, and is rather blunt when it comes to socializing. Although she is a hard girl, she does have a soft spot when it comes to children and those who are weak. She would protect them with her life, even if she did not know them. Underneath the facade Vaspira holds onto is a kind soft woman, that is lost in a cruel world she has developed.

While in her Kelvic Black Leopard form Vaspira is intimidating. She shows no mercy to her prey, and thirsts for her preys blood in her mouth. She drools at the thought of using her strong jaw and sharp teeth breaking bone and tearing through muscle. Vaspira thirsts for the hunt, and has no remorse for those she kills. When Vaspira is hunting she usually hunts from a tree, since she is a great climber, from there she will dive upon her prey and then bring it back up the tree to feast upon its flesh. She is secretive and elusive, sometimes shrewd while in her animal form. When she becomes angry she lets out a spitting roar, that can shake any foundation of the strongest man. But when she is happy and content she is quiet or purring away. When she is not hunting in Kelvic form she usually is finding sunlight to bathe in, or something to play with, or scaring humans for a giggle. But during the day time is when Vaspira is usually just lazing around, she is more of a nocturnal lover.

The Story
Vaspira's life as a Kelvic was a little different than most of her kind. She grew up in solitude, with only her mother's presence. Her father was absent and she did not have any siblings that she knew of. Her mother never really talked about her life before Vaspira, she found it strange but she only pressed her once. And when her mother blew up in a emotional storm, she decided it was best to just leave that all a mystery. Her mother did talk about her past Master fondly, he was a wizard that taught her mother many things. One of the magics she learned she passed onto Vaspira, Hypnotism. Her mother also her taught her how to hunt, stealth, and how to survive in the wilderness and live off nature. They usually just lived off nature, but if they desperately needed anything her mother would go to one of the pirate ships to get it. Vaspira was never allowed to go with her mother to the ships, except one time. So Vaspira was never really exposed to the Svefra or the Charoda. She's only seen the Charoda a couple of times her whole life. Vaspira and her mother usually just kept to themselves in the dense jungles though.

When someone unknown would come up, Vaspira and her mother would usually just scare them away, most of the time. On occasion they did have to fight off the unknown people, which ended with the enemies hurt or them. Vaspira killed her first person before she reached a year. All she remembered was seeing the female attacker on top of her mother, with a dagger about to plunge it inside of her, and Vaspira turning into a Black Leopard. When Vaspira awoke she was laying in a pool of blood with carnage all around her, and her mother curled up in the fetal position crying. Vaspira's mother never wanted the type of life they lived for her daughter and it broke her heart. Needless to say, after that day Vaspira's remorse and mercy slowly left her with each kill, as if something inside her was being killed as well, her compassion.

Vaspira's mother died tragically one summer night when a rare storm brewed up. Her mother went out hunting for dinner and never came back, so Vaspira ventured out to find her. When she found her mother she was under a tree, life-less and limp. Vaspira in a emotional rage shoved the tree off her mother enough to get her out, and Vaspira buried her own mother in her favorite spot in the jungle, where a secret waterfall lay hidden in the dense jungle growth. After her mother died Vaspira felt empty and alone. Her mother was the only person she ever knew, the only person she ever loved. She knew nothing else besides the jungle, Suvan Sea, and her mother. She always thought it would stay that way for ever, and nothing would ever change. But it did and it left Vaspira dead inside. When her mother died it felt like she died too. So since she had nothing left but the memory of her mother's death, she packed her things and headed off to find something, what that something was she did not know. But she did know that she was in search of information on her father, and to see if she had any siblings. Her mother spoke of The Spires fondly, so maybe she would find some answers there.

Vaspria spent most of the Winter Season in the Spires, before finding information out about her father which lead her to the frozen city, Avanthal.

While in Avanthal she met a woman who became her best and only friend, Miria (Di-Di aka Diana). They became room mates and became quite fond of one another, Vaspira was even becoming fond of her little rabbit, Honey (though her mouth watered sometimes while looking a the little rabbit).

Vaspira spent a small amount of time of the Winter Season in Avanthal, but she did find out more information about her father from the leader of the Frostfawn hold. She found out the man's name, and this information lead her to Syliras. She knew she would miss her friend Miria, and possibly never be able to care for another as much as she did her Di-Di, but her curiosity and great need pushed her forward to Syliras before the end of Winter.

Kelvic Form
Image Image ImageImageImage



Bladed Cloak
Image Heirloom

Gladius Blade


Skill Points Earned Total of Points
Hunting 25 25
Wilderness 18 18
Observation 18 18
Hypnotism 15 15
Bladed Cloak 11 11
Acrobatics 9 9
Seduction 6 6
Socialization 6 6
Stealth 4 4
Body Building 4 4
Brawling 4 4
Gladius 2 2
Unarmed Combat 2 2
Throwing Knives 2 2
Dodging 2 2
Teaching 2 2
Storytelling 2 2
Endurance 1 1
Interrogation 1 1
Rhetoric 1 1
Begging 1 1
Climbing 1 1
Investigation 1 1
Running 1 1

Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
No Housing +500GM 600 GM
Cashed in Under Garments +8cm 600GM,8cm
Purchase (Gladius) -45GM 555GM,8cm
Short Bow -30GM 520GM, 8CM
Short Bow Arrows -1gm 519gm,8cm
Training Session(1/2) 10GM 509gm,8cm
Training Session(2/2) 10GM 499gm,8cm
Sold*Slightly Damaged Deer Pelt 15gm 514gm,8cm
Sold*Half of Deer Carcass 90gm 604gm,8cm
Sold Used Clothing(Shirt, Pants, Boots, Cloak/25%off) 3sm, 95 copper, 3sm, 98 copper(2gm,1copper) 606gm,1cm
Satin/Velvet Dress With Fur Lining-24gm582gm,1cm
High Leather Boots With Fur Lining-1gm,5sm581.5gm,1cm
Leather Gloves-1gm580.5gm,1cm

[tab=Threads Spring 513AV, dodgerblue, black]
Thread About Date
Threads Winter 512AV
Threads About Rewards
Banir Seeks Peace 3rd, Midday Awarded skill and lores.
Garths Rest 19th N/A
Shrine of Navre 23rd ---
Crystal Spiders 23rd N/A
Hunting Solo 24th N/A
Thirst For Blood 24th Skills~(+4 Hunting, +3 Observation, +2 Stealth, +1 Body Building) +4Lores, Items Earned:~half of a deer carcass, a set of horns, four hooves, and a slightly damaged pelt.
AGAIN? 9th Gained Skills and Lores.
WR Trading Post 20th -------.
Stupid Blade! 27th -------.
Wussy Pussy 12th Training Session With Pikkle Skills ~ +3 Acrobatics, +3 Body Building, +1 Socialization. And Lores. Damage To Body ~slight bump on the back of your head and muscles that will be tender and sore to movement for the next five days. From your failed landings, you accumulated bruising all of your body, but particularly your arms, hips, and shoulders. This bruising will last for fifteen days without a healer and ten with.
Renewed and Half Dead 15th 2nd Training session with Pikkle. Muscles sore before and bruised. Now body feels dead, but still has a sense of renewal even though she is in pain. Acrobatics 3 Climbing 1. 6 Lores. Damage ~ Vaspira limped away from this training session with a scrape on her cheek, tender ankles; and multiple bruises, particularly on her upper torso.
Predator Becomes Prey 18th Attacked by Slavers and rescued by a Jamoura Begging 1, Unarmed Combat 1, Hunting 1, 4 Lores.
Feline Vs. Feline 26th There is another feline in the Spires, a white tiger. Meet and Greet IDK
Seeking Answers 10th Goes to the Particles of the Past seeking answers about her father. All she knows now is that she needs to travel North.N/A
Come Sit By The Fire 47th of Winter 512 AV ..
Seduction Games of a Predator 49th of Winter 512 Av ..
Hypnotizing the Mind 50th of Winter 512 AV, Night ..
Everyday Temptations and Future Desires 63rd of Winter 512 AV ..
The Fall of the Distinguished 50th of Winter 512 AV, Morning ...
Seduction Games of a Predator 49th of Winter 512 AV ..
On The Road Again.. 65th of Winter 512 AV ..


Skill Points Earned Total of Points
Hunting (+10SP,+10RB) +4 +1 25
Wilderness 15 (+15SP) +3 18
Hypnotism 15 (+15SP) 15
Bladed Cloak (+10SP) +1 11
Gladius +2 2
Observation +3 +3 +3 +2 +4 15
Stealth +2 +2 4
Body Building +1 +3 4
Acrobatics +3 +3 +3 9
Socilization +1 +3 +2 6
Climbing +1 1
Begging +1 1
Unarmed Combat +1 +1 2
Rhetoric +1 1
Weapon Throwing Knives +2 2
Dodging +2 2
Seduction +2 +4 6
Teaching +2 2
Interrogation +1 1
Brawling +4 4
Endurance +1 1

•Lore of Spires Politics {SP}
•How to deliver a quick painless death{SP}
• Choosing the Right Buck{**}
• Dragging an Animal into a Tree for Safety{**}
• How to Skin a White Tailed Deer{**}
•Eyeballs: Chewy.{**}
• Always Be on Your Guard Around Strangers{**}
• Doing a Hand Stand Until You Fall{**}
• Always Stretch Before Trying Something New{**}
• Movement: Front Aerial{**}
• Strength Movement: Manna{**}
• Nickname: Wussy Pussy{**}
• Push Aside Soreness for Learning
•Technique: Felliong Illusion Twist
• Technique: Side kick flip
• Bend the Knees when Landing
• Accepting I Am an Animal First
• How to Properly Fall from a Tree
• Killing a Skunk Before It Sprays
•Becoming the Prey
• Killing the Man Who Wanted to Cause Harm
• Contact: Seth
• Thinking Impulses Through
• Marking a Tree to Remember It
• Using Taste to Tell what Something Is
• Ximal is Amazing
• Being Conscientious of A Person's Needs
• Friend: Ximal
• Stepping into a Tense Situation
• Using Cat Breath to Waken Someone
• On The Road to Avanthal
•Banir Ironwood: A Large Man With a Hidden Face
•Better to Overcome Fears Than to Succumb to Them
•Banir: Sensitive About His Facial Region
•Banir: Eyes From His Mother
•Tip: Don't Charge A Large Armored Man
•Banir: Quick for all that Armor
•Learning the Weak Spots of Your Enemy
•Using Agility Over a Large Opponent
Eye Games Are Fun
Hypnotism: A Pass For Free Meals
Explaining Hypnotism to a Stranger
Using Hypnotism to Bestow Happiness to a Forlorn Man
Diana: A Host and a Friend
My Father’s Name Is Maurek
Diana’s True Name Is Miria
Miria Is a Married Woman


Possesions and Housing

[tab=Starting Package,dodgerblue,black]
*SP*- 1 Bladed Cloak (Heirloom)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
*SP*-1 Comb (Bone)
*SP*-1 Brush (Bone)
*SP*-1 Soap
*SP*-1 Razor
*SP*-1 Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
*SP*-1 eating knife
*SP*-Flint & Steel

Gladius Blade
Short Bow w/Arrows

Current Clothing
Velvet/Satin Dress w/ Fur lining
High Leather Boots w/ Fur lining
Black Leather Gloves
Bladed Cloak(heirloom)

Pic Example of Clothing

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This is me using Hypnotism.
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