Webbing Questions

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Webbing Questions

Postby Colt on March 27th, 2013, 8:29 pm

Hello, all! I've come across a few questions about the magical discipline of Webbing, and the great Web of Cyphrus in particular and how it works with foreigners.

1) It mentions that strider bonding has something to do with the Web, meaning that if one isn't tied to the web a strider will not bond with that person. Does that mean that if a foreigner came to the area, stayed there for some amount of time and was tied to the Web, that they would have the chance to bond with a strider? If so, would the same be said for the less humanoid races, such as a Symenestra or an Isur?

2) How does this "tying" work? Is it just the act of creating an origin and attaching it to a person?

3) How tied are striders to the Web? I know that they can draw power from it and "stride" faster than normal horses, but can they see it, as webbers can?
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Webbing Questions

Postby Gossamer on April 2nd, 2013, 3:59 pm

Hi Khasr-

I just got pointed to this thread. Sorry no one has answered you since.

1. Yes, a human could come in and bond with a strider and become Drykas. Other races born into a Drykas Pavilion, say like a Konti, could be considered Drykas if they were tied to the web as children (remember most Drykas won't tie strangers to the web at all!) and then bonded to a Strider. Then they would be considered a full Drykas despite race. No self-respecting Drykas would allow a Zith to live among them. Nor a Symenestra either. I doubt they'd even tolerate an Isur.

2. The person must be completely emerged into the web via plunging their spirit in... the web itself links to their spirit and ties to it... thus linking them to it. The Origins have nothing to do with people being tied to webs. People's spirits do. The Origins just anchor and act as ground points for the web so webbers can start new webs, firmly 'hold' them in place without them moving (think of it as water and its ability to move all over unless directed by a stream channel) etc.

3. Striders are even more tied to the web than Drykas are. They constantly feed off it and use its energy to fuel their super fast gait that lets them cover miles faster than a car on a freeway. But its a two way street. A Strider couldn't really run that fast - their normal stride - if the web is damaged in the area they are. That's why Cyphrus is such a mess right now. Striders can see the web, interact with it, and probably use it better than webbers do. It flows through them and is moreso a part of them than the web is the webbers. They just make it.. they don't really truly become part of it. They visit it to look ahead and behind and everywhere the webs travel.. but they don't feed of it and feed it like the STriders do.


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