Coler's Scrapbook

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Coler's Scrapbook

Postby Cole Skyborne on July 11th, 2013, 10:16 pm

Alright, hello hello! Welcome to my scrapbook! Let's start out by listing a few rules, shall we? Then we can get to the good stuff, promise! ^_^

Rule 1: If you intend to badmouth Cole, make sure it's COLE ONLY. I can take constructive criticism, but I won't stand for someone mocking me about my character choice or writing style.
Rule 2: Don't try to slam my character, calling him "stupid" is not constructive.
Rule 3: This is meant to be a fun and sometimes thought provoking thread, I'll RP Drama, but I won't accept it in my Scrapbook.

There, now that we're done with that let's begin!

I made a Zith because I have never played a bass-ackwards character... I decided to make him a civilized doctor with rough edges and at times an alternate personality... Doctor Jeckle and Mister Hide sort of ordeal, but not so extreme... Because of the way he was raised, I had intended him to be on the border between good and bad in other's eyes, but with a good heart altogether, creating a bit of conflict and requiring a bit of effort to move past it. Essentially, I made more work for myself! Effort makes it fun, right?

Anyway, he pushes the limits between the two by owning a slave (Which at this point is still in the process of being accepted.) The woman is given an allowance beyond her normal living expenses and is essentially Cole's best friend. Never think a Zith could bond? Well maybe you were wrong. ;)
About the NPC SlaveIf there are any players looking for a character in Syliras, feel free to talk with me about taking over the NPC or even designing a character just for the position!

If anyone wants to make a comment on this, go ahead! I'm also looking for ideas for the future develoipment of my Zith... Maybe he earns a Healing Gnosis? Learns Herbalist skills or even Philtering? Or maybe all three and becomes the BEST HEALER EVA! ... Or he gets run out of Syliras and finds himself forced to move to another city (Zeltiva excluded)

so, what do you think?
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