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Roland Eir

Postby Roland Eir on April 30th, 2013, 8:52 am


Roland was born to a young couple in the city of Sunberth. His father manages a small shop that is the front for a small-time gang of thugs that would meet on the second floor. Stolen goods often flowed through the store, though that was nothing special in Sunberth. His mother didn't officially work, but she's a promiscuous sort, and Roland often wondered whether or not she didn't do a little "work" on the side. These actions were possibly confirmed with the birth of Roland's younger sister. His father would rarely look at or acknowledge his sister, except to compare her face to those of his friends, looking for the similarities that were absent from his own features.

It was in this environment that Roland spent his youth, often doing odd jobs for his father. Small things, like delivering packages or notes, or keeping watch for his father's friends as they "checked up" on the neighbors. As he grew older, however, his father found better uses for him. Roland had the quick and agile frame of his mother, not the stocky build of his father. This meant that he could better scale walls and run from trouble, and under orders from his father he often had to. His father's gang was small time, little more than thugs--but his father was ambitious.

The older Roland got, the more promising--and dangerous--the jobs he was sent on became. Once, Roland made his way up to the window of a towering structure. Within, he found not only the gold his father had hoped he would, but a large, bound book. Hoping it was worth something, he brought it with him when he left. (The weight of it nearly got him killed on the way down.) When he showed it to his father, the man flew into a rage and demanded that the boy destroy it immediately. Roland hurried to obey, leaving the shop and rushing into an alley. He wondered what had upset his father, and so before burning it he allowed himself a quick peak at what was inside. It was a tome on Flux magic, left over from the crazed wizard, Obal Causten's occupation of Sunberth years before. Curiosity overcame sensibility, and Roland could not bring himself to destroy it.

Hiding the book among his sparse belongings, he slowly read and devoured what the book could tell him. Without proper tutelage he was slow to learn, but he was determined to uncover its secrets. As he began to learn the ways of his new power, his sister began to follow the ways of his mother.His father saw this as a positive, and collected any money the young woman could bring in. Roland, seeing himself as enlightened, found it hard to live there any longer. He hatched a plan to escape with his sister, convincing her they could find a better life elsewhere.

It took years for Roland to muster together the money and supplies he figured they'd need, and even then it would be hard. By this time his sister was less optimistic. When he went to her, she refused to leave, warning that she'd tell their father if he himself tried to leave. Roland, now an adult, would not have it. He told her he would leave the next night, with or without her. And so he tried to do, but his sister was true to her word. Confronted by his father and his gang, Roland was forced to apply his Flux abilities for the first time, and with the element of surprise on his side he managed to escape.

Since then he has traveled, seeking in every city he came to someone to teach him more of the ways of magic. In Syliras he learned of the power of Reimancy, and he vowed that his next step was to be initiated. One way or another, he would convince someone to share their secrets with him.

Race • Human
Gender • Male
Height • 6'1"
Weight • 168 lbs
Date of Birth: • Season of Fall, Day 5, 490 AV; 26 Years Old
Birthplace: • Sunberth, Region of Sylira


Roland has the body of a sprinter: tall, lean, with long legs. He is a man who moves with purpose. Every action has a sense of graceful efficiency about it. When not moving, his body tenses up; you'll often see him rolling his shoulders or cracking his neck, nervous habits. Within his kind face and winning smile this nervous energy manifests in wild blue eyes. He usually doesn't have time to shave, so his face is usually adorned by some thin stubble. His medium-length brown hair is usually tucked behind his ears.


Roland is haunted by his past, and the mistakes he's made. His upbringing makes him nervous, paranoid, and slow to trust others. Restless in nature, he has a trouble staying in one place for too long. All that said, he does try to be a good person and can be a good friend to those he trusts. At his heart e is an idealist in search of a better life. He despises the classic vices of life, doing everything in his power to avoid them.

Of course, life being what it is, he fails. In his quest to escape his former life, he discovered and exposed himself to the thrill of magic. His curious nature naturally caught onto the idea, and after his initial awakening to that world he began to crave further study. He relentlessly denies any sort of addiction, though the Sweet Whispers occasionally snake their way into his mind.

Image Flux 28 Competent


Brawling 3 Novice
Unarmed Combat 2 Novice

Image Running 20 Novice
Image Acrobatics 22 Novice
Image Climbing 13 Novice
Image Observation 24 Novice
Image Larceny 7 Novice
Image Riding 5 Novice
Image Horsemanship 1 Novice
Socialization 6 Novice
Acting 3 Novice
Busking 3 Novice
Cooking 2 Novice
Camouflage 2 Novice
Endurance 5 Novice
Logic 5 Novice
Scouting 2 Novice
Stealth 1 Novice
Meditation 1 Novice
Planning 2 Novice
Medicine 1 Novice
Sewing 1 Novice
Intimidation 1 Novice

Kavala Denusk: Animal Healer
Kavala: Magic Healer?
Larik and Cadra: Kavala's Nephew and Niece
Kavala: Scars and Marks
Denusk Family: Drykas
Kavala: Mage
Sten: A slow man indeed
Vantha: Children of Morwen
Vantha: From Avanthal in the north
Vantha: Blamed for the Fall 517 Sickness
Kalo and Ardent: Vantha of Alvadas
Self: Too poor to be charitable

Lore of Sunberth Streetplan
Riverfall: A Better Life
The Sanctuary
Riverfall: Brutal Summers
Ravok: Gladiator Kelvics
Riverfall: Position on Kelvics
No Help in Sunberth
Sylirans: Purer Breed?
Learning how far Alvadas' illusions extend
The Bizarre: An indoor market
The Bizarre: A thief's paradise
The Tattered Thread: Colourful clothing shop
Alvadas: Illusions are part of life

Basic Lore of Flux
Flux: Recognizing and locating the power
Flux: Giving the power direction and focus
Not controlling Flux can kill you
Once tired, Flux affects random muscles
Horsemanship: Rest Before Cleaning
Horsemanship: An Ill-Fitted Saddle
Infections Smell
Medicine: How Infections Kill
Reimancy: Elemental Magic
Mounting a Stubborn Horse
Recipe for Quiche
Cooking: Teaspoon, Tablespoons abbreviations
Cooking: Instruments of measurement
Brawling: Everything is a Weapon
Pain and sore muscles: The aftermath of Flux
Larceny: Using a Lockpick
Burglary: Checking if the Coast is Clear
Acrobat: a Viable Career
Lore of the Performer's High
Lore of Keeping a Crowd's Attention
Razor: Makeshift scissors
Sewing: Following an example
Unarmed Combat: Fighting outnumbered
Flux: Masks the pain

What is Gnosis Magic'
Sickness: Caused by gods
Morwen: Goddess of the cold and winter

Beggers Can't be Choosers
The Kelvic Transformation
Hard Life on the Road
New City, New Start
Stay Alert on the Road - Danger is Everywhere
Giving in to Bullies
Entering the family business
Mamma says a lot of things
The cold grip of a dead man
Running with the big dogs
Restraint is often the more reasonable option
Lore of a First Kill
Rescuing innocent Vantha
Feels wrong to take money for 'saving' people
Doing good feels good

Common Fluent
Ancient Tongue Poor


Simple Shirt, Torn
Simple Pants
Simple Undergarments
Simple Coat, Torn
Simple Shoes, Battered

1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
•Comb (Wood)
•Brush (Wood)
•Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
•1 eating knife
•Flint & Steel

1 Large Tent (4 person)
Large Tarp
100 ft of Rope
Flint & Steel
2 Torches
Fishing Tackle & Hooks
Gildling Horse
Full Set of Tack
Large Set of Saddlebags

Roland's Tome of Flux

This is the book that Roland found in the tower long ago. Its pages are now dogeared and full of his own notes that he added as he read. He's tried much on his own, testing the limits of his body and imagination.

Purchase Cost Total
Balance 80 GM
Starting +100 GM
Seasonal Wage +250 GM
Summer 513 Living Expenses (Poor) -45 GM
Fall 513 Living Expenses (Poor) -45 GM
Summer 514 Living Expenses (Poor) -45 GM 215 GM
Fall 517 Living Expenses (Common) -135 GM 80 GM
Errands Purchases -25 GM 55 GM
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Roland Eir

Postby Roland Eir on August 23rd, 2013, 10:31 pm


Fall 517 :
Thread Title Date Partners Status Notes
Leaving Sanity 4th Madeira, Jomi Waiting for Grade ...
Taking a Tumble 22nd Solo Complete Arobatics +3, Acting +3, Busking +3, Flux +2, Climbing +1, Obseration +1, Planning +1
Errands 24th Solo Complete +2 Logic, +2 Socialization, +1 Planning, +1 Sewing, +1 Endurance
Follow Your Nose 32nd Asterope Waiting for Grade ...
Of Love and Murder 35th Asterope, Madeira In Progress ...
Break the Dam 36th Solo Complete Acrobatics +3, Endurance +2, Flux +3, Logic +2, Meditation +1, Observation +2, Running +3
Hustling 101 45th Jomi In Progress ...
Sticking Your Neck Out 55th Solo Complete +4 Observation, Unarmed Combat +2, Endurance +1, Flux +1, Intimidation +1, Running +1, Socialization +1
Flipping for Money 62nd Solo Waiting for Grade ...
Things We'd Rather Forget 90th Solo Complete Observation +4, Scouting +2, Stealth +1, Climbing +2, Endurance +1, Larceny +2, Acrobatics +1, Logic +1, Brawling +1

Summer 514 :
Thread Title Date Partners Status Notes
Homecoming 6th Kavala Closed ...
maps of ambition. 27th Caelum Closed ...
Calming Seas 68th Alaia Closed ...

Summer 513 :
Thread Title Date Partners Status Notes
Set Upon! 4th Solo Complete Riding +4, Observation +2, Flux +2, Running +1
The End of a Long Road 10th Kavala Complete Riding +1, Observation +5, Horsemanship +1, Socialization +1, Medicine +1
A Beginning of a New Road 11th Kavala Complete +2 Socialization, +2 observation, +2 cooking

Flashbacks :
Thread Title Date Partners Status Notes
The Start of Something Winter 23, 496 AV Solo Complete Observation +3, Camouflage +2
Boys Will Be Boys Spring 16, 499 AV Solo Complete Observation +1, Brawling +2
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Roland Eir

Postby Roland Eir on December 7th, 2017, 12:32 am


Non-Player Characters

Marcus Eir: Roland's father and an expert criminal. He was born and raised in Sunberth, never knowing anything but a life of crime and misfortune, and loving none beyond his family--especially his wife, Katherine. As far as Roland knows he still lives in Sunberth, scratching out a place for himself in the city's unceasing gang wars. Marcus leads a small crop of criminals in his own gang: the [name pending]. Though small-time, Marcus has always been ambitious. In his family life he was a loving husband and a controlling father. The man raised his son to be a thief and a liar, teaching him from the very beginning the only way to get anything in this life you must fight for it tooth and nail. Roland took these teachings to heart, but it earned his father no good will. Long estranged from his family, Roland hasn't seen his father in almost five years.

Katherine Eir: Mother to Roland and his half-sister Gale, Katherine Eir came to Sunberth in adolescence. Her parents, a pair of miners come to Sunberth to find work. Instead they found blades between their ribs. Katherine survived the city, coming under the wing of a young thief. Marcus plied her with trinkets and kept her warm and safe, fostering a growth love between them. Roland isn't sure if Katherine ever truly loved Marcus the way he loved her, but their marriage brought him into the world. For a time she was happy raising her child and running the store Marcus used as a front for his true trade. But eventually her love for Marcus grew cold, and she turned to another man. Gale was born not long after. Roland loves his mother dearly, and she loves both her children. Often the voice of reason in the Eir household, Katherine is a woman who has learned to make do with what the world has given her.

Gale: Katherine's illegitimate child and Roland's half-sister. With no knowledge of her true father--a secret Katherine seems willing to take to her grave--she latched on to Marcus and fought desperately for his affections. It was on that point that she and Roland split. Though Roland saw himself as her protector, she often saw him as a barrier between herself and her father's love. Despite that they remained fast friends and confidants. When she discovered his magic, Roland trusted her with the secret and his plan to escape from Sunberth forever. But in the years it took to be ready, Gale grew into a competent young woman and Marcus finally showed interest in her talents. When the time came to choose, she betrayed Roland and stayed behind in Sunberth.

Player Characters


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