Greetings please be gentle!

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Greetings please be gentle!

Postby Erio Iniltear on June 11th, 2013, 8:31 pm

It's my first time :)~
Hello everyone you may call me Ryn, ive never actually roleplayed but im here hoping to learn and have fun in the process.
The main reason i joined was because i figured that if i someday want to write a novel i need some form of practical storytelling experience so i figured that one of the best ways to improve myself is roleplaying. Some of my friends introduced me to the general idea of roleplaying so i decided to google a RP site and this one was unique and, well, it seemed really organized so i decided to give it a crack.
I hope to learn from everyone here as well as give something back to the community. If anyone would like to tutor me or give me some pointers shoot me a pm it would really help me out. I still have not decided where to start but im pretty positive i will stick to RPing a Kelvic since i prefer to roleplay something that links to my real life personality.
Its not much of a introduction but to you all i say hello and thanks for having me aboard!
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Greetings please be gentle!

Postby Jh'eon on June 11th, 2013, 8:35 pm


Go to the Chat (the Chat button on the top bar list of things) and ask any questions you wish. ;) Welcome!

(If you come on now, I am there if you want to ask me anything. There are some other awesome peeps there willing to help!)
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