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Postby Colt on August 8th, 2011, 7:52 am



male Drykas
born 23rd Fall of 492, 24 years of age

model: Taylor Kitsch

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Postby Colt on April 6th, 2017, 11:01 pm

Image appearance

Standing straight at 6’3” or hunched at 5’11”, Colt––or “Shahar,” as he was once known––is a lean balance between physical strength and physical speed. Blessed with angular facial features and a nice smile in the rare event he decides to show joy, Colt slouches more often than not in a conscious bid to hide his strength until it becomes important to do otherwise. His hair is an unimpressive brown and usually allowed to fly loose, although he will pull it back and tie it up while working. Somewhat rugged and bearing more than his fair share of scars, the Drykas’ physique is one accustomed to danger and hardship.

His eyes, however, are somewhat different than “normal.” They were once flat brown, the color of polished wood, and for the most part they still are––aside from the bright magenta starbursts patterned across his irises. Some are unnerved by the glow, others intrigued; it is a rare sight in the world of Mizahar, a land where the ancient magic of Pathfinding is all but forgotten.

ImageBeyond that, Colt goes out of his way to hide further oddities. His clothing will almost always favor practicality over appearance, lighter in summer and heavier in winter, but almost universal is his preference for long sleeves; no matter what season is upon him, Colt will always go out of his way to make sure that his arms are covered to the wrist. He has many secrets written into his skin, and he keeps those secrets closely guarded.

Holding little value in this new world, Colt’s windmarks are likewise covered up if he can help it. They stretch over most of his back, beginning at his pelvis and spreading out to his shoulders. The tattoo does not depict anything in particular, though an abstract thinker might imagine a stylized bird or face of some sort. While his habit of keeping secrets close to the chest means that the marks are almost always hidden, an especially travelled observer that manages to catch a glimpse will immediately pick up on the distinct Drykas style and pattern.
left wrist
The most treasured of Colt’s marks is much smaller and humbler than either gnosis or windmark. Around his left wrist is a small tattoo, a hefty chunk of which is a bracelet-sized band of simple braided black lines. On the inside of his wrist is the symbol of his family: two hands holding a crowned heart. This is the only tattoo or mark that he does not go out of his way to keep hidden.

While it is usually kept hidden by long hair or an upturned collar, Colt’s chevas mark is nevertheless present for a particularly keen observer to spot. It is a delicate, sweeping mark that might be compared to a bird’s wing, or perhaps to grass, or even to an abstract drawing of the wind itself; it draws elements from all three, but is not entirely like any of them. The chevas mark is metallic bronze-green in color, and is unmistakable as anything but a token of marriage.
Colt’s gnosis mark is almost always covered up by long sleeves, although in the comfort of privacy he might allow it to be exposed. A crystal clear lake forms above the wrist, surrounded by a wide swathe of grass that becomes a rich gold through summer to winter and a brilliant green during the spring. Over his forearm is the twisting, knotted trunk of the Serenity Tree, kept company by brightly coloured birds which ruffle their feathers, tree frogs with puffed out throats and slender limbs and multi-coloured snakes winding between the roots. High in the tree’s branches a bird builds her nest, where in spring she will raise chicks that will fledge before summer’s end, one of which will revisit the nest each year to raise a family of their own. In the background on the left, a band of coyotes sings to the moon, and on the right, a pride of night lions suns themselves on a hill of rocks. Taking center stage in the tall grass is the burrow of a spearback, a creature that will seldom reveal himself, but every now and then is known to peek out of his den.

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Riding (Horse)5901049Expert
Weapon (Javelin)4610036Competent
Animal Husbandry380038Competent
Wilderness Survival*biomes: grassland, forest375032Competent
Navigation (Land)100010Novice
Unarmed Combat100010Novice
Sign Language2002Novice
Weapon (Knife)1001Novice
Weapon (Handaxe)1001Novice
Blind Fighting1001Novice
Akilah: A Beautiful Enigma
Allowing a horse to lead can be terrifying
Animal Husbandry: recognizing the limits of one's training
Annoyances of empty snares
Arundel Dinos: Amethyst Clan spear-wielder
A Desperate Situation
A Duty To Defend
A Fear Of Crowds
A hollow echo where a wolf pack was
A Nameless Man
A pelt full of holes will fetch a poor price at market
A Proper Grip At The Right Place
A Silent Promise
A Strider's Reaction (Hint: Not Restrained)
A Zith's Claws Hurt
Akaidras: Nervous of other horses
Akasja: A goat for a guide
Akasja: Wants to go to Endrykas
Amunet: The midwife
Amunet: Understands common
An Unfamiliar Figure
Angry Falcons are Annoying
Animal husbandry: Playing with Snow after the hunt
Animal Husbandry: rewarding behaviors with praise
Animal Husbandry: Rewarding positive behaviour
Animal Husbandry: Teaching Snow to hunt
Asking Khida to marry you
Beaver Pelt: a little oily
Becoming a Follower
Beginner’s Communication in Common
Best to keep quiet when you're stalking prey
Blind Fighting: aiming for a loud sound
Boars: Lean Meat But Rough Hide
Body Language: Repect
Bonding with your strider
Bond: Comfort and Need of Khida
Bond: Khida’s Impatience
Brawling: Headbutting Hurts You BOTH
Butchery: Bone is harder to cut through than muscle
Butchery: Careful to seal the meat to keep out fly larvae
Butchery: dispatch by slit throat
Butchering: Nothing wasted
Butchery: wringing a bird's neck
Caesi Starguide: a new friend
Caesi Starguide: an ambitious young hunter
Caesi Starguide: restless, enthusiastic, and forthright
Caiyha: Firm but fair
Caiyha: Speaks in riddles
Carpentry: To use a cutlass as an axe and chop down a branch
Carpentry: To remove needles and cut of shards to make a pole
Carpentry: To cut the end of a pole into a honed point and make a spear
Carving: marking before cutting
Carving: roughing out pieces with a saw
Caution under threat of Zith
Certilop: Witch Leader of Leaping Fish
Chaktawe: Black eyes that give away nothing
Chaser: A spirited Strider
Cheva Mark: Connects you to Khida
Chiet: The sound of seeking
Claustrophobia can strike even under the open sky
Cleaning: Keeping weapons clean
Climbing: To hold on to a crevasse
Climbing: To find stable foothold
Clive: Escaped
Clive: The Morpher
Common: An exhausting language
Common: Hard on the ears
Comparing cotton and linen cloth
Contrasting mead and ale
Cooking: Stirring the Pot
Cooking: Washing Individual Ingredients
Correct Grip For Javelin (Hand-To-Hand)
Craving Simplicity
Craving The Open Sky
Crows are observant of surroundings
Daha: Old, Crotchety... But Not Stupid
Dealing with the stress of decision making
Deception in the reflection of water
Desire For Khida’s Arms
Diplomacy: a burden shared is a burden lightened
Diplomacy: a strategic retreat
Diplomacy: Recognizing a language barrier and working around it
Do I Know You?
Dreams Of Dancing Steel
Drykas: Ankals and their finery
Drykas: Culturally unique
Drykas: See Dhani as monsters
Dusk: An Inscrutable Time
Ecology: Lhavit nature - Green pines and high grass
Ecology: Lhavit nature - Small mice and rock birds
Ecology: Lhavit nature - All living beings need water
Ecology: Lhavit nature - The thickness of foliage indicates water
Ecology: Lhavit nature - Animals chattering is a positive sign
Ecology: Lhavit nature - Occasional curious squirrels
Ecology: Lhavit nature - Deer lives in herds in the mountains of Kalea
Ecology: Lhavit nature - The cattails have edible roots and stalks
Ecology: Lhavit nature - A lake is where the prey is thickest.
Ecology: Lhavit nature - Animals all need food, water, shelter, survival, reproduction
Ecology: migrating animals move towards warmer weather
Ecology: trees need more water than grass
Elm tea for a sore throat
Endrykas: everyday patterns of activity
Endrykas: The Heart Fire
Endrykas Location: The Fertile Crater
Endrykas Location: Threaded Hide
Endrykas Summer 515: Overrun with rabbits
Endurance: acclimating to exertion over time
Enduring Hunger
Erikal: A happy young man
Erikal: A loud Drykas
Erikal Sunspear: A chipper diamond
Event: Caiyha's Tears
Event: The Silver Chest
Event: Fall Auction 515 AV
Falcons: Not likely to hunt through trees
Fighting with Khida
Fill your skin whenever you get the chance
Finding a replacement pack
Fish: A promise of death
Fishing: To fish by using a spear
Fishing: To lift a speared fish out of the water
Fluidity From Practice
Flushing out Birds
Flushing out Pheasants
Fog: Helpful for trapping
Follow the lines in the fur when skinning
Foraging: Cattails grow by water
Foraging: Cattail roots can be eaten
Foraging: picking and skinning prickly pears
Foraging: To forage cattails
Four Little Kittens, Four Little Signs of Hope
From Rescuer to Rescued
Geography: The hillsides outside Lhavit
Geography: The Amaranthine River between Shinyama and Sharai
Geography: The lively forest outside Lhavit
Geology: the light of opalgloam
Getting closer to Hope
Grooming: Brush before the hunt
Grooming: Slow circles working outwards
Grooming: Using a curry comb
Hands On Teaching Method
Have A Lofty Goal
Hazelweed Pavilion: Attacked by Spearback
Helping a lost child
Helping Slavers
Herbalism: Purslane
Holding your temper in check
Hope: Planning a first ride
Hope's understanding of Pavi is improving slowly
Horsemanship: evaluating a horse's training by exposure
Horsemanship: Relaxed Rider Means a Relaxed Mount
Horsemanship: Teaching an old horse new tricks
How to approach a strange horse safely
How To Make Up
Hunting: Animals gather at water sources
Hunting: cooperating to herd prey
Hunting: dispatching prey with a chest strike
Hunting: Finding a scent trail with Tuka
Hunting: How to Set a Snare
Hunting: It’s not yours until its dead
Hunting: Kudu, the long hunt
Hunting: Oryx
Hunting: Pairs offer many advantages
Hunting: Prey Attracted to Water Source
Hunting: Prey avoids cities
Hunting: snapping a prey's neck
Hunting: startling birds for an easier hunt
Hunting: Striking before the predator
Hunting: Targeting the same pray
Hunting: The pros of hunting with a partner
Hunting: The Sound of Silence
Hunting: To move like in a kind of dance
Hunting: To kill a swan by snapping its neck
Hunting: using size and movement to spook deer
Hunting: Using the Web to find your prey
Hunting: when noise is unavoidable, use it to your advantage
Hunting in pairs: Stay together
Hunting Tactics: Canine Partner
I Am Shahar Dawnwhisper!
Imperial Watchers: Great guard dogs
Imperial Watcher: Now stocked by The Pride
In the Hands of a She-Zith
Inspiration From One's Surroundings
Intelligence: following a trail of gossip
Intelligence: Observational Analysis
Intelligence: To make deductions by observing the sings of nature
Intelligence: To make deductions based on pathfinding sight
Intimidation: a show of force
Intimidation: the implication of attack
Investigation: Eavesdropping in order to find out more
Investigation: Looking into the rabbit problem in Endrykas
Investigation: taking questions to an expert
Isalie: Looking less thin
It All Ties Together
Itxec: Member of Leaping Fish
Ixzo: appears small in weight and slightly unhinged
Jackrabbit: Solitary, secret, strange
Jalen: a spirited Chaktawe
Jalen: scarred by past travails
Jarorra: The Woman With A Thousand Questions
Jasmine: Has an unusual relationship with her strider
Jasmine: To learn and help with the hunt
Javelin: A left-handed throw
Javelin: high block
Javelin: How to kill a man
Javelin: Stabbing
Javelin Vs. Sword
Juggling children with Khida
Just marry Khida already
Kallian Windrunner: Of The Diamond Clan
Kallian Windrunner: Walks Too Loudly
Kendi: An old mare won at auction
Kahtra: The Kelvic
Kahtra: The Slave
Khida: A bond stronger than love
Khida: Appearing As If From a Dream
Khida: An anchor
Khida: Known, Unknown, and All Those Thoughts Between
Khida: Without Words
Khida: Would be anything for you
Khida's Choice Meat: Heart of an Animal
Killing with your teeth
Knowing A Scent In The Air
Knowing the tracks of a single Hyena vs. many
Knowing Your Limitations
Kudu: An animal with little stamina
Kudu: A surprise for Naiya
Kyla Snowhunt of the Topaz Clan
Lack of Windmarks Meaningless
Lale: Fierce-looking like a Myrian
Land Navigation: Signs of water
Leadership: Making sure there is enough food to go round
Leafstride Pavilion: Horse breeders
Leadership: A selfless act
Leading a Raptor Using Meat
Leading Others to a Location
Leatherworking: Ferret Pelts Are Easy to Skin
Lhavit: Crowded streets
Lhavit: Ever active city
Lhavit: Chatty people
Lian Windrunner: held Seirei captive
Lian Windrunner: Lukar and Lira's father
Location: Endrykas Marketplace
Location: Stardown
Location: The Amethyst District
Location: The road to Eyktol
Location: The Pride
Location: The Serenity Tree
Logic: crowd a larger enemy
Logic: Hunting, you never catch anything the first time
Logic: Prey will take the path of least resistance
Logic: Spring means warmer weather is on its way
Logic: The voice of reason
Logic: There's more than one way to undo a lock
Logic: Using facts for decision making
Logic: Using facts over opinions
Look before you leap
Lore of Edible Plants
Lore of Antelope Behavior
Love can trick a man
Lukar and Lira: true Drykas born
Lys: Drykas removed from her culture?
Magic in starburst eyes?
Maintaining Composure
Massage: Deliberate movements
Mathematics: Estimation
Meaning in Solitude
Meda: Merevaika's future driving horse
Medicine: Cleaning dirt from a wound
Medicine: dangers of an embedded arrow
Medicine: Looking for injuries
Medicine: Rudimentary Health Assessment
Meditation: Mantras
Merevaika: a sensible person
Merevaika: buyer of difficult horses
Merevaika: Hunts with a shortbow
Merevaika: Looking for a teacher
Merevaika: pleased to be friends
Moving Quietly in the Grasslands
Mucking out a horse's hoof
Muddled Lines Between Dreams and Reality
Walks can help to clear your head
Nabato Cattle: From Riverfall
Naiya: A loving fire in the dark
Naiya: Fire-wife
Naiya: Loves without doubt
Naiya: Often gets what she wants
Naiya: Unrelenting nurturer
Namal: Lost boy in the sea of grasses
Natane: Oddly Enrapturing
Need For Slow Breathing To Ease Dizziness
Negotiation: presenting an item's good points
Negotiation: Trading dinner for a rumour
Never take two dogs from the same litter
Newborn kittens need a lot of milk
Not Giving Up Hope
Not Just A Glorified Stick
Not Looking When You Turn Around
Ocean Sickness: Oranges Are the Best Cure
Observation: Checking pottery for quality
Observation: Chickadees nest near water
Observation: the sense of being watched
Observation: Thin snowfall quickly turns to ice in warm weather
Observation: Recognizing something is amiss
Olidosapux: Too large for one man to hunt alone
One Must Needs to Be Quiet on a Hunt
Only She Makes Sense
Out stubborned by a Leopard
Pathfinding: a new skill
Pathfinding: To breathe and immerse in the surroundings
Pathfinding: To breathe in order to control and calm the djed
Pathfinding: To perceive a world of glowing thread
Pathfinding: To get distracted means losing the grasp on the magic
Pathfinding: To focus on the djed around you
Pathfinding: To discern the world’s thin strands of color and their patterns
Pathfinding: To see the threads of life of the forests flora and fauna
Pathfinding: To distinguish between strands by the size of the maker
Pathfinding: To follow a track by pathfinding
Pathfinding: To blink hard to keep oncoming overgiving headache at bay
Pathfinding: Twofold concentration, on the task, and on staying focused
Pathfinding: To give oneself up to the magic and let it show they way
Pathfinding: Focusing gets harder as overgiving slowly sets in
Pathfinding: To use pathfinding to hunt
Pathfinding: To recognize the threads of waterfowl
Pathfinding: To distinguish between threads of goose and duck
Pathfinding: To recognize the threads of fish and snakes
Pathfinding: To see a small fish with pathfinding
Patience Has Limits
Payment Not Needed For Help
Pearl: One of Naiya's friends
Philosophy: the relationship between perfection and failure
Philosophy: Women and children come first
Phylonura: To enter new unfamiliar lands with no previous connection
Phylonura: To be recognized by trees
Phylonura: To perceive the deep slow thoughts of trees
Phylonura: A tree is occupied by its own growing and thriving
Phylonura: To search for the ecological centerpoint
Phylonura: A wish to understand the ecology through phylonura
Phylonura: To feel the impressions of nature under your feet
Planning: discarding a plan gone wrong
Planning: Driving game towards a hunting partner
Planning: first set the stage, then see what follows
Planning: looking ahead to future relationships
Planning: Murder
Planning: Sticking to the plan
Politics: the importance of good reputation
Poor shots can end happily
Preparing for the hunt
Preparing Wood to Take a Design
Proper Stance: Shoulder Width
Protecting Khida
Protecting your Pavilion
Psychology: Emotional Trauma
Rahni, Drykas Girl
Ravens and wolves work together to hunt
Ravens don't understand arrows
Recognizing A Confrontation
Recovering from using the Web
Remembering What It Is To Be Drykas
Renaming Isalie
Rhinoceros More Dangerous Then Drykas
Riding: dismounting mid-stride is unwise
Riding: How to stay on a rearing horse
Riding: leading a tethered horse across easy terrain
Riding: supporting a second rider
Riding: the Wind Gait
Ronan: A Webber
Ruari Darkwind: an animal doctor
Ruari Darkwind: gentle and patient with pups
Rue Nightsong: a disconcerting, compelling presence
Rue Nightsong: also a hunter
Rue Nightsong: possessed of a nice smile and beautiful hair
Rue Nightsong: seller of clothes
Rue Nightsong: undervalued by her kin
Rules of a Captive
Rumours spread like wildfire in Endrykas
Running: Eyes on Unfamiliar Ground
Running in a storm
Sage: Good for Cuts and Bruises
Sam'ael: A Stranger, But A Respectful One
Scaring Up Some Prey (Literally)
Searching For A Trail
Searching For Your Name
Searching through rubble
Seduction: a light, teasing touch
Seirei: a foreign woodcarver
Seirei: a true Drykas woman
Seirei: Just like Hope
Seirei: Officially part of the Dawnwhispers
Seirei: Wants to raise the young foal on her mare
Settling for Seconds
Shaydn: Seeks knowledge
Shahar: A day at the auctions
Shahar: A keen eye for the grasslands
Shahar: A mission to heal the land
Shahar: A patient tactician
Shahar: already accepted death
Shahar: annoyed by whistling
Shahar: Black bag of secrets
Shahar: Comfortable in his darkness
Shahar: Desires rest
Shahar: Fears his weakness
Shahar: Giving trust to a stranger
Shahar: Horses enjoy being brushed
Shahar: Knowing when to back down
Shahar: Marked by the goddess Caiyha
Shahar: Mimicking the laugh of a hyena
Shahar: not a trained fighter
Shahar: Not one to let an animal suffer
Shahar: Open to having kids but unsure
Shahar: Puts others before himself
Shahar: Really likes children
Shahar: Saying goodbye is never easy
Shahar: Scars inside and out
Shahar: Surprised Merevaika would want the wild Nightwalker
Shahar: Survival of the fittest
Shahar: Taken by pirates
Shahar: Taking on a hunting apprentice
Shahar: Teaching Snow the dangers of the grasslands
Shahar: Thanking the gods
Shahar: The temptations and distractions of the web
Shahar's Windmarks Design
Shopping means making decisions
Similarities In Silence
Simple days gave way to a big family
Skinning: A poor pelt
Skinning: A Wild Cat
Skinning: avoid cutting belly muscle
Skinning: Basics
Skinning: first cut throat to tail, then inside legs
Skinning: never mind the lower limbs
Skinning: Peeling back the skin with aid of thumb
Skinning: Work slowly for better results
Slither: A Dhani Slave
Slither: Bears the Scars of the Past
Slither: Belongs to Me
Slither: Broken slave
Smell of Smoke Warns Away the Beasts
Snow: A curious creature
Snow: a focused and enduring hunter
Snow: A gift from the gods
Snow: a natural born climbe
Snow: Becoming a hunting dog
Snow: capable of endurance running
Snow: Determined to please Shahar
Snow: Dislikes shopping trips
Snow: Doesn't like being separated from Shahar
Snow: finding the easiest way in unknown terrain
Snow: First hunt, first kill
Snow: Had never seen a Drykas fall off a horse
Snow: Heavier than most dogs her age
Snow: identified as wolf
Snow: lean muscle and calculating wariness
Snow: Love at first sight
Snow: loves new friends, detests waiting
Snow: Loves Shahar's Imperial Watchers
Snow: Loves to chase rabbits
Snow: No natural camouflage
Snow: Proud & vain
Snow: reads Colt’s body language and knows what’s up
Snow: serving as vanguard
So Small Next To Eternity
Socialization: a show of solidarity
Socialization: A universal sign of greeting
Solid stance when aiming
Sometimes water hides dangerous secrets
Spearback: Eat snakes
Spearback: Hibernate during winter
Spearback: Scout's Bane
Spearback: Toxic barbs
Spring 515: Slave caravan
Standing an evening watch
Starguide Pavilion: of the Amethyst Clan
Stealth: dismounting to take cover in the grass
Stealth: New grass is quiet, old grass is loud
Stealth: rolling feet to reduce noise
Stealth: Sneaky Stepping
Stealth: Step carefully to avoid unwanted sounds
Stealth: Surprise attacks
Storytelling: Nightlion Hunt
Strange man in Endrykas
Subterfuge: a stone thrown for distraction
Tacking Up A Horse
Tactics: adapting to the situation at hand
Tactics: defensive uses of thorned brush
Tactics: exploiting habitual actions
Tactics: Find Advantageous Ground
Tactics: Making the most of available resources
Tactics: Prioritizing Targets
Tactics: using sign to drop an opponent's guard
Taking out Frustrations on Inanimate Objects
Tanning: drying a hide with salt
Teaching: A rewarding path
Teaching: demonstrating a process step by step
Teaching: describing your reasoning and conclusions
Teaching: Drykas' view of Marriage
Teaching: Language
Teaching hunting to Jasmine
Terrain: The endless ups and downs of Lhavit’s mountain terrain
Terrain: The jutting cliffs and rocks of Lhavit’s mountain terrain
Terrain: Open forest, with tall trees spread widely
Terrain: The forest floor of fallen greens, deadwood and grass
Terrain: Small brilliant green clearings around skeletons of fallen trees
Terrain: New strange trees with smooth green needles instead of leaves
Terrain: The sound of the river can be heard at a long distance
Terrain: The rough riverbed and the roaring water of Amaranthine River
Terrain: The thin strip of rocks and sand dividing the forest from the river
Terrain: The Amaranthine River is hard to cross for animals without wing
Terrain: The sharply rising “shore” of Amaranthine River
Tevinte: Not trusted by his father
Tevinte: Young and reckless
The basics of cleaning out a hoof
The best laid plans sometimes go awry
The Better Part Of Valor (Especially When Unarmed)
The Bond: Woven Souls
The Dhani are real
The draw of mutual attraction
The Dun Mare Dainellas
The Feeling of Being Hunted
The Festival of Life: The Third Day
The Flash Of Realization... And Remembering
The Frustration of Losing a Kill to Predators
The Hardships of a Pirate’s Ship
The importance of being patient
The Lull After The Hunt
The Melody of Our Song
The Mind Of The Apex Predator
The mystery of a misplaced wolf
The Need of Windmarks
The peculiar sound of sawing wood
The power of a kelvic bond
The Pride of a kill
The relative values of fabric and fur
The Role of Captive and Owner
The Same, But Apart
The Silver Chest: A gift for a gift
The Sound of A Zith Swarm
The Spoken Unknown: A Barrier of Common Tongue
The stranger in the mirror
The struggle of feeding and entire Pavilion
The Usefulness Of A Second Hunter
The Wild Know How To Fight
The Zith are coming
They Dance With Horses
Time for Isalie to learn
Too many rabbits in one area can upset the ecosystem
Trapping: Careful not to leave your own scent
Tracking: coyote paw prints
Tracking: Following paths in the tall grass
Tracking: glassbeak footprints
Tracking: Grazing Herds Move Slow
Tracking: Hare & Grouse Trail Detection
Tracking: hoof marks in grass
Tracking: in snow
Tracking: Looking At Grass Disturbances
Tracking: night lion footprints
Tracking: Preserving the trail
Tracking: print depth reflects weight
Tracking: rabbit footprints and rabbit runs
Tracking: signs of a large grazing herd
Tracking: Skyward facing holes in brush are not normal
Tracking: the nuances of human footprints
Tracking: tracing a creature's passage through the Web
Training To Match Your Opponent's Weapons
Trapping: loop and switch neck snare
Trapping: Reset traps in a new location after a catch
Trapping: Resetting a Trap
Traversing the Sea of Grass without a weapon is suicide
Trust an animal's instinct
Try And Try Again
Tuka: A heart for a furry friend
Tuka: always seeking new playmates
Tuka: an avid hunter
Tuka: Full of beans
Tuka: Good with dogs
Tuka: Makes a mess of the rabbits she catches
Tuka: Not a long distance runner
Twilight: An Illusion of Eternity
Valen: Dead
Valen: The Kelvic Fox
Vanya: A docile mare won at auction
Vanya: Once belonged to a Drykas
Vallora: an inattentive Drykas
Wanderings And Musings In The Birth Of Day
Water Is Life, But Rain Is Annoying
Webbing: An Unfathomable Mass Of Information
Webbing: distinguishing creatures by size
Webbing: Recognizing one’s self
Webbing: The difference between people and objects
Webbing: The threads that connect Endrykas
Webbing: To be shown is to see
Webbing: Viewing Battle, As It Happens
What's In a Name is In Me
What's that sound?
Where to make the holes in a antelope for hanging it
Whisper: The meaning behind the name
Whistling: A Call to those who Listen
Who Am I?
Wilderness Survival: Burying Entrails Away from Camp for Distraction
Wilderness Survival: Catching Food
Wilderness Survival: Dressing down in the heat
Wilderness Survival: making a signal with smoke and steam
Wilderness Survival: Setting Camp
Wilderness Survival: Skinning an animal
Wilderness Survival: Starting a Fire
Wilderness Survival: Telling direction by the sun
Wilderness Survival: Water is the life blood to surviving
Wilrok Loresinger: Ankal of the Loresinger Pavillion
Wind Eagles: Massive foreign birds
With Every Day, You Get A Little Better
Witnessing a new bond
Working with a Falcon
Yvas: Like a saddle
Yvex: an old friend
Yvex: no strider, no home
Yvex Windriver: a strange Drykas
Yvex Windriver: last of the Windrivers
Zethar: Putting Shahar's name out to the wider community
Zith: A cruel mistress
Zith Attack: The Aftermath
"Pavi," fluent
Grassland Sign, fluent
"Tukant," basic
"Common," broken
Phylonura, Marked

The singularly marked individual is granted the language of Nura and begins to learn to communicate with plants and animals of all sorts. Nura can even cause the witch to actively associate with insects, which are vital forms of life in Caiyha's domain. The witch is granted one biome to look after, and is given often multiple years to hone his or her skills and branch out to invest time and energy in the space she or he protects. The more skills a witch learns and perfects, the more likely he or she will feel the urge to move and resettle, especially when his or her current biome has been in balance for a significantly long period of time. Many witches at this stage can also 'lose' their marks if Caiyha finds them lacking in motivation or determination when it comes to being her guardians of the world.

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Postby Colt on April 6th, 2017, 11:04 pm

on his person
low boots
cotton tunic
cotton pants
wool cloak
leather belt
3 belt pouches
linen undergarments
leather armband *This lovingly crafted band is made with careful stitching and embroidery. In addition to a symbol that matches its owner's wrist tattoo, there are three things attached: a red lock of hair, a brown lock of hair and a gray feather.

20 arrows
hunting knife

flint and steel
50ft hemp rope
strong rations
in storage
1gal cooking pot
2gal bucket
1lb soap
3 wooden plates 8”
3 wooden cups 12oz

5 spools silk embroidery thread *red, silver, brown, gold, blue
archer's target
Seme gelding-200gm390gm
pack saddle-5gm360gm
fishing kit-10gm350gm
50ft hemp rope-1gm349gm
50ft thick hemp rope-5gm344gm
50ft silk rope-10gm334gm
travois harness-2gm332gm
5 javelins-5gm327gm
long knife-2gm324.5gm
cotton tunic-5sm324gm
low boots-3sm323.7gm
cotton pants-1sm323.6gm
leather belt-2sm323.4gm
wool cloak-5sm322.9gm
Winter expenses-45gm274.8gm
2 person tent-5gm269.8
winter blanket-5sm269.2
2 gallon cooking pot-5sm268.7
soup spoon-1cm269.6.9
2 bowls-6cm268.6.3
woodcarver's kit-50gm218.6.3
6lbs of sausage-9gm209.6.3
traveler's stock-3gm206.6.3
spring expenses-45gm161.6.3
Slither's expenses-40gm116.6.3
spring wages+637gm753.6.3
summer expenses-45gm708.6.3
Slither's expenses-45gm663.6.3
summer wages+595gm1258.6.3
Cyphrus Strider-150gm1108.6.3
yvas pad-2gm1103.6.3
large tattoo-190gm913.6.3
1lb soap-5sm913.1.3
winter blanket-5sm911.3.3
2 waterskins-2gm909.3.3
4 person tent-10gm899.3.3
fall wages+637gm1536.3.3
fall expenses, 513-45gm1491.3.3
Slither's fall expenses, 513-45gm1446.3.3
Isalie's fall expenses, 513-45gm1401.3.3
winter expenses, 513-45gm1356.3.3
Hope's winter expenses, 513-45gm1359.3.3
spring expenses, 514-40gm1311.3.3
Hope's spring expenses, 514-45gm1266.3.3
summer expenses, 514-45gm1221.3.3
Hope's summer expenses, 514-45gm1175.3.3
fall expenses-45gm1131.3.3
1 person tent-2gm1129.3.3
winter blanket-5sm1118.8.3
bowl, 8"-4cm1118.7.9
tunic, linen-5sm1118.2.9
trousers, linen-8sm1118.4.9
cloak, medium wool-7.5sm1117.4.4
belt, leather-4sm1117.0.4
medical care-10gm1107.0.4
Jalen's winter expenses-45gm1062.0.4
Hope's winter expenses-45gm1017.0.4
winter expenses-45gm972.0.4
4 clay bowls 8"-16cm971.8.8
7 clay cups 10oz-44cm971.4.4
7 dinner forks-7cm971.3.7
7 dinner spoons-7cm971.3
2gal bucket-5sm970.8
3 burlap sacks-3sm970.5
knife and cutlery box-2gm967.3
sewing box-2gm965.3
2 animal groom toolkits-20gm945.3
archer's target-18gm927.3
preserving kit-5gm922.3
body sled-45gm875.3
brick press-10gm865.3
spring expenses-135gm730.3
summer expenses-135gm595.3
professional tanning-6sm494.7
animal groomer's toolkit-10gm484.7
baby carrier, cradleboard, fur-lined-30gm454.7
baby carrier, sling, fine wool-3gm451.7
soap, 2lbs-1gm450.7
yvas pad-1gm447.7
tent, four-person-10gm437.7
winter blanket-5sm437.1
winter 514 wages+1288gm1723.6
summer 515 wages+1274gm2997.6
mixed-blood mare-67gm2930.6
mixed-blood mare-89gm2841.6
excellent tan(nightlion)-19gm 6sm2822
wrist tattoo-10gm2812
fall 515 expenses-135gm2677
fall 515 wages+1274gm3951
pavilion tent-50gm3901
large wooden shield-7gm3894
armor, war-dog-20gm3874
4 cotton body pillows-2.8gm3871.2
canvas rug-3gm3868.2
2 coarse wollen rugs-19gm3858.2
2 imperial watchers-100gm3758.2
winter 515 expenses-135gm3575.2
NPC winter 515 expenses-135gm3440.2
spring 516 expenses(inactive)-/+0gm0gm
summer 516 expenses(inactive)-/+0gm0gm
fall 516 wages+2548ki2548ki
fall 516 expenses-135ki2413ki
NPC fall 516 expenses-135ki2278ki
20 arrows-1ki2247ki
hunting knife-5tk2246.5ki
2-person tent-4ki2241.5ki
hand axe-6ki2235.5ki
strong rations-7ki2228.5ki
winter 516 expenses-135ki2093.5ki
NPC winter 516 expenses-135ki1958.5ki
linen blouse-8tk1957.4ki
linen skirt-4tk1957ki
leather shoes-6tk1956.4ki
child linen tunic-2.5tk1956.1.5ki
child linen pants-4tk1955.7.5ki
child leather boots-3tk1955.4.5ki
coin conversion-1950ki4.5.5ki
coin conversion+1950gm1950gm
1gal cooking pot-3sm1949.7gm
2gal bucket-5sm1949.2gm
1lb soap-5sm1947.5gm
3 wooden plates 8”-12cm1947.3.8gm
3 wooden cups 12oz-21cm1947.1.7gm
5 spools silk thread-7.5sm1946.4.2gm
archer's target-18gm1938.4.2gm
flint and steel-1gm1937.4.2gm
50ft hemp rope-1gm1936.4.2
linen undergarments-1sm1936.3.2
wool cloak-5sm1935.8.2
leather belt-4sm1929.4.2gm
3 belt pouches-3gm1926.4.2gm

Total wealth:
1914 gold mizas, 4 silver mizas, 2 copper mizas
5 kina, 4 topaz kina, 5 jade kina

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Postby Colt on April 6th, 2017, 11:05 pm


female luvanor grassland hunter
two years of age, born winter 514 (assumed)

Snow came to Colt in the summer of 515, appearing after he relinquished Hope’s remaining possessions. She follows him, hunts with him and sleeps with him, and becomes uncomfortable when Colt is out of her sight. Bright, curious and obedient, Snow is Colt's most reliable partner and valued friend.

Kyla Snowhunt
Drykas woman
20 years of age, born fall 14, 496
10 singing, 10 cooking, 5 riding, 5 storytelling

Kyla Snowhunt is a Drykas, and one of the last living connections Colt has to his home and people. Like him, she was captured by pirates on the western coast of Cyphrus and taken away, with the intended purpose of being sold as slaves to the highest bidder. Upon landing on the shores of Falyndar, Kyla and Colt both managed to escape, along with her young son, Kai. The hardships she has faced have taken their toll on her; while she was once optimistic and kind, Kyla's experience have made her much more bitter and opportunistic. She trusts no one save Colt, realizing that she and her son would undoubtedly be dead without his support, and there is even some warped, distant affection there for the simple fact that he and her son are the only two Drykas she will likely ever meet until they find their way home.

Kai Snowhunt
Drykas boy
6 years of age, born summer 74, 510
10 riding (horse), 10 brawling, 10 animal husbandry

Like his mother, Kai was taken by pirates in the winter of 515. Through sheer luck and tenacity, the two were not separated from each other, and managed to escape with Colt upon arriving in Falyndar. And like his mother, Kai's experience with slavery has not left him unscathed; Kai hates to be touched by anyone but his mother, and will bite and kick anyone who tries. He doesn't like being trapped and he doesn't like being bossed around; both of these will be met with anger and belligerency, and even violence if it doesn't stop. The only exceptions to this are given to animals; Kai has a way with four-legged creatures and is much more tolerant of them than of people. Despite his fear of contact, Kai is still a relatively curious and invested in his own survival. He can even be well-mannered, provided someone is deemed worthy of it. He yearns for other children to play with, but the difference in experience, culture and language often leaves him annoyed and frustrated with them; in the place of other youth, Kai is quite attached to Snow, and isn't above seeking out Colt himself for interaction if he's feeling particularly lonely.

Tsaria Snowhunt
human girl
1 season of age, born fall 15, 516
(will grow into) 10 riding, 10 animal husbandry, 5 cooking, 5 storytelling

Between herself and her family, Tsaria is undoubtedly the most outgoing of the Snowhunts. She loves attention from family or strangers, and if she doesn’t get any she is more than happy to go wandering for it––much to the dismay of her mother. It is Kai more often than not who ends up chasing her down, so it is no wonder that she seeks his company more than anyone’s. Bold and courageous, Tsaria assumes that everyone and everything she meets is a playmate that means her no harm; she displays equal bravery in the face of Snow, of strangers and even animals of burden ten times her size.

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Postby Colt on April 6th, 2017, 11:06 pm

Summer 511
If I Stop Thinking - 12th
Khasr and a Diamond clanswoman go on a hunting foray that falls into disaster.
+2 Socialization, +1 Running, +1 Meditation, +3 Hunting, +2 Tracking, +1 Stealth, +1 Weapon(Javelin)
Fall 511
In The Grass (Solo) - 15th
Khasr goes hunting and discovers one of the grassland's dangers.
+1 Tracking, +2 Trapping, +3 Hunting, +1 Wilderness Survival, +2 Weapon(Javelin)

Heart and Mind - 27th
Khasr confronts and is confronted, bringing his hidden insecurities to light.
+3 Observation, +3 Rhetoric, +2 Running, +1 Climbing

A Decent Shot - 29th
Khasr practices with his chosen weapon.
+3 Weapon(Javelin), +1 Tracking

First Pick - 32nd
Khasr finds his new "friend" to share a discovery.
+1 Running, +1 Climbing, +1 Observation

[Seasonal Quest] Hunt of the Season - 57th
The hunt amasses.
+3 Leadership, +2 Observation, +1 Socialization, +1 Planning

Not Quite What I Had in Mind - 78th
Khasr gets some skinning lessons.
+2 Skinning
Winter 511
New Grounds, New Start (Solo) - 1st
In due time, all wounds begin to mend.
+1 Observation, +1 Rhetoric

When Boredom Threatens - 3rd
Practice makes perfect.
+2 Weapon(javelin), +1 Observation, +1 Teaching

The Black Bay, Part 1 - 8th-9th
Khasr catches wind of a herd of wild striders and investigates, much to the irritation of a young stallion.
+4 Tracking, +3 Wilderness Survival, +3 Trapping, +1 Philosophy

The Black Bay, Part 2 - 10th-11th
Khasr begins to settle into his surroundings, and runs into some problems.
+1 Trapping, +2 Butchery, +1 Hunting, +1 Weapon(javelin)

On the Town - 18th
Khasr kind of goes shopping, and Scarlett kind of helps him out.
+1 Bartering, +2 Observation, +1 Rhetoric

Paved with Good Intentions - 20th
Khasr realizes the dangers of going into the grasses alone, and suffers the consequences.
+1 Unarmed Combat, +1 Running, +2 Observation

Oh, How the Mighty have Fallen - 22nd
Khasr is taught his place by his captor
+2 Observation, +2 Unarmed Combat

Important note:
this is where Khasr falls victim to amnesia, and so he does not remember any threads/events before the spring of 512.

Spring 512
Breaking Chains - 1st
An escape.
+1 Climbing, +1 Riding

In the Darkness - 2nd
When the man became a beast.
+1 Observation, +1 Unarmed Combat
Summer 512
Feathered Musings - 5th
A predator learns to cooperate.
+3 Observation, +1 Hunting, +2 Running, +1 Intimidation, +1 Larceny

Flitherness - 8th
Two hunters begin to become a team and discover each other's skills.
+3 Observation, +1 Hunting, +1 Tracking

A Bird in the Hand - 31st
Two unlikely hunters continue to work out the snags.
+3 Running, +3 Hunting, +2 Endurance, +2 Planning, +2 Tracking, +1 Leadership, +1 Swimming, +1 Stealth, +1 Medicine

Tooth and Talon - 59th
Danger rears its beak and puts two unlikely partners to the test.
+3 Hunting, +3 Logic, +2 Brawling, +1 Endurance, +1 Stealth, +1 Running, +1 Tracking, +1 Climbing

Strangers Like Me - 85th
A lone hunter encounters something on the Sea of Grass that he never expected.
+5 Observation, +2 Tracking, +2 Diplomacy, +1 Hunting, +1 Tactics
Fall 512
A Different View - 2nd
A man of the wild learns to tolerate civilization.
+2 Investigation, +3 Hunting, +1 Stealth, +1 Wilderness Survival

Don't Talk to Strange Men - 7th
A wild man gets a taste of civility.
+4 Observation, +2 Stealth, +1 Hunting, +1 Horsemanship

Restoring the Web
In which a wild man quests with webbers.
+1 Endurance, +1 Foraging, +1 Navigation: Land, +1 Subterfuge, +2 Stealth

The Place Where We Last Met
The long overdue return.
+1 Animal Husbandry, +3 Observation, +1 Sign Language, +1 Falconry, +1 Tracking, +2 Hunting

Rainy Days - 57th
The hunter must escape from the rain, and turns to someone he might be beginning to call a friend.
+3 Observation
Winter 512
[Ruby District] Can't Help Curiosity (Nastaran Riverwalker, Akilah Windsong) - 6th
A simple shopping trip becomes the reunion of strangers.
+3 Observation, +1 Intimidation, +1 Investigation

Just Like Cattle - 53rd
A slave caravan is lost in the Sea of Grass.

+1 Herbalism, +1 Investigation, +1 Negotiation, +2 Observation, +1 Stealth

Spring 513
Feels Just Like Yesterday - 1st
A quiet morning.

+1 Butchery, +2 Hunting, +1 Skinning, +1 Tracking, +1 Trapping, +2 Wilderness Survival, +1 Weapon (Javelin)

Unusual Behaviors- 3rd
A hunter tries his hand at carving in Caiyha's honor.

+1 Endurance, +1 Observation

Lost in Silence - 7th
A hunter must choose the lesser of two evils.

+1 Observation, +1 Butchery, +1 Trapping, +1 Acrobatics, +2 Socialization

Sieze the Day- 9th
You never know what you'll stumble across in the Sea of Grass...

+1 Sign Language, +3 Observation

The hunter and his dog- 20th
He never did like talking to people...

+1 Sign Language, +3 Observation

Greenhorn- 34th
The thought of cooperation with another person had never occurred to him until that day.

+4 Tracking, +3 Observation, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Socialization, +2 Leadership, +3 Hunting, +1 Stealth, +1 Weapon: Javelin

Prologue Preparations - 42nd
Preparing for a journey...

+1 Leadership

Pilgrimage, part I - 43rd
In search of a name...

+1 Horsemanship, +1 Hunting, +1 Tracking, +1 Weapon (Javelin), +1 Wilderness Survival

Marbled Mists- 44th
Creativity breeds skill.

+3 Javelin, +2 Observation, +1 Tactics

Pilgrimage, part II - 46th
A hunter becomes a little sleepy and Khida becomes concerned.

+2 Wilderness Survival, +1 Observation

Silver and Gold - 51st
In lonely hours, he did walk among the glassy mists.

Observation +2, Philosophy +2, Meditation +1, Stealth +1

Pilgrimage, part V - 61st
The end of a search, the forging of an identity.

+3 Observation, +3 Philosophy, +2 Climbing
Summer 513
Lost and Found (Khida, Slither, Jess'e, Ymir) - 3rd
Even among the unforgiving, unexpected mercy can be found.

+4 Observation, +1 Riding

First Impressions All Over Again - 8th
Khida and Shahar meet for the first time for the third time.

+4 Observation, +2 Interrogation, the Bond

Damsel in Distress - 25th
The snapping of a string...
+3 Observation, +2 Brawling, +2 Rhetoric, +2 Socialization, +1 Unarmed Combat

The Horse and His Boy- 28th
When two become one, and then two once again.
+1 Observation, +1 Trapping, +2 Horsemanship, +3 Riding

The girl and the Sand Horse - 70th
One must be ever vigilant when times grow desperate.
+1 Observation, +1 Riding, +1 Tracking

Nox Caedibus - 73rd
The storm descends.
+2 Leadership, +2 Riding, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Stealth, +1 Socialization, +1 Intimidation, +1 Weapon(Handaxe), +1 Endurance

Survivors - 74th
Hope can appear in the most innocent of places.

+4 Observation, +1 Hunting, +1 Animal Husbandry

Grief That Is Not Woe - 78th
How do you move on from disaster?

+1 Investigation, +1 Leadership, +3 Deduction, +1 Salvaging, +3 Philosophy, +2 Teaching, +4 Socialization, +1 Begging
Fall 513
Raiding in the North: Part I: A new recruit - 5th
Shahar receives an intriguing offer.
+2 Socialization, +1 Observation

The Auction - 10th
An opportunity arises without warning, prompting a leap of faith.
+2 Observation

To Play The Part - 10th
All things begin somewhere, even if that beginning is entirely unexpected.
+5 Persuasion, +4 Deduction, +3 Leadership, +2 Teaching, +1 Psychology, +1 Medicine, +1 Intelligence

Training Hooves - 11th
Shahar gets a horse.
+1 Observation, +1 Horsemanship, +1 Riding (Horse)

Lesson The First - 12th
Shahar begins Isalie's "training."
+4 Teaching, +3 Horsemanship, +2 Leadership, +1 Riding, +1 Socialization

Marked - 12th
Shahar finally gets his windmarks.
+2 Observation, +1 Rhetoric

Before The Dawn - 19th
+1 Butchery, +1 Javelin

Caught Between The Earth And Sky - 19th
Someone's a little lost...
+2 Observation, +2 Leadership, +1 Tracking, +1 Socialization

Gilded Collar - 29th
Loosening the chains...
+1 Leadership

Weaving Souls - 30th
An introduction.
+2 Observation, +2 Webbing

Tales Forged in the Firelight - 43rd
+1 Wilderness Survival

Before the Morning - 59th
All is still before the morning.
+1 Trapping, +1 Tracking, +1 Wilderness Survival, +2 Hunting

A game of cat and bird - 82nd
+2 Hunting, +2 Tracking
Winter 513
Lesson the Second - 2nd
Learning from the student, learning from mistakes.
+4 Teaching, +3 Animal Husbandry, +2 Socialisation, +2 Logic, +1 Wilderness Survival(Plains), +1 Cleaning, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Planning, +1 Horsemanship, +1 Medicine, +1 Persuasion, +1 Running, +1 Endurance, +1 Philosophy

Bitter Wind - 12th
A meeting and a farewell.
+1 Hunting, +2 Observation, +1 Socialization, +1 tracking

Spring 514
Breaking the Pattern - 1st
Enough is enough.
+4 Teaching, +3 Animal Husbandry, +3 Horsemanship, +2 Leadership, +2 Riding (Horse)

Muscle Memory - 5th
Hope's lessons continue.

+1 Logic, +1 Bodybuilding, +1 Trapping, +1 Tracking, +1 Planning, +1 Grooming, +1 Teaching, +1 Socialization

Meaningful Distractions - 14th
Curiosity can bring together unlikely companions.

+2 Carving, +1 Diplomacy

Sentinels - 16th
Watching the night.
+2 Observation, +1 Intimidation, +1 Blind Fighting, +1 Javelin
Summer 514
Seeking the Tall Grasses - 19th
When one has knowledge, why not sell it?
+5 Socialization, +5 Riding, +5 Rhetoric, +3 Land Navigation

Old Made New - 30th
Shahar finds a very unexpected connection with a woman from his past.

Diplomacy +1, Negotiation +1, Observation +4, Seduction +2, Socialization +5

Things Left Unsaid - 33rd
Two young Drykas sort through their feelings.

+1 Intelligence, +2 Observation, +1 Planning, +5 Socialization, +1 Negotiation

Night Out - 33rd
After an evening of stress, a night of relaxation is in order.

+1 Rhetoric, +2 Seduction, +4 Socialization

Unexpected Reunion - 48th
Shahar runs into someone he never expected to see again.

Rain Dance - 89th
The clouds finally break.
+1 Rhetoric
Fall 514
Home Territory - 15th
Usual way of things.

Under An Autumn Sun - 43rd
A morning at home.
+2 Wilderness Survival, +2 Leatherworking, +2 Socialization, +2 Cooking, +1 Trapping, +1 Hunting, +1 Stealth, +1 Herbalism, +1 Planning
Winter 514
An Unexpected Welcome - 1st
Take Myrian, Drykas and a pinch of hunting cat, stir and see what happens.

Winter Mysteries - 10th
The wilderness holds many surprises.

Hunt Or Be Hunted - 12th
An odd scene for an introduction.

+2 Tactics, +1 Hunting, +1 Tracking

Hunt on Horseback - 15th
Cooperation can often yield greater results.
+3 Hunting, +3 Riding(Horse), +3 Tracking, +2 Animal Husbandry, +3 Logic, +1 Philosophy, +3 Rhetoric, +5 Socialisation, +1 Webbing, +3 Planning, +3 Wilderness Survival(Plains), +1 Weapon(Javelin), +2 Bodybuilding, +1 Endurance, +1 Teaching, +1 Leadership, +1 Detection, +1 Stealth, +1 Deduction, +1 Butchery

Unexpected Company - 20th
A day out is interrupted.
+1 Tracking, +1 Navigation: Land, +1 Diplomacy, +1 Socialization, +1 Foraging

The Traveler - 39th
Two wanderers meet.
+1 Riding(horse), +1 Foraging, +1 Stealth, +1 Detection, +1 Tracking, +2 Logic, +2 Hunting, +2 Weapon(javelin), +2 Socialization

Adrift - 40th
Trespasser, outsider, new face.
Animal Husbandry +2, Intimidation +1, Negotiation +1, Riding +2, Socialization +1, Tracking +2

The Welcome Party - 41st
Adjustments are never easy.
+5 Socialization, +2 Wilderness Survival, +2 Cooking, +1 Foraging, +1 Intelligence, +1 Webbing, +1 Planning[/color]

Facing the Family - 43rd
A dive into the charming world of family politics.

what death doesn't touch. - 80th
He has little experience with neighbors.

Spring 515
Joined Hand in Hand... in Hand? - 2nd
It's been a long time coming.

Fighting Tedium - 4th
A great many things to be found for a great many changes.
+1 Planning, +1 Organisation, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Socialisation, +1 Riding(Horse), +1 Acting, +1 Animal Husbandry

Along The Way - 6th
All trips come with delays.

The Trade Of Hunters - 10th
Against the grass or the vineyard, the hunt rarely changes.
+2 Stealth, +1 Tracking, +1 Hunting

Slaver Hunters 'R' Us - 12th
What else are slavers good for, anyway?
+3 Webbing, +3 Observation, +3 Tactics, +2 Tracking, +2 Brawling, +2 Stealth, +2 Weapon(Javelin), +1 Endurance, +1 Leadership

Herding Cats - 30th
Another stray finds its way... or not.
+1 Planning, +1 Riding (Horse), +1 Logic, +1 Socialisation, +1 Rhetoric

Follow The Wind - 57th
When you've never seen your face, how do you recognize your reflection?
+2 Socialisation, +2 Riding(Horse), +1 Investigation, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Logic, +1 Planning
Summer 515
The Long Hunt - 1st
The cycle of predator and prey is a universal one.
+2 Land Navigation, +3 Animal Husbandry, +3 Tracking, +2 Planning, +1 Mathematics, +2 Wilderness Survival, +3 Riding (horse), +3 Hunting, +1 Logic, +2 Endurance, +1 Stealth, +1 Intelligence, +1 Bodybuilding, +1 Weapon, Javelin, +1 Cleaning, +1 Acrobatics

Bound To The Burden - 77th
To let go of the past is to discover the future.
+1 Land Navigation, +1 Trapping, +1 Wilderness Survival (Plains), +1 Skinning, +1 Cleaning, +1 Body Building, +1 Socialization, +1 Rhetoric, +2 Organization, +2 Investigation, +2 Logic

Blue Eyed Thoughts - 77th
Hope comes in unexpected packages.
+1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Logic, +1 Bodybuilding

See A Man About A Dog - 77th
It's always good to know what you're getting into.
+1 Planning, +1 Investigation

The Worn Return - 80th

Rabbit Fever - 83rd
There's a first time for everything.
+3 Stealth, +3 Animal Husbandry, +1 Negotiation, +1 Grooming, +1 Socialisation, +1 Riding(horse), +3 Hunting, +1 Mathematics, +2 Logic, +1 Trapping
Fall 515
Trailing Shadows - 2nd

Breaking The Ice - 3rd
Taking baby steps.

Hunting for Distraction - 7th
It was bound to happen at some point.
+2 Socialization, +2 Planning, +1 Unarmed Combat

Kenashian Exodus - 11th
Another stray will find its way.
+2 Endurance, +2 Riding(Horse), +2 Intelligence, +1 Persuasion, +1 Negotiation, +1 Tactics, +1 Leadership, +1 Planning, +1 Bodybuilding

The Meat Of The Issue - 12th
Unexpected additions can sometimes be a boon.
+4 Riding(Horse), +4 Socialization, +3 Animal Husbandry, +3 Planning, +2 Tactics, +2 Leadership, +2 Hunting, +1 Logic, +1 Weapon(Javelin)

Making Yourself Useful - 21st
A friendly trade of knowledge.

Beginning of the Journey's End - 29th
An unexpected encounter to broaden horizons.
+4 Socialisation, +2 Riding(Horse), +2 Webbing +1 Hunting, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Planning, +1 Organisation, +1 Logic, +1 Leadership, +1 Climbing,

What's In A Windmark? - 31st
While histories may separate, there is one thing that ties all Drykas together.

Trading Burdens - 32nd
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
+5 Riding(Horse), +5 Leadership, +4 Planning, +3 Tracking, +3 Observation, +2 Philosophy, +2 Logic, +2 Socialization, +2 Endurance, +1 Organization, +1 Meditation, +1 Webbing, +1 Hunting, +1 Wilderness Survival, +1 Teaching

Some Like It Hot - 41st
A herd of wild animals is rounded up and sold off.
+2 Logic, +1 Negotiation, +1 Diplomacy, +3 Socialisation, +1 Logic, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Rhetoric

First Foot Forward - 42nd
Saying hello to a new friend.
+1 Organization, +3 Grooming, +2 Animal Husbandry, +2 Horsemanship, +1 Endurance

Reforging Alliances - 44th
Shahar gets an apprentice.
+3 Planning, +2 Riding, +2 Tactics, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Diplomacy, +1 Ecology, +1 Horsemanship, +1 Hunting, +1 Intelligence, +1 Investigation, +1 Logic, +1 Politics, +1 Teaching, +1 Weapon(Javelin), +1 Webbing

Confessions - 46th
Seirei has something to tell Shahar and Naiya.

The Key To Endrykas - 51st
Might just be a poorly killed Ibex
+3 Socialization, +2 Observation, +2 Animal Husbandry, +1 Negotiation

Caiyha's Tears - 61st
A miraculous tree appears in the center of Endrykas.
+1 Logic, +1 Philosophy, +1 Investigation, +1 Animal Husbandry

The Weight Of Sight - 61st-62nd
Is a heavy burden.
+2 Storytelling, +2 Wrestling, +1 Massage, +1 Interrogation, +1 Logic

Joining The Family - 63rd
Because family is more than blood.

Seeking The Peace - 73rd
He never thought of himself as the social sort, but sometimes what one needs most in the world is a friendly ear.

Lion Heart - 79th
A hunting trip, a gathering trip, and a lesson.
+5 Animal Husbandry, +5 Tactics, +4 Weapon(Javelin), +3 Planning, +3 Hunting, +2 Land Navigation, +2 Wilderness Survival, +2 Intelligence, +2 Socialization, +2 Weaving, +2 Philosophy, +1 Webbing, +1 Trapping, +1 Grooming, +1 Meditation, +1 Horsemanship, +1 Riding(Horse), +1 Stealth, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Tracking, +1 Logic, +1 Herbalism, +1 Running

The Price Of A Friend - 84th
Shahar learns firsthand that striders make their own paths.

I Nuit Would Happen - 86th
Some things belong on the Sea of Grass. Some do not.
Winter 515
King Of The Hill - 4th
Shahar follows a trail, and finds more than he could have imagined.
+5 Weapon(Javelin), +4 Stealth, +4 Investigation, +4 Logic, +3 Planning, +2 Intelligence, +2 Tracking, +2 Bodybuilding, +2 Wrestling, +2 Socialization, +2 Organization, +2 Endurance, +1 Negotiation, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Mathematics, +1 Brawling, +1 Cleaning

Home With New Eyes - 5th
Surprise! I didn't die.

Stir Crazy - 6th
Can never stay still for long.
+4 Socialisation, +2 Logic, +1 Grooming, +1 Planning, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Storytelling, +1 Negotiation

Taken to Bed? - 7th
Shahar made a bad decision, and has to suffer the consequences.

Wiley Coyote - 10th
Thief! Thief!

The Merciful Path - 10th
The merciful path is sometimes the hardest.
+2 Socialisation, +2 Intelligence, +2 Unarmed Combat, +1 Weapon(Hunting knife), +1 Hunting, +1 Tracking, +1 Brawling, +1 Tactics, +1 Subterfuge, +1 Webbing, +1 Meditation

The Merciful Path, Pt. II - 11th
A continuation.
+5 Socialization, +2 Pathfinding, +2 Morphing, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Hunting, +1 Stealth, +1 Planning, +1 Logic, +1 Skinning, +1 Cooking

Glorg's Howl - 33rd-38th
And in a single night, everything was ripped away.
+3 Socialisation, +3 Leadership, +2 Intimidation, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Logic, +1 Endurance, +1 Rhetoric, +1 Philosophy, +1 Planning

The Arrival (Erikal) - 45th
Escape is just the first step in a long journey.

Lost To Home - 46th-47th
Sickness recedes, fear takes its place.
+3 Anthropology, +2 Unarmed Combat, +1 Endurance

Adaptation - 51st
Culture shock of the most violent sort.

Indiana Bones (Erikal) - 67th
Injury is never an excuse for laziness.

Spring 515
Spring 516: character on hiatus
Summer 516
Summer 516: character on hiatus
Fall 516
Something From Nothing - 3rd
Making ends meet––from the ground up.
+5 Intelligence, +5 Investigation, +5 Pathfinding, +5 Wilderness survival, +2 Weapon(Spear), +2 Climbing, +2 Endurance, +2 Hunting, +2 Stealth, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Animal husbandry, 1+ Carpentry, 1+ Fishing

Gilded Truths - 10th

Relearning The Ropes - 13th

Through the Mist, Through the Wood - 14th

As Luck Would Have It (Tsari) - 15th
Winter 516
wintersong - 30th


492 AV
Fading Light - 23rd of Fall
The third wife of the Windheel pavilion dies in childbirth, and two outcasts must ally themselves to protect the baby when no one else will.
498 AV
Child's Will (Solo) - 43rd of Summer
A six-year-old Khasr follows his pavilion's mysterious hunter into the Sea of Grass, marking the beginning of an important part of his life.
+2 Tracking, +2 Hunting, +2 Wilderness Survival, +2 Investigation, +2 Observation, +1 Rhetoric

Bestest Birthday - 23rd of Fall
Daha takes Khasr shopping on his birthday for a weapon of his very own.
+1 Observation

Kind Words of Encouragement - 80th of Fall
Little Khasr learns how to make a javelin go forward.
+3 Javelin, +2 Observation
510 AV
Risky Company (Caesi) - 5th of fall
Description goes here.
+3 Teaching, +2 Skinning, +2 Tactics, +1 Ecology, +1 Hunting, +1 Philosophy, +1 Planning

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