[Zantair's Scrapbook] Squirrel!

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[Zantair's Scrapbook] Squirrel!

Postby Zantair on April 5th, 2013, 3:50 pm

I have a scrapbook? No way?!? Cool right? well no, not exactly, I want to make it amazingly fancy and stuff and it just isn't at this current time, but if you closed your eyes and imagined a squirrel, you would probably not be imagining how amazing this will eventually be. Are you still reading this? Geez. Your probably one of those people who reads the backs of that old can of whatever food you like, just to see what kind of weird names there are contained, did you know preservatives smel really bad? Lots of perfume-like stuff are stuck inside so that people won't know hopw horrible that stuff is. Squirrel. I seriously can't believe you're still reading. You should probably stop, but you won't because is one of those things that you kind of just do, you like to read pointless things. You also like to put 'it' in the above statement because on a nuerological aspect you felt that the 'it' should have been there, even though it wasn't. I mean really, did you actually let yourself be fooled by my super amazing hypno-squirrel powers and browse over that missing word? It really hurts me if you did. I thought you were supposed to be a writer. Gah, what next are you going to start reading my icrenidlby bad selplnig and atcullay udenrsnatd it? I hope you didn't, I hope you were like Oh My Goodness get a darn spell checker you fool! I knopw I would, then again, I probably wouldn't have been curious enough to read all this. It's just not my type of thing. Just like wearing make-up just isn't my kind of thing. Writing is, which is why I'm here writing this rediculous essay with no point to it at all besides to annoy you guys and probably make you, or someone else want to beat me with a chocolate fondue set, anyway, since you're here and still reading; I'm Zantair, I like chocolate fondue, I cook, beatbox and occassionally I do the Melbourne Shuffle or DnB step to entertain and make people laugh. I also write, I just moved and I'm hoping it all works out, also I really hope my writing entertained you. Are you not entertained!!

Good morning/afternoon/night and we shall chat some other time.
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