[Plotnotes] Vidar the Malefic

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[Plotnotes] Vidar the Malefic

Postby Malefic on July 9th, 2013, 7:28 am

At the current time, this little thread will contain only sporadic information bits and pieces about Malefic and my plans for him. So this will be pretty messy, just a jumble of random information thrown across the page. This is mostly just reminders and ideas for me to mess around with, but if you so desire it, feast your eyes upon this insanity!

But do not fear! I will (someday) organize it reaches full fancy-shmancy status. You may even be able to drink tea to it while reading it. Hmm, classy, eh?

> > > Under Construction... < < <

> - Malefic will someday become overly powerful from bearing epicly strong artifacts of ancient power and überness(He will steal them)

> - Needs to cleverly convince Zarik Mashaen to appoint Malefic as apprentice.

> - GRAND JOURNEY: Kalinor to Sultros to Alvadas to The Spires to Syliras to Zeltiva to Sunberth to Sahova

> - Make own company of manipulators and agents. More on this later.

> - Get gnosis of Eyris, the god of knowledge
--> Become champion
---> Mentioned somewhere that champions of a god could be a lover... be Eyris's lover?

> - Get a journeyman as a companion. Yes, I am serious. A journeyman.

> - Will have strings laced deep into the guts of politics, governments, powerful organizations.
--> Via the organization he makes?

The Organization :
> Malefic will make a very secretive organization for the sole purpose of being able to get access to many resources.
> GOAL: Only members of the organization know it exists.
> The organization has no name. This way, it is harder to identify and specify.
> Whenever one members meets with another, every member will wear a jet black cloak to cover every part of their body except their face. Their face will be covered by identical masks. This way, no member truly knows another's identity.
> Each member is greatly encouraged to learn how to alter his/her voice so that they may speak many times and not become recognized.
> Each member MUST learn to speak as little as possible to get a point across. As in, use as little words as possible when asking/telling another member something. If they get into this habit, the threat of revealing secrets to another unauthorized member is cut down greatly.
> Members will be hand picked by Malefic himself to join the group based on whether or not he decides they could have a decent contribution to the group.(If they are a really really good blacksmith, or perhaps has a lot of influence in parts of the world, or even if the person is extremely good at cooking. If they decline, they are killed. This is because they now know the existence of the organization.
> Members in the organization will have access to tons of resources. They may have something made in secret for them, or they can obtain forbidden information(if Malefic allows it). They may have people assassinated, using other members of the group as the assassins.
> Hopefully the amount of power and resource the organization contains will attract other powerful people with powerful ambition.
> The organization has no HQ or base(s). Only temporary meeting places decided the day of the meeting itself.

>>Need to find a way to make sure a member doesn't attempt to reveal the organization's existence for money/other reasons.
>>Need to find a way to discover a person's true intention.
>>Need to find a way to have communication between each member without drawing attention. (Maybe Webbing?)
To be continued...

More Specific Plans :
- Mal stays in Kalinor for quite a while under a master of stealth and persuasion
- > Focuses majority of time either training his stealth and persuasion, or studying ancient times and general things about the world
- - > Won't touch on the subject of magic much. Will do that a several decades in the future at Sahova
- In Sahova, study magics to find a few types that are of Malefic's interest.
--> Hypnotism, Auristics, & mebbe something like Alchemy? Need to learn philtering as well. During/after find a master to teach the chosen magics.
- Buy/make a few knowledgeable golems.
--> Will name them "Ethos, Logos, Pathos"
--> One of them will act like a constantly recording and repeating camera. Records everything it sees, measures stuff(like location, distance, numbers of things it saw). Will be able to flip quickly through a volume and then repeat any requested page.
--> Another will specialize in people. Record voices, imitate voices, record personalities, repeat personalities. Maybe, if possible, disguise as them. That would be very awesome.
--> Third guy: meh, not sure. Ideas? Suggestions?
- Eventually learn about the existence of "The Vault" in Sahova, and feast upon its contents. I believe I did say earlier that he would have many powerful artifacts, didn't I?

About Malefic :
>>First, and probably most important, Malefic is addicted to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Secrets are his drug!<<
- Mal should get nifty cloaks and equipment
- Uses "Ribbon Daggers" except with very thin and strong steel instead of ribbons, and mini, pronged, aerodynamic "arrowheads" instead of daggers
- Malefic is an infiltrator/spy/ninja/persuasive manipulator. You get the point.
- Malefic is using Vidar as his "official" name, though he feels more at home with the mere title of "Malefic"

Stuff To Do :
- Need to find/make reason for the Mal to go to Sahova
- Need to use the amount of time Malefic has lived to my advantage: Make many threads in the far past to hone his skills
- Right now, focusing on his past in Kalinor with only a few things outside of it.
- During/after find a master to teach the chosen magics.

Possible Extras :
- Get extra gnosis
--> Of Sagellus?
--> Of Ionu?
- Mentioned somewhere that champions of a god could be a lover... be Eyris's lover?

- To be continued...
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