Newbie Help Wanted

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Newbie Help Wanted

Postby Clementine Pincely on May 27th, 2013, 12:01 pm

My character name is Clementine Pincely, as you can see. See is a ghost, haunting the Taldera Spires. She was stabbed as a young lady, and wears an constant expression of slight pain, as well as a hole in her chest. She carries around a diary, desperately attempting to cling to the life she once lead, although it was somewhat pitiful. She is on a search to find her father (who, not to her knowledge, killed himself not long after her death) the one person she had a decent relationship with. An arrogant, socially-inept outcast, she was disliked by most, and hated by a few. She heard a rumor her father went to the Spires after his death, and that is how she has found herself there. She has, or had, long auburn hair with pale, freckled skin, and wears a blue nightdress. She carries herself with a mixture of fear and pride, quietly searching and reading her diary.
So, how do I start? I am very new to all this!
Thanks in advance.
Clementine Pincely
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Newbie Help Wanted

Postby Thryce on May 27th, 2013, 11:48 pm

Welcome Clementine! There's lots to do for we noobs. First, you'll need to complete your character sheet. You seem to have a clear character concept so filling in the details should be easy. You can find some great character sheet templates here:

For additional information on character sheets see here:

Once your sheet is completed you can jump right in. I suggest reading the Spires Lore page if you haven't already, which can be found here:

And the information OOC threads here:

Lots of reading, lots to do, but it's lots of fun.
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