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Sinvala Chrysanthemum

Postby Sinvala Chrysanthemum on June 12th, 2013, 8:26 pm

Sinvala Chrysanthemum


Race: Symenestra.
Sex: Female.
Birthday: 45th of Winter, 488 AV.
Birthplace: Kalinor.

Appearance: Pallid and lissome, Sinvala embodies the few facts of Symenestra appearance that become painfully obvious when but one person looks upon her. She is built lightly with elongated arms and thin bones easily shattered under the pressure that would only break a human's skeleton. She has thin skin, translucent enough to see the faint cobweb of veins beneath and that is morbidly pale and grey. Her eyes are deep burgundy and angled almost slyly, glittering when she is thinking secret thoughts. Contrasting this is her hair which is the starkest black against her skin, and lays just past her shoulders in a sensible length more often than not bound with strips of coloured cloth. She dresses in vividly coloured clothes, as well, and in the typical style of the Symenestra; namely, she winds strips of cloth around her body in any one of the many jewel tones and then covers up additionally in a thin shift of a much more subdued tone for ease of movement.

Character Concept

Sinvala is not quite suited for the general stereotype that Symenestra typically fit, which is namely that she is devious and always plotting. No, she is much more gentle and kind than that. Her great loves in the world are dancing and weaving. She has no desire to woo unwary women into the great web that is Kalinor although she doesn't dislike the practice. There is no sympathy for these surrogates offered when she knows that without their sacrifice her life would not have been begun.

She is a friendly Symenestra, able to laugh and cavort freely and take humour out of a dry situation where she feels threatened. She is charming, in her own sort of naive way, and her bearing almost screams innocence despite her meddling with the corpses of dead animals. She has something of a mothering instinct when she is given charge over the children of her older siblings and has spoken of a desire to raise her own brood, although she would want a husband first.

Her worship of Viratas is wholesome and void of those unhealthy practices the extremist faction participates in. She has made her fair share of sacrifice for the sins of blood she has made against her god but overall believes herself to be pure in his eyes and worthy of the connections and blood that has gone into her life. He is her only god for she has no love for the gods of the Sunborn people she never sees.

Sinvala's real downfall is her firm belief in the "shades of grey" morality. She doesn't object to the sacrifice of life that must happen in order to build the Symenestra into the race they once were and nor does she object to the fact that those ruined bodies are then discarded to the depths below Kalinor, at least she doesn't object if she doesn't need the remains to practice her decidedly morbid art on. She isn't particularly racist to the outside races that visit Kalinor, preferring to keep her distance unless she is overly curious, but she has a great sense of hospitality when these people approach her and has intentions to show these people that her kind aren't as bad as people give them credit for.

Character History

Sinvala was born and raised in Kalinor by Daradan and Silana Chrysanthemum. She was the third and final child to be sired by Daradan onto his surrogates and although Silana isn't Sinvala's biological mother, she is the only mother Sinvala has ever known and ever loved. As is Symenestra custom, Silana is Sinvala's mother irregardless of the surrogate blood that runs in Sinvala's body.

With two older brothers, Sinvala was the beloved daughter Silana had anticipated. She was raised according to what Silana desired for her daughter and, thrilled by the love and attention, Sinvala never wanted for anything as her mother took the time to teach her before sending her off to school.

She grew up as a normal young woman would in a patriarchal society, choosing to step aside and perform or weave while her brothers took care of the religious matters as well as the Harvests. Her true bonding with them took the form of their wives and then, eventually, the birth of their children. Sinvala loved to take care of her nieces and nephews as they grew up and showed herself to be a mothering personality, although she was rather demure in her dealings with men even then.

She has danced ever since after leaving school and weaved every day she didn't have to dance for her people. She has never left Kalinor but to briefly enter the surface world to maledict something before returning back home.


Fluent Language: Symenos.
Basic Language: Common.


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Dancing #20 SP #20 Novice
Symenestra Lash #5 SP #5 Novice
Malediction #5 SP #5 Novice
Weaving #10 SP #10 Novice
Acrobatics #10 RB, #10 SP #20 Novice

Dancing: Arial Dance Style
Religion: Viratas


One Set of Clothing
-Blue Silken Cloth Wrap
-Navy Silken Shift
-Silken Cloak
-Exoskeleton Armor Shirt
One Waterskin
One Silken Knapsack which Contains:
-Bone Comb
-Bone Brush
-Fruit Rations (Seven Days)
-One Eating Knife
-Flint and Steel
Symenestra Lash

Heirloom: The Viratassa, which is the Symenestra holy book written by the god Viratas.


Location: Kalinor.

House: Sinvala's house is made from a stalactite that hangs from the cavern ceiling. There are no glass windows, and the small rooms inside are separated by hanging cloth. The home is roughly four hundred square feet in size, pear shaped, and includes a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and small table.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Symenestra Lash -70 GM 30 GM
Carving Knife -00.03 GM 29.97 GM

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