Hello Guys :D

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Hello Guys :D

Postby Gothicdeer on January 13th, 2013, 11:18 pm

Man I haven't role-played in a loooooong time...i can't wait to get back into it...last time i role-played was about 2008-ish and i lost internet...people at school would role-play on paper but it would only be like 3 of us hahaha. Anyway my real life name is Elijah! Nice to meet you all :D.

My role-play character:

Gothicdeer, what a name given to him. The name was given to him by a little girl, who witnessed as Gothicdeer killed her father. "Why?" She asked. Gothicdeer looked at the little girl with sad, exhausted eyes. "Because little one, he has been hunting me." Gothicdeer replied. He didn't know this evil man had a daughter, but even evil can have family. "Are you the 'magical' deer he has been telling me about?" The little girl's eyes began to fill with tears. "Magical? Have you not heard of the Kelvic race?" Gothicdeer began to shape into a deer. "We change, we morph, That's WHAT WE DO!!!" He began to walk away slowly. "I will find you again one day." The little girl spoke sadistically. "I have no name," Gothicdeer stopped briefly. "You can't track me." The little girl stepped one step closer. "I will name you Gothicdeer, Deer since you seemed to fancy changing into a deer, and Gothic because you are evil!" Today, the Gothicdeer wanders, alone, searching for home and searching for companionship in the present harsh times.
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Hello Guys :D

Postby Vaspira on January 15th, 2013, 7:16 am

Hello Eli! (hope that is okay to call you?) Welcome to Mizahar! Hope you are enjoying your time here thus far and continue to do so. If you ever have any questions you should try out the Chat Room. :) Hope to see a fellow kelvic around the forums!

PS. I do not know if GothicDeer is acceptable as a name..but a colored name person will tell you whether it is or not for sure :).

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