[PC Plotnotes] Rhuryc Naravane

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[PC Plotnotes] Rhuryc Naravane

Postby Rhuryc on June 12th, 2013, 6:05 pm

These Are Notes

Things you want to do and stuff for character happenings that are important

  • Study Tyveth in greater detail
  • Fully Develop Rhu's Honor Code
  • Expand religious studies
    • Threads in temple of all gods?
    • Look into other gods, Yahal? Sylir (he ded yo)
  • Get that second mark in truthiness
    • Get that third mark in truthiness (don't be a dick)
  • Become a god damn squire (finally)
  • Become a god damn knight (finally)
  • Make lasting character connections (friends, idiot)

Skills you want to train because you're dumb and forget to do things with them in threads

  • Smithery!
    • Blacksmithing -> 51 (Expert yo)
    • Armorer -> 25 (At least, this is going to take 5ever)
    • Smelting? Dunno.
    • Weapon Smithing? Potentially, if it arises.
  • Swording -> Master
  • Brawling -> Master
  • Shieldery -> 70ish
  • Running -> 50
  • Body Building -> Competent
  • Singing -> Competent
  • Tactics -> Competent
  • Leadership -> Competent
  • Riding -> 30

Other stuff you are considering but it is not immediate so you can slack off (hooray)

  • Start a biznass (SMITHERY), work with Ironworks? Doesn't matter, just make money to do things with.
  • Smith a suit of armor
  • Look into Isur smithing techniques (this will probably not happen)
  • Adventuuuuuuuuuuuuuure Tiiiiiiiime
  • Get a better house, hovels are not good for impressing girls
  • Find a blasted threading partner
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