[Liriah's Scrapbook] The Rain is my Romance

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[Liriah's Scrapbook] The Rain is my Romance

Postby Liriah on June 16th, 2013, 8:42 am

Creating this for the sake of creating a scrapbook.
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[Liriah's Scrapbook] The Rain is my Romance

Postby Liriah on July 5th, 2013, 5:32 am

This is some stupid stuff I wrote ages ago. It makes me feel stupid after I read the Mizahar Lore.

Don't read unless you want to die from boredom!

D’einonta is the name of the Realm wherein The Chaos Rhythm series takes place in. It is divided into hundreds of small havens for travellers, within the wilderness, and 18 major civilisations and societies:
The Human Empire, Rionan
The Mortali Kingdoms of Arden, Illiel, Falcasto, Karnena, S’eurhan, Calba, and Ellina
The City of Fire, Ignatia, Water, Aquarias, Air, Zephara, Earth, Terrario, and the Arcane, Arcada
And The Floating Continent of the Transcendi, T’sururi
D’einonta is a realm governed by the laws of physics, the Arcane and the 4 elements. Higher beings, similar to gods, do exist, but they do not intervene and only a limited few know of their existences.

The Empire of Rianon: Once an unorganised cluster of villages, towns, clans & tribes, and small cities, the Rianon Empire was unified and conquered under the flag of a band of knights led by an ambitious crusader who came to be its first emperor, Elastor Rionan. Although he was ambitious, he was a kind and charismatic person, preferring to discuss things and to reach an agreement over blood shed. Thanks to his charisma, almost no fighting and significant battles occurred, almost all who were asked jumped at the chance to be a part of Elastor’s dream empire. After the Rianon Empire was first established, it was attacked by neighbouring powers. Luckily, Elastor was the adopted son of one of the neighbouring powers greatest influence at the time, The King of Ellina, Delan. This provided the newly established empire protection and the influence and money which were required for its beginning. Rianon had no named lover, partner or children. However, Elastor left behind his S’tool, Leih’Siara, to identify the true heir to the throne, which is either his next incarnation or his Heartlink’s.

Arden: The ancient kingdom of the Fey Folk. From a distance, all you can see are trees and a lush, dark forest. Underneath this camouflage, life seeps from every nook and cranny. The “houses” wherein the Fey live in are in fact living trees which have been urged and persuaded into there shapes via using vocal magic and the elemental attunement of earth. The forest which it is located in is usually shrouded in fog or bright light, causing it to be rather dangerous and treacherous to manoeuvre.

Illiel: Once a glorious kingdom, now it lays in ruins, conquered by corrupted humans who have long transformed into demons. It is a place where even the ShiningStar’s great powers falter, causing it to be permanently shrouded in a hazy fog or perpetual darkness. Illiel is ruled by a royal line of true blood demons. True Blood demons are, oddly enough, friendly to humans and only live off the energy released into the air. To sustain themselves for a month, Pure Bloods require a minimal amount of energy equivalent to a 1cm cube and are only able to absorb an amount equivalent to 1% of their body mass (this amount can fuel them for a very long time, the only time that they need more is when they have expended a large amount of their energy), meaning that they aren’t a threat to the energy balance in the surrounding area.

Falcasto: The underground kingdom of dwarves and miniature men Located in the hollow heart of an extinct volcano. Its buildings made from granite and adorned with obsidian and various jewels mined from underneath the earth. It’s relatively peaceful considering the dwarves reputation.

Karnena: Also known as The Kingdom of The Moon, It’s inhabited by nocturnal night dwellers, such as werewolves and vampires, and the occasional outcast sentimental demons. This kingdom is located in the centre of the Great Valley, where the grass and wildflowers are untamed and lush, and the valley walls rise up on all sides. Split in the middle by a river, the kingdom is divided into two sections, the Heart of Karnena, and the Soul of Karnena.

S’eurhan: Also known as The Kingdom of Chaos, S’eurhan is mainly inhabited by humanoid creatures, such as centaurs and harpies, and the occasional demon here and there. In all sense, it is literally a kingdom full of chaos and a jumble of buildings.

Calba: The mysterious kingdom of underwater humanoids and the merpeople. Its buildings said to be crafted out of solid marble and its turrets and arches embedded with diamonds and gold. Not many have been there due to its deadly habitat lacking in oxygen and air and its magical barrier.

Ellina: A kingdom which accepts all races, but does not accept crime. It was originally one of the Transcendi’s minor cities. It was found abandoned by its first known king, Elastor, in a state of perfect preservation and cleanliness, as if the residents have just vanished from the area. Elastor, finding that it was a waste to not re-establish the city, decided to make it into a neutral ground for all races.

The Legendary Party, Lyra’s Heart: Named in memory of their beloved Eterni friend, it originally consisted of 8 members, including Lyra, but with her passing, it now only consists of 7 members, one from every kingdom. Due to their large number of members, they usually split into two teams and quarrel amongst themselves. All 7 members were given titles by Lyra and a Soulgem crafted item that she handmade.

Lyrium, the Glass Bard:
S’tool: Forgotten Dirge: Harp type Abstract S’tool
Soulgem Item: Rejected Requiem: Hat type

Eulfina, the Sanguine Dagger:
S’tool: Blood Embrace: Twin Daggers type Abstract S’tool
Soulgem Item: Forgiven Regrets: Locket type

Daran, the Emerald Mage:
S’tool: Sacred Fields: Amulet type Elemental S’tool
Soulgem Item: Sorrow’s Wings: Staff type

Arcis, the Silver Assassin:
S’tool: Pure Heart: Glove type Abstract S’tool
Soulgem Item: Golden Memories: Bell type

Sorca, the Starlight Archer:
S’tool: Forbidden Cosmos: Dress/Armour type Abstract S’tool
Soulgem Item: Barrage: Glove type

Fior, the Cyan Blade:
S’tool: Air Slicer: Sword type Lesser Transcendi S’tool
Soulgem Item: Beloved: Ring type

Grandus Nox, Randel: Unlike the others, he is an independent S’tool and, due to Lyra’s passing, is now wondering the world for her next incarnation. He is the Embodiment of World. Before Lyra passed away, she gave him a Soulgem item named “Airah Seura” a 1st Class Armour type.

Only the races with which the Kingdoms are established or/and are now being governed by are listed as being there.

The Five Cities: The five cities were established and created by the descendants of the Elements and Magic; each is dedicated to one of the Elements and is based around a building which is used as the house wherein the knowledge on how to wield it is taught.

Ignatia of Fire: The City of Ignatia is located within a large cavern located inside the main vent of an ancient volcano located on the border of Falcasto. Its floors are crisscrossed with cracks which emits a warm orange-red light that is then amplified, reflected and than diffracted, allowing the whole cavern to be lit. The light emitting from the cracks on in the ground is actually sunlight that has passed through another, but several times smaller, cavern which is made up of red, orange and yellow crystals that amplifies the sunlight and reflects it around the cavern until it eventually escapes through the cracks. Even though the volcano has been long extinct, a trickle of lava would always rise to the surface to fill up the small basin made up of red, orange and yellow crystals. Unlike most, this lava is more like warm, crystalline red water which emits its own light. It still has its colour, viscosity and luminosity, but it now has the appearance of crystalline water with the temperature of a hot spring bath. This is where the Sovereign of Fire is located, and what the city is built around.

Aquarias of Water: The City of Aquarias actually encompasses an entire ocean and mountain range. It is divided into two different districts, or sectors; Aquarias of the Land, and Aquarias of the Seas. Aquarias of the Land is located on an island at the centre of a large, circular depression in the middle of the oceans to the far left of Calba. This circular depression, which is 100 metres high and 687km wide, is connected to an underground network of tunnels which runoff to volcanoes or thermal hot points, underground springs and hot springs, geysers, and other geothermal land features, allowing the water to continuously flow downwards without filling the depression, resulting in protection from the seas, and the mist and fog created by the rushing waters, the sky. An Additional defence mechanism that is used is the sealing of the depression with water, where one of the twins uses their S’tool to manipulate water to cover up the hole. The island is made up of rich, volcanic soil. All around its border, tropical rainforests flourish, the trees getting sparser until it clears out completely, revealing a beach made up of blue and white sand, or a steep drop off a cliff. Surrounding the centre of the island, a large village of wooden huts are built around a stone circle carved out of blue veined marble, where the High Shaman of Water lies asleep. Due to the crushing pressure of the ocean depths, the marble slabs are indestructible by normal means, and are almost impossible to erode. Aquarias of the Seas is located underneath the island of Aquarias of the Land, which is held up by the blue veined marble pillars of Aquarias of the Seas. Unlike its counterpart, it only consists of a large palace made out of the same material as the pillars, seas shells and gems. Located at the heart of the surprisingly air filled palace is the Seer of Water, the Shaman’s twin brother. Due to his sister’s state, he must take on the responsibilities of both Land and Sea as long as the twin of Aqua Valkyrie, Syrillmanda, Cyan Seraphim, Raisfolt, is damaged. The two S’tools are able to control water, one for offense, the other for defence and support.

Zephara of Air: Zephara is located in the vast, flat grassy plain located at the centre of the Arsai Valley’s journey to the Feltasch Sea. The two sides of the valley walls are far enough apart for a traveller to take two days on horseback from one wall to the other at the City of Zephara. Unlike the other 4 cities, Zephara is actually a collection of small villages located around different points in the grassy plain, and is based around a large dormitory. These villages act as resting spots for travellers, where the villagers follow an old tradition wherein, any traveller who is in need of food, clothing and a resting spot shall be provided with such. The serene, white walls of the two story dormitory can be seen at the centre of the plain, where the closest village is a 3 hour ride on horseback. The dormitory is bordered by a wall of quartz pillars, veiled by its famed perfumed gardens of native, valley flowers and climbing vines. This dormitory, as one may point out, is more like a palace, with a large courtyard spanning at least 400 metres nestled at its centre and its walls stretching 7 floors high. The dormitory is inhabited by students studying air and sky magic. Located at the courtyards heart is an ancient, towering chrytilana tree that is almost twice as tall as the dormitory. Its canopy of silvery green leaves expands over half of the courtyard, and its trunk is as wide as the span of the total length of a ring of 17 students holding hands. Jutting out of the trees trunk is a variety of giant wood mushrooms. These mushrooms lead to a small tree house located at the top of the tree’s main trunk, where it splits and branches off into smaller ones. This is where the Seamstress of the Sky lives, weaving the power of air into her music and crafts. The mushroom stairs is only able to handle 60 kilograms. However, it depends on the size of the mushroom and how thick it is. These mushrooms are still growing, albeit at a very slow pace, so they will be able to handle larger loads as they grow.

Terrario of Earth: Unlike any of the other cities, Terrario is nestled in a barren desert located on the other side of the mountain range encompassed by Aquarias’ boundary full of rouge demons, wild beasts, and monsters. The shifting white sands allow threats to hide within their depths, making the travel to the city a treacherous and dangerous journey, this is why travellers are advised to come and go with a party of at least three members.
The city is actually made up of a large collection of relatively small, naturally formed caverns and dugouts, all which are connected together by a vast network of tunnels which travel all the way up to the desert floor and even up to the base of the mountain range. At the centre of the city, where all of the tunnels connect and form a huge, cavernous hall, a long set of spiral stairs lead to an underground forest, where The Hermit lives in his small hut made of twigs and overgrown with flowering vines. Aside from that, not much is known about what they do there besides from the everyday activities of human life and that they enter the forest to study and learn earth magic.

Arcada of the Arcane: An imitation of the great floating continent of T’sururi. The levitating city of Arcada functions as a metropolis for mages and wizards in training, drawing power from the ley lines amassed at its centre and the native magical creatures to assist novices in wielding their own magic, create a magical field which prevents anything within to be harmed, and to power the Chaos Sovereign, a fabled staff serving as the city’s heart. Arcada is governed by the most powerful wizard known in history, The Majestic Wizard Loro.

3 main categories, or races, of beings: Mortali, Sancranum and the Transcendi

Mortali: Evolved and descended from animals. Short span of life unless transformed, humans are in this category.

Sancranum: Descended from the elements and the Arcane. Mortali who have latent elemental blood within them are classified as Sancranum. This is because the elemental blood can actually be awakened, causing the body to enter shock and hibernate for a short span of time. The longer the hibernation, the stronger the elemental presence within the body is, and the longer their life span. They have different physical attributes and mental functions then normal Mortali do.

Transcendi: Unique beings who come-to-be instead of being born. They are immortal, not invulnerable, and are immune to diseases, parasites and poison. They are the incarnations of forces of nature, physics, and concepts. All have their own unique abilities, or constitutions, and are able to wield any existing, non-Transcendi, Soultools as long as the original owner is either deceased, incapacitated or has given it to them as either a loan, or a gift upon their own will.

Interbreeding: This can only occur between some Mortali sub species and Sancranum sub species. Most Mortali and Sancranum are born via this method, resulting in the possibility of the appearance of a Sancranum child from two Mortali parents and vice versa.

Soultools: All Soultools are unique, the only exception being the weakest and largest group; Minor S’tools. Each being has their own Soultool since birth or awakening, and obtain or receive it once they come of age. They take on the form of their originator’s soul, or the form of any basic item/tool, they can take on the form of anything, from a complete set of clothing, to a single accessory, from a weapon, to a tool. Once a form is taken, the form will not change, even if the owner of the Soultool’s soul status or personality changes, another Soultool would only be created. They are classified into 5 groups; Minor, Elemental, Abstract, Legendary and Transcendi/Transcendental Soultools. They can only be destroyed by higher ranking and more powerful S‘tools than themselves.

Minor S’tools: The largest group of S’tools. This group of S’tools are only able to perform specific and certain functions. They are usually ordinary items which boosts or gives its owner enhanced physical abilities (i.e. Enhanced Vision, Honing, Speed boost and etc). Over 80% of S’tools belongs in this group.

Elemental S’tools: S’tools which are capable of either wielding, controlling, or that are made of or imbued with an element. They are able to control only one form of an element (i.e. Water type S’tools are unable to use Ice type skills/magic, Air is unable to use Electric, and vice versa.). Around 9% of the total amount of S’tools belongs in this group.

Abstract S’tools: S’tools able to use forces of physics and other abilities which are unrelated to the elements (e.g. Gravity, Time, Movement, etc) within a certain field of activity, such as line of sight or distances. Only about 5% of S’tools is of this type.

Legendary and Transcendi/Transcendental S’tools: Legendary and Transcendental S’tools are the rarest of the S’tools, due to the small population of Transcendi compared to the rest of the categories of beings and the relatively small amount of S’tools which can be categorised as Legendary which come from the other categories of beings and S’tools. Transcendental S’tools are much more unique and powerful than the Legendary S’tools, for the limits to their power are connected to their owner and wielder’s imagination, envisioning and computational skills, they also tend to have multiple Soulseals on them, causing them to have more than 1 form. Legendary S’tools (e.g. Excalibur, Mjölnir, Laevateinn), however, are S’tools which originally belong in one of the 3 lower categories and have been passed on as legends throughout the generations. The only difference between the Legendary S’tools and the other three are that; they are much more powerful and were wielded by legendary and historical figures, their power level is unstable (e.g. if the Legendary S’tool was a kind of Rosary, its power would increase with the amount of times with which it has been used during religious rituals, ceremonies, prayers and/or services), and that it can absorb similar or identical S’tools or fake copies of itself. Legendary S’tools and the first sub category of Transcendental S’tools are unable to destroy one another. Over time, they themselves become sentient.

Lesser Transcendental S’tools: Explained above.

Greater Transcendental S’tools: The only difference between this and the other subcategory is that it contains S’tools which are also the personification of an element, a law of physics, the Arcane or any other power, whether it governs this realm or not (e.g. Starlight, Life, Fire, Gravity), and it is always generic; being able to control anything which is even slightly within the vast boundaries of it’s topic (e.g. Water would be able to control and create anything which is liquid, a form of it, contains it, and even if it resembles it). It is also alive and able to take physical form if it wishes. Approximately 50 of these exist.

Broken and Corrupted S’tools: Broken S’tools can be fixed by the Transcendi or any S’tool which specialises in repairing and reassembling. Corrupted S’tools are any S’tools, the only exception being Greater Transcendental S’tools, in which case split into two, creating a twin S’tool In the process, which has been exposed to extremely powerful negativity and evil over a long expanse of time or has been used repeatedly to kill. They can be purified, but this causes it to disperse and cease to exist, leaving behind a Soulgem.

Soulgems and Soulseals: a Soulgem is a crystalline shard left behind after an S’tool ceases to exist, and is used to create Vessels and Containers which stores power, magic and energy which is released upon using magic or any other abilities. In its pure form, it is extremely hard and durable, light and transparent making it ideal for weapon making, and also allowing it to be crafted into extremely effective heavy armour. With the correct S’tools and careful handling, Soulgems can become extremely flexible, making it pretty useless for melee fighters fighting against foes using pointy objects. Once it gains flexibility, it sacrifices 16% of its original durability, 16% of its strength, toughness, and hardness, in order to balance out its attributes and allow it to be crafted into threads. There is also a very rare variant of the Soulgem which, at first, looks like a floating orb of pure water. It’s colourless, tasteless, scentless and transparent, and also sentient; this is a type of Soulgem which is soul bound to the person who touches it first, taking on the form of a child who’s ethnicity, gender, affinity, and looks derive from the ideals of the parent. Soulseals are inbuilt and default activated “locks” which limits and restricts the release of power from an S’tool, it can, however, be deactivated by the owner for the duration of a battle, which it automatically reactivates after the battle is over.

I’lldraeus, The Throne of Hearts: more commonly known as Heartlink, I’lldraeus is an independent S’tool, meaning that it does not, nor requires, an owner, which appears as a tattoo of an elaborate black ring on the ring finger of a being when they are close to their “destined” partner, this tattoo is only visible to beings who already have it or those with Emotion and Bonds attributed S’tools. The closer the pair, the darker it becomes. If the two meet one another and officially become a couple, the tattoo would transform into another S’tool called Heartbinder. It is engraved in the two souls, meaning that they would always be a couple even if they were to be resurrected a million times.

Heartbinder: An S’tool which takes on the form of a uniquely designed ring that allows the couple to stay together for as long as the other lives. It also allows the couple to change their physical age. If one was to die, the other would be able to sense it, and they would subsequently pass on as well, due to grief and a broken heart.

Deus D’eon, Loves Curse: Unlike its twin sister, I’lldraeus, Deus D’eon is reborn as a Transcendi one hundred years after the previous reincarnation’s death. The child that Deus D’eon is reborn as receives all of the negative emotions that is rejected by I’lldraeus, and is usually rejected by society and the others around them. This gradually kills the reincarnation, explaining why the reincarnation dies at such an early age. However, like all other beings, the reincarnation also has a “fated” one. If he or she is able to locate them and then be accepted by them, then Deus D’eon’s first Soulseal, which is responsible for the curse, would be lifted. Deus D’eon’s partner is an eternal being, immortal, able to be killed, but not truly, and destined to forever search for Deus D’eon. Deus D’eon was once known as Weisslied whose partner was Feureros. The breaking of the first Soulseal would place them on a quest with which Feureros has undergone many times with the previous reincarnations, but never succeeded.

Andr’inder: The S’tool created from the union of Deus D’eon and I’lldraeus. Allows Deus D’eon to harness the emotion around her or him and give it form and shape.

Flowering: The period where in a being matures and becomes an adult. During this process, some beings gain Wings.

Wings: As the body transits from adolescence to adulthood, there is a small chance that a large influx of spiritual energy, magic and power would occur within the body. To stop the sudden surge of power from harming it, the body would automatically create a “container” in the form of protrusions, or wings, rising from between the shoulder blades. These protrusions have no physical form unless the owner wishes it to or is using the stored energy within them. They can also be used for flight when given substance, and are also permanent; never disappearing even after all of the energy has been drained from it. The Wings gathers the raw energy within the vicinity, refine, tune and then convert it into energy which can be accessed by the owner immediately, or/and it serves as a container for any that has not been used. The probability rate of their occurrence differs from race to race, and the various sub-races. The Mortali have the lowest chance of obtaining wings, the probability being under 1 out of 100,000, and are more likely to obtain weaker wings than that of the other two. All Sancranum have a 50% chance of obtaining their wings during flowering, and all Transcendi have theirs from the beginning. They take on different shapes and forms depending on the race, the sub-race, the attunement and the environment.

Chaos Rhythm/L’mina & L’gara: An ancient and forgotten ability which was created by the Eterni, who passed it onto the Transcendi and Elements. However, due to the ability’s unique feature of unlocking all of the user/s’ Soulseals, this causes the user/s to unlock their full potential and beyond, expending 95% of the users’ energy and magical resources, consuming the opposition in the process. Only a select few, the Transcendi, and the Elements are able to withstand the ability’s backlash. This is due to their enormous amount of energy and because their bodies are able to absorb the shock without shutting down or burning up. Every Chaos Rhythm usage is different and unique as long as the soul is not identical or the same. Due to its nature of sacrifice, Chaos Rhythm was deemed too dangerous and was sealed away and declared forbidden by the Transcendi and Elements. Despite its name, it is in fact a harmonious and soulful melody. The songs differ from one user to another. This skill/ability should not be confused with Song Magic, lest someone dies.

True Grande: Similar to Chaos Rhythm in many aspects, True Grande is able to bring out the full potential within a being and refers to two separate things. It doesn’t expend the wielder’s life force, and it unlocks the wielder’s true form, allowing the wielder to freely wield and manifest their abilities instantaneously. This is True Grande Shift. The other is True Grande Regalia, which is a Signature Ability, much like Chaos Rhythm, which requires the wielder’s S’tool to be summoned enable to activate.

Abilities and the Arcane Arts: In the world of D’einonta, Abilities and the Arcane Arts are split into two main categories; Support and Offense (which are pretty explanatory). In D’einonta, to be able to use the Arcane Arts, one must know how to harness their mana, a form of energy that is only present in those who are born without elemental blood (this can only be achieved if no elemental blood besides that of the Arcane, in which case increases the maximum capacity, speeds up the regeneration rate, and decreases the usage of mana, has been present within three generations of foreparents) or have an exceptionally strong will and mind power. Unlike Abilities, The Arcane Arts allows the user to use a diverse range of elements and forces. However, its diversity sacrifices power, making an Arcane user fairly powerless in a battle with an Ability who specialises in the same field. Unlike the Arcane Arts, Abilities do not require an exceptionally strong will or mind power, making it less taxing on the user. It does, however, require energy to manifest their abilities, imagination and coordination to shape their abilities and to give it their desired affect, and a minimum of average willpower to control it. Abilities only come in one “topic”, the vaguer the “topic” is, the more diverse and powerful the Ability. The “topic” is determined by the user’s lineage, likes, constitution, knowledge, desires, personality, and their dreams. The only exceptions to this rule are the Transcendi, who’s Ability is determined by their soul, which are reincarnated into a different body 100 years after their death. The Transcendi are also able to wield both the Arcane Arts and Abilities at the same time.

Infusions: When a being uses their Ability or Arcane Forces to enhance an object or weapon, or imbue certain properties into an object or weapon. These stay on the object/ weapons until a person removes/cancels the Infusion or until the item is broken or drained.

Enhancement: Unlike in Imbuements, Abilities and Arcane Forces are only used to boost specific attributes already present within the item or any attribute which the user requires to use the item(such as Accuracy within a gun). Enhancements are also easily removed from an item, classifying them as temporary upgrades, allowing the user to remove unwanted upgrades, revert it to normal, and add new upgrades to the item. Enhancements can also be single-use, such as in the case where a being enhances the explosive power of a bullet with fire magic or explosion attributes.

Imbuements: Imbued objects are created when a being takes or replicates their Ability or Arcane Powers and place it into any object, giving the object a weaker version of their powers. Imbuements are stackable, meaning that an object can have more than one, and are also permanent, making it almost impossible to change the attributes given to the object. However, due to the Imbuement’s nature of changing the attributes of an item, if two Imbuements are to oppose or cancel one another, the item would be destroyed, becoming ashes, dust, a withered/battered form of their original self, explode, become liquid, etc.

Drain: The process wherein a being extracts and, rarely, absorbs the energy and power stored within an Infused item or object.

Artifacts, Amulets and Relics: Powerful magical objects or remnants with a variety of useful functions in and out of battle.

Artifacts: Objects of power from a previous age. They usually contain large amounts of magic and power and come in a variety of forms, differing from one place to another. Their power and abilities also differ depending on who, where, when and how they were made.

Amulets and Talismans: Items which are generally used for protection and for boosting magical attributes.

Amulets: Similar to Talismans, Amulets can be any object which is used to bring good luck, ward the wearer from misfortune, and can also be used to assist with magic. Amulets, however, are unlike Talismans in that they contain natural magical properties, while the Talisman must be charged by a source of magic, usually the maker.

Talismans: Talismans are objects which are created for a specific purpose and must be magically charged by a being to function as intended. It can be charged through a variety of means, usually through magical symbols or by placing a verse from a religious text into the talisman.

Relics: The old remains of a powerful being, or a remnant of a once powerful being, still containing large amounts of power.

The Eternal Court, Almida: The sector of The Eternal Court which deals with preservation of the Natural World and ensures that nothing breaks The Balance. Usually does not interfere with Mortali or/and Sancranum matters unless it concerns The Balance and Nature.

The Eternal Court, Elbiorus: The sector of The Eternal Court which deals with sentimental matters and Sacrifice. They are usually distributed throughout the World, helping restore The Balance through sentimental means. They are given the task to find Missing Transcendi and the 10 Eternias who went missing around the same time as them, 100 years prior to the story line.

Eternias: Unlike the Transcendi, only 14 exist. They are much more powerful than the Transcendi and do not truly die, only disappear, and are able to create S’tools. They themselves do not have S’tools unless they make one or obtain one. Like all races, there would always be a renegade amongst them. All of them actually originate from Beings from a higher plane of existence. These beings are conned The Origin.

The 12 Eterni:
Time: Liriah
Space: Morui
Worlds: Lyra
Creation/Destruction: Orvueo
Cycles/Infinity: Eunha
Stories: Eldoro
Everything/Presence: Mory/Morrow
Amount/Quantity: Prei
Opposite/Reverse: Lorde
Meaning/Definition: Royande
Possibility: Holos
Aspect: Louis

The Renegade Eterni:
Entity/Perfection/Supremacy: Jehovah

The Only Known Origin:
El Ann of Existence: The True form of Liriah, Iara, and Ariah
Ultima De La Prima of Zero and Infinity: The Leader of the Origin
Almina Le Alger: The Supreme Being of the Material Plane
Los Iugis: The Law Keeper of the Origin

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[Liriah's Scrapbook] The Rain is my Romance

Postby Liriah on July 5th, 2013, 5:55 am

A Random Story Prologue

“Oh, by the love of God, why must I be chosen for this mission?!”

Hitching up his frilly laced skirts, Los began to scale the castle walls, looking for irregularities in the grand spans of white marble to use as handholds and footholds. It’s spy basics; if a spy can’t scale a wall, then they just don’t qualify.
A few jeers, wolf calls, and lewd looks, from passing nobleman later, Los finally found what he was looking for; a series of juts and hollows in the wall, conveniently in an empty space, too. Unfortunately, his “posh and trim young lady” training kicked in, forbidding him from jumping and climbing in an “unladylike” manor, making it impossible for him to reach the handholds with his small stature of 5feet tall. Coughing obscenities into his white satin opera gloves, he tucked his long golden waves behind his ears, smoothing his gown in the same fluid move, and began to make his way back to the majestic arches heralding the entrance to the castle’s reception room.

“What is a fine, young maiden such as yourself doing out here in this frigid night air?”

Freezing in mid stride, Los performed an amazingly clean pirouette, despite being a male who’s clad in heels, and turned around to face the source of that rich, masculine voice that sent tingles up his spine. Looking down at him was the living and breathing image of what he has always associated with the word “surfer”, albeit fully dressed.
Sun bleached hair, sapphire eyes, perfectly aligned white teeth, rippling muscles visible underneath the immaculate tuxedo, and a dark handsome face.
Without realising it, Los began to lose himself in the stranger’s darkly handsome smile, his eyes being drawn to those sparkling gems for eyes like a whale drawn to a boat by a harpoon; his right hand drawn to the stranger’s face like a nail is drawn to large magnet.


Blushing profusely at his own weakness, Los ran back inside the building without an apology to the dark stranger, cursing himself for failing his mission; to poison the to-be-princess’s wedding gown while no one was watching. Stopping at one of the marble pillars holding up the grand, arching roof to catch his breath, Los checked his heels to see if they were soiled, which they weren’t, straightened out his gown for the second time that evening, and mustered enough strength to carry himself gracefully up a short flight of stairs that would lead him up to a platform full of chairs for those who needed a rest from the festivities.
After tripping over the satin covering of the chairs seven times, Los was finally able to gently seat himself upon the plush chair.

After several more hours of festivity and dancing, night finally settled upon the thinning crowd, leaving behind pompous pigs, self indulgent b****es, and sleazy noblemen wishing to marry off their daughters to the prince to gain status.

When Los was about to doze off, the annoying royal trumpet announced the arrival of the royal family onto the ball room.
First came the princess in all her beautiful simplicity; adorned in a seafoam satin dress flowing across her right shoulder, across her bosoms, around her waist, and finally fanned out around her thighs, its fluid material rippling in the light. Her golden hair rippling behind her, she arrived at her seat and lightly sat down onto her own, little throne of gilded silver.
After her came the Queen, wreathed in funerary black. Her simple yet elegant dress flowed down her body like a lake on a moonless night; as fluid as water, as dark as the starless night sky. Pinned across her breast was a single, white peony, complimenting her unusually youthful, pale face and the necklace of pearls. Treading the floor in a cautious manor, the Queen perched upon her solid gold and silver throne, sighing in a way which suggested another second on her feet would’ve killed her.

Involuntarily, Los choked on his cup of champagne upon the arrival of the prince.
His eyes roaming the crowd for the young lady who caught his attention that evening, the prince towered over his own personal throne in a matter of seconds with the graceful strides of his long legs. Now settled in the embrace of his throne of black marble, obsidian, and quartz, he positioned himself in a way that the royal guests and courtiers would not be suspect that he was nursing his swollen left cheek. With a twinkle in his eyes, he surveyed the crowd once more, a flash of disgust appearing in his eyes once in awhile, until they halted at the coughing Los. Amusement replaced disinterest as the burning sapphires found Los bent over his chair with red cheeks. Leaning towards his mother, the prince whispered into the Queen’s ears.

“Mother, look,” pointing towards Los, who has finally stopped coughing, but was starting to waver “ she’s the young lady I was talking about this evening, and now I’m even more assured that she’d be a great addition to our household. See? She isn’t even afraid to show us her embarrassment, let alone slap me the, crown prince! She’s like breath of fresh air in a stuffy warehouse full of old!”

“Vels,” the Queen responded, adopting the bored and literate tone of Limbert, Vel’s royal History tutor “if you want her to become your bride, you better save her from the humiliation of fainting and bring this event to an end. I’m sure that all of our guests have had a long day, and they would appreciate some rest before tomorrow’s festivities begin, no?”
In the darkness, Light grows stronger. Will you allow it to grow or will you succumb to despair?
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[Liriah's Scrapbook] The Rain is my Romance

Postby Liriah on July 5th, 2013, 5:58 am

Writing a poem:

Brown leaves falling down
Worn out paths never tamed
The autumn harvest begins.

Delicate wild flowers
Blooming on the fertile hills,
Dance around the maples.

Under their flame red leaves,
A girl with silver hair reads.
A caressing breeze flows.

Staring at the white clouds
And building castles in the air,
A child falls asleep.

The butterflies take wing,
Leaving their homes to chase the sun,
Goodbye forever, friends.

The sun is soon engulfed
By the rustling, deep green horizon.
Night has fallen.

Nature sings its lullaby,
My eyes grow heavy.

The storm has truly begun,
The winter is coming.

With drowsy eyes
I watch the storm. A song is playing.
The land of dreams awaits.

As I recall the memories of the life I lost
I remember those blazing embers.
It was on that season of snow and frost,
That we met, don’t you remember?

Your skin was white, as white as snow
Your hair was as black as could be.
Your eyes a deep, dark, soul searching brown
As I sat there looking from under the maple tree.

But that’s a story for another time
There is still very much to do.
I look up to see you carrying lime
And there, on your face, was a smile from you.

Another rhyme:
You look at me and I look at you
You think I’m ugly and that’s so true
I call you fat and you call me skinny
You think I’m small and I think you’re grizzly

You piss me off from day to day
To me your face is a makeup tray
You tell me to go and make you bread
And I agree just to ensure that you are dead

“I am so this, I am so that”
Oh p-lease you horrid rat
Save me the bluffing and the bragging
Now look at the mirror, you’re really sagging

And another:
I once knew this girl who was so cool
She went to Thailand and tripped over a pool
We met and we talked and she thought I was a fool
But it wasn’t my fault I tripped over a stool

We both knew this person who lived in the sewer
And another one whose face looked like it belonged in a brewer
We also had a good friend who was very kind
But she was a Christian, I don’t think I mind

There were some problems, here and there
But we solved it as easily as picking a pear
We listened to each other and endured our wrath
But all in all, she still thinks I’m a psychopath

Oh, there’s more:
Life for a teenager is a war
You fight for love and for acceptance
But those so called friends leave you wanting for more

They make you addicted, just like a drug
But when you realise that it was all an act
You no longer have anyone there to give you a hug

But one day they’ll find that someone that they love
Or maybe a group that makes them belong
All in all, they’ll become someone those people are proud of

Those people who used them will one day pay
Wether by adversaries or by the ash tray
It doesn’t matter, for life has no mercy
There is no rewind, there is no refund
There is no undo but you can at least still be you

In the darkness, Light grows stronger. Will you allow it to grow or will you succumb to despair?
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