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This forum is an OOC forum for PCS and Organizations to work out plans in hardcopy. Each PC or Organization gets a single thread where their players can help work out plans for their PC. Quests, mini-sagas, and Trips can all be organized here as well working out timelines and points of travel and things PCs need to do along the way. Each PC however gets only one Plotnote for their individual PC. Groups get one as well. There is no limit on individuals posting saga or trip plotnote threads. Please denote [PC Plotnotes] or [Group Plotnotes] or [Quest/Trip/Saga Plotnotes] when titling your threads.


Postby Tyler Avery on March 25th, 2013, 7:56 pm

To-Do-Threads [Flashbacks] (In Order)

Discovering Death (Solo - Mura)
~Tyler discovers her Konti Gift when her only sister is attacked, and killed, by wild animals. Her Unknown obsession begins.

Mura and Flora (Solo* - Mura) [Multiple Threads]
~ Tyler learns about all the plant life on Mura. Those plants she can eat and those she can use for her benefit. As well as some other common sea plants.

The Unknown (Ximal & Coltyn - Dreamscape)
~ Tyler meets two men inside a dream and after learning that she cannot gain insight into their wellbeing she starts a mad journey to find them.

Out of the Dream (Solo - Mura)
~ Tyler wakes up from her dream with Ximal and Coltyn. She begins her obsession with finding these men - starting with the preparation for her journey and the purchase of a Seahorse.

Entering Sunberth (Solo* - Sunberth)
~ Out of the waves and into the city of Sunberth. Tyler's first stop on her journey. This city, in particular is a dangerous one.

Entering Zelvita (Solo* - Zelvita)
~ Into the city of learning. Tyler continues her search and on the way enters the city of Zelvita.

Entering Ahnatep (Solo* - Ahnatep)
~ Tyler arrives at the city of Ahnatep. The first desert in her journey.

Entering Yahebah (Solo* - Yahebah)
~ After cutting herself on coral, Tyler enters the city and gets a few lovely stitches and a tour around the city.

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