New Kid in School

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New Kid in School

Postby Otarii Greensound on March 12th, 2013, 11:30 pm

New kid in school; ha. More like that new kid who moved in this year and who no one really knew the first month. Just joined up yesterday, but I've been stalking mozying around the site for about a week and a half now, learning up on my lore and planning my charrie. Oh, yeah, m'name's Jack.

Been RPing on and off for several years, and I write a lot of useless crap in my spare time to keep my brain from exploding. Short, rapid fire line-spitting pieces are my specialty, but I'm by no means a useless long-term writer. Obviously I actually enjoy the stuff, and seem to draw myself to places where I can let it out without leaving half-written stories strewn throughout my computer.

What really surprised me (and, without a doubt, delighted me) about this site when I first looked it up (through a lame top-RP site list) was the sheer expansiveness, overwhelming detail and amazing originality. I still can't really believe that you guys didn't steal anything from other people. Well, I kinda can believe it, but you get my point. It's impressive.

Anything you want to talk about or propose, go ahead, I'm open to anything. Also, Jack is just a guideline name. Call me pretty much whatever, but try to signify me with a "J" or an "R" or something; Rhys (pronounced like Reese) is also something I go by from time to time.

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New Kid in School

Postby Alses on March 13th, 2013, 12:05 pm

Well, allow me to be the first to welcome you to Mizahar, Jack! It's a gloriously expansive - and, crucially, expanding - world as you've found out, and a fun place to let loose with all that excess literary creativity sloshing around.

It sounds like you've been doing pretty much what I did when I first found this place; lurking and devouring the lore to get a good feel for the world before you take the plunge, so to speak :p . It'll stand you in good stead, I'm sure. If you do have any questions or concerns that aren't covered by the Starting Guide or the wiki, don't hesitate to pop into Chat; there's usually a few veteran players floating around and we're all only too happy to help :) .

I look forward to seeing you roleplaying soon, and I hope you enjoy your time here.
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