Alona's Notes

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Alona's Notes

Postby Alona Halloran on May 21st, 2013, 3:10 am

Now that Alona has been completely restructured, her plotnotes need to be readjusted.

Current Season Plans:

  • Get TOOLS
  • Start work on your new home
  • Work on the Community Center

Long Term Plans:

  • [s]Dream of a future with an open Zeltiva[/s]
  • Meet mentors and teachers
  • Ask around about local flora
  • Meet fellow music enthusiasts
  • Learn about magic
  • (ooc)Figure out the duration and locations of Alona's journey at sea (Flashback Fodder!)
  • Study all the crafts

Skill Wishlist:

NoteNote to self: Think of these as prompts for future threads. Each has been sorted into a category according to where in Alona's life these would likely be used and for what reason. Perma WIP
Hobby Business Life Magic
Dance Carpentry Cooking Auristics
Herbalism Carving Fishing Familiary
History Fletching Hunting Shielding
Singing Bowing Foraging

Current Carpentry Checklist:

Thing Requested By Thread?
Craftman's Row: Community Center N/A UpcomingFirst thread starts in Spring... Probably.
Furnishings Herself TBAWill likely be a solo, after/during her home's constuction
Falconry(Parrotry?) Perches Tailyn TBADetails to be worked out in-thread...eventually?
Standing Loom Ashka TBAOnce Crafter's Row is complete
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