hey there

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hey there

Postby Turin Steeleaf on May 18th, 2013, 1:34 am

hey everyone, my name is EpicMuttonChops. you can call me that, Epic, EMC, Wolverine, or simply Mike, i will respond to all of them. i haven't had much RPO experience, but i have RPed numerous times on IMVU, primarily. the few times i have RPed, it didn't last very long, and when i got back into it, i was kinda out of practice each time. i found Mizahar because i jsut formed a new wizard character and i wanted a place to try him out. i'm a pretty flexible writer, but what i write most and best is fiction. mostly realistic fiction (i have a film noir script i completed, and an epidemic script i'm revising yet again). i'd like to get back into fantasy; my last fantasy story is on my 1st laptop, whose hard drive is shot :(

while i was exploring this site, i noticed that in all the RPs i looked at, all the characters had the same name as the post creator. i realize this might be a regular thing, but how does it work with multiple characters? i'd like to bring in my mercenary character eventually as well as RPing my new wizard

i'm currently making a Thorin Oakenshield costume for when the second part of The Hobbit comes out in December. pics of my progress are on my tumblr (epicmuttonchops.tumblr.com) i'm also into Homestuck, and i have other characters i'd like to cosplay eventually

so, how are you?
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hey there

Postby Oscar on May 18th, 2013, 1:54 am

Hey there Epic, I'm doing fine thanks!

Since I'm relatively new here compared to other players I'd like to welcome you to Mizahar and help you out in getting started here.

First off the name of your account is supposed to be your characters name, meaning that when you make a new account you are making a new character. From what I understand a player is allowed five characters total. This means that your current name is unlikely to be accepted by the mods, sorry to say.

Also if you intend to use magic here you might want to familiarize yourself with this!


Mizahar has its own magic system and own styles of magic that might be different from what you are used to seeing. Research always helps. I would also recommend looking over the introductory PM you received as it has a lot of useful links that will help you get around and better understand the setting you are getting into.


You will really want to go over this stuff as it will let you know what is allowed and what isn't here. Don't worry, its not really that much and it is all here to make the experience better!

If you need to get to the wiki just click on the "Home" icon on the bar at the top of the page. Trust me, the wiki has helped me integrate into the site really quickly and it is a legitimately interesting read.

Hope that helps!
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