Closed [Mirahil Pass] An Introduction to Arms (Ricky)

Castor meets Ricky for another training session.

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[Mirahil Pass] An Introduction to Arms (Ricky)

Postby Zandelia on March 30th, 2014, 2:39 am

Castor :
You have been inactive for several months and your Seasonal Expenses are not up to date. If you return please update this and PM for your grade.

Ricky :

Teaching - 3
Unarmed - 3
Philosophy - 2


Potential Needs Encouragement
Teaching: It's Passing The Torch
Peace: It's Making A Stand
Shielding: Began In Emotion

Notes :
Nice thread as always Ricky.

Any issues with my grade? Please PM at any time. Keep Writing!
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