Location The Draer Shallows

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The Draer Shallows

Postby Gossamer on May 12th, 2013, 6:39 pm



Kenash is quite unique in the fact that it is centered in a swampy area. It provides excellent farming soil, the factor which caused the city to grow, but it also causes another problem. Transportation. There are pathways which link the various plantations and other areas by land, but they can easily become destroyed or dangerous. Because of this, the most reliable form of transportation is by boat. However, boats can be expensive, and require training and slaves. The easiest way for one to get to the city would be to take a ferry.

The ferry system is run and owned by the Draer family. They use several boats, poled by slaves, to transport people and cargo up and down the main rivers of Kenash. One can easily hire one of the boats, rafts really, to head to and from the city itself. The headquarters, which are based along the river, is called The Shallows. Most of the time, one would purchase a ride to a plantation from there, where you could instantly obtain a ride home. They also take orders for future services, up to 30 days in advance. Anything later costs extra. This could be a pick up from a plantation, or just a simple reservation. In case any customer would want transportation from their home to the city, a pair of boats is constantly going up and down the main river. All one would have to do is stand near the river bank and await the arrival of the boat heading the direction you wish to go. In general, boats hold up to 4 people other than the driver, and often hold other customers, but it is possible to hire a boat privately, for a higher price. Also, if they come across a new customer, or someone not from the area, they will try to double or occasionally triple the price of a ride.

The Shallows is a simple, wooden building, connected to the water. Split into two rooms, one side is used for any transactions, while the other is a boat house, holding up to six of the rafts at a time, and slaves to pole the boats. The entire building, including the sparse furniture, is made up of the same, dark brown wood, often seeming to cause the walls and doors to appear to blend together. There are a few decorations on the walls, but not many, as it is a purely practical building. In the first room, there is a plain desk, where a member of the Draer family is always present. They act as a clerk for the business, making deals with the customer, and taking care of the money. The post is generally taken by Jal, but it's not uncommon for a young member to come along and learn the basics of trading and negotiation.


1sm from the city to one of the further plantations, or vice versa

7cm from the city to one of the middle plantations, or vice versa

5cm from the city to one of the closer plantations, or vice versa

1.2sm for a private or advance ride to/from a further location

9cm for a private or advance ride to/from a middle location

7cm for a private or advance ride to/from a close location


ImageName: Jal Drear
Race: Svefra
DoB: Fall 80th, 432 AV
PoB: Seemingly Kenash
Title: Draer family, runs The Shallows
Skills: Negotiation: 49, Swimming: 28, Sailing: 47, Persuasion: 55
Gnosis: None
Additional Info: Jal is a stereotypical grumpy old man. He has worked at The Shallows practically all his life, and is skilled at negotiating and making deals with others. He's extremely stubborn, and most of the time refuses to ever admit he is wrong. Even with customers, the Svefra is very blunt and too the point, though may put effort into softening if offered enough money, or with someone he is close to. He's in charge of running the ferry operation, and loves the job with a passion, though he may not show it.

OOC NOTE: For any non-residents of Kenash, double the prices, though it is possible to take off a quarter with a L1 negotiation, or completely get rid of the multiplier with L2 or higher.
Note that some plantations may not have this service provided for them.

* Location Credit goes to Spirit Frostfawn.

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