Good day!

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Good day!

Postby Cratian on August 19th, 2013, 11:17 am

1. Name: Cratian
2. RP Experience: A lot, but I know there is no limit to what you can discover.
3. Discovery of Mizahar: The mystical scrying engine of Google.
4. Favorite RP style: Excessively detailed, each post a book by-itself.
5. Writing: I like to write Survival and Mystery, but I can't do horror at all.
6. Favorite thing about Mizahar: Races.
7. Frustrations with Mizahar: The pseudo-tutorial (don't we all though?).
8. What I want from Mizahar: A good community and long stories.
9. Suggestions for Mizahar: A geographically, and demographically expanded world.
10. Anything else: I wish myself luck, and the same to all others!
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Good day!

Postby Wanderlust on August 20th, 2013, 1:21 am

Hello Cratian! Welcome to Mizahar!

I'm one of your lovely local Character Sheet Liaisons, so definitely feel free to come to me or any of the other Liaisons with questions you might have about starting out. We're more than happy to help out! You might want to check out our amazing Chat -- it's usually filled with kind and helpful folks who wouldn't mind answering any quick questions you might have!

Good luck and best wishes,

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