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Darcy Silverwood

Postby Darcy Silverwood on January 22nd, 2013, 2:09 am

Darcy Silverwood
'What's your claim to fame, under that famous surname?'



His name 'Darcy' was given to him by his mother, who gave birth to him on one of his father's ships on a dark, stormy night. His name means 'dark.' She also explains his dark brown eyes and hair to be another reason as to why this name was given.


Name: Darcy Silverwood
Race: Human
Age: 25
Birthday: Season of Fall, Day 19, 487 AV

Darcy stands at 5 feet 9 inches and is a dark haired and eyed man of lean stature. He is good looking, although he does not want to admit or believe that he is. He believes his best feature to be his dark eyes, which seem to have a great deal and depth of warmth in them if stared into properly. He has kind, soft features and a big, welcoming smile. Through his looks, he is considered to take after his father Augustus but to the few that know his mother, he holds the same personality of Geraldine.


Darcy is a kind, strong minded individual who just wants to succeed and build up his own business without being known for that of his fathers. He feels like his whole life has been spent living in his father's shadow and now that his father is no longer around, it feels like a whole legacy has been left and this has given Darcy a great sense of overwhelming fear, for he feels he cannot live up to the skills and many talents in which his dear father possessed. Of course, he is proud but also quite insecure and paranoid about what others percieve and expect from him.

Darcy is well spoken and educated from his own mother. She decided to home tutor Darcy as a boy and with her strong and strict background, she has managed to bring Darcy up much better than probably some of the schools could have offered Darcy in Zeltiva. Personality wise, one of the traits he picked up from his mother was her eager sense to please and put people at their ease and to also be easily able to show love to the people who mean most to him such as his mother, although Darcy has never fallen in love and is quite scared of the potential consequences and by doing so, keeps a lot of his thoughts to himself.


Darcy Silverwood was born and raised in Zeltiva, Sylira - a place well known for its vast quantity of the finest shipbuilders in the whole of Mizahar, his father Augustus Silverwood being one of them. In fact, Darcy was born on one of his father's ships because not only could Augustus build some of the finest wooden creations in Zeltiva, he could also sail his shimmering beauties across the far away oceans. His mother, Geraldine Silverwood, was an intelligent, beautiful young lady who was very much devoted to family life and raising her young son. Her parents very much disapproved of their daughter when she met Augustus, prompting her to carry on with her studies and took great privilege in disowning her for giving up her dreams to marry and be with the man she loved, Augustus. Wealthy he was, but her parents could never get over the fact that she dedicated so much of her life to a man who in many ways, was quite absent minded and too concentrated on his own work to give Geraldine the proper care and attention in which she so deeply craved. But that was then and this was...

NOW. Darcy Silverwood. That was his name. A tall, noble human being, well known for the legacy of his father, who created many of the ships crusading along the waters of Zeltiva. Dying to find his real talent and aspirations in life, Darcy often found himself struggling with himself, with what he actually wanted to do, as if he was having an identity crisis at the age of twenty-five years old!

His father, was no longer around - legend had it he had crashed his own, personal ship on a far away desert island after a row with Geraldine one night and thus drove himself mad from the loneliness and hunger and met his ill-fated death. This was something Darcy didn't like to discuss or talk about. Past. It should stay there for a reason. Even the present seemed like a struggle, there was always something that made conversations revolve around his late father with the people he met, all he had to do was utter his surname. Still, Darcy always tried to look on the bright side of things. He was sure his time would come for him to shine.

Of course, Darcy wasn't completely useless. He had plans to be a salesman, although things hadn't quite taken off the way he wanted or expected them to. He and his mother had quite enough money and Darcy blamed this as the reason as to why it had taken so long for him to do something with his life. Darcy also loved to sing, sometimes he would stand in the middle of the roads in Zeltiva, next to the glorious mountains and there would be a lone person in the distance taking a stroll, but his voice was like a haunting melody - it echoed and always managed to grab the attention of others. Sure enough, the tiny people (who were far away in the distance) who heard his voice turned around for at least ten seconds to hear and vaguely see (but not recognise) Darcy, before carrying on with their journey.

Darcy could sail too, although not as good as his father. The only thing he had left from his father was an old, rustic belt with his initials on - the middle catch being that of a ship based on one of his father's designs. He treasured this belt and wore it most of the time, sometimes he wanted to escape the whole 'sea' and 'ship' image and would leave the belt at home.

Darcy sometimes wished he had a brother or sister, being an only child was quite dull. Family life was something he truly valued and respected. It was only until this year that Darcy purchased a small cottage, only a few hundred yards away from his mother. It was small but decent and cosy. Darcy knew he had a lot to look forward to in the future, such as finding his path, seeking that destiny and maybe carrying on the family cycle which he admired. One thing was for sure, Darcy was determined to make it on his own and not rely on his mother or his father's estate, to use the money he had been given and to begin to make a name for himself. For now, Darcy was just a man with a famous surname, living in Zeltiva, trying to find his way in life and whom was currently working at one of the general stores within Zeltiva, deciding that being self-employed probably wasn't one of the best and most stable of incomes.


Ledger :
BOWTIE-1 SM96 GM and 9 SM

Darcy also started off with this...

■ Clothes (his basic attire)
■ 1 waterskin
■ 1 backpack which contains: comb, brush, razor, soap
■ Food for a week
■ 1 eating knife
■ Flint & steel
■ Family heirloom in the form of a belt

Housing :
■ 1 basic 20x20 single room cottage (400 sq feet) with a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.


Skills :
Singing30 SP, 1 XP31Competent
Sailing10 SP, 15 RB25Novice
Persuasion10 SP10Novice
Philosophy2 XP2Novice
Socialisation3 XP3Novice
Seduction1 XP, 3 XP4Novice
Rhetoric2 XP2Novice
Observation2 XP, 2 XP4Novice
Writing2 XP2Novice
Composition2 XP2Novice

Helpful Lores :
■ Living in your Father's Shadow
■ Accepting Compliments
■ Nai'a (acquaintance)
■ Calling a Woman Beautiful
■ It's Better to be Yourself
■ A Chance of Friendship
■ The Confidence to Show One's Talents
■ Poem: Beckons To Me by Darcy Silverwood
■ Mak'Viri the Konti
■ Mak'Viri's Inspiration
■ Mak'Viri's Goal: Intention to Explore

Practiced Languages :
Language Proficiency
Common Fluent
Vani Basic
Snake-tongue Poor

The Vani and Snake-tongue languages were taught to Darcy by his mother, although he has very limited knowledge on Snake-tongue.


■ Bowtie

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Darcy Silverwood

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