Completed Shopping and a Little Exploring

Savannah spends her first days in Zeltiva.

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Shopping and a Little Exploring

Postby Yeven Brooks on August 29th, 2013, 6:33 am

Day 90 of Summer, 513 AV

Yeven gave a thoughtful look to Ricky's response, mulling over what it exactly meant. Yeven didn't expect to learn everything about the Sailor's Guild in a day, but he was slightly disappointed that the connections he thought the Wave Guard and Sailor's Guild had were more distant then expected. He would need to find a true member or go down to the docks to talk to someone closer to them. It was then that the Wave Guard began saying his farewells and slowly began walking away.

"Yeah, no problem," Yeven replied, "Although you should meet us later at the World's End Grotto, I'd love to hear some stories of a Wave Guard. Have a wonderful day!"

Yeven waved Ricky goodbye and soon returned to the company of his two previous friends. It was time to go shopping, and as much as Yeven would like to meet more new people he really needed some new clothes.

Clapping his hands together Yeven began, "Okay, so where should we head first, hmmm. We have a lady who needs new clothes and myself as well, not to mention we need to go to the general story for some more paper for our ever growing quiet friend here. With that all in mind I say we should head off to The Saville, since I am sure Winston should have a few dresses for you Kashrim."

With that Yeven did a spin and pointed in the direction of The Saville, "Onward to a shopping adventure"
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Shopping and a Little Exploring

Postby Kashrim Bloodleaf on August 29th, 2013, 6:08 pm

90, Summer, 513 AV

Kashrim smiled a quick goodbye to the Wave Guard, silently wishing him luck on his quest of finding a suitable gift. When Yeven mentioned the famous tavern, she quickly decided she might sit that one out - drinking was not her forté, let along sitting around watching people drink. But the idea of a fascinating story might change her mind later on.

She signed, thank you, to Yeven, for accompanying her clothing shopping - she, a stranger, whom he had barely known for half a bell. She smiled at the back of his head as she made to follow him, casting a quick glance back at Savannah and hoping she would follow. The girl was interesting, as was the man, and Kashrim wouldn't mind learning more about either of them.
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Shopping and a Little Exploring

Postby Savannah Farstar on August 31st, 2013, 8:00 am


Day 90 of Summer, 513 AV

After a moment's consideration, Savannah filed away Ricky's face and hurried after her first real friends in two years. She was happy to be apart of even a mundane task as shopping with others, after all. It's been too long in solitude for me. It's time to come back to the civilized world and live peacefully for once. Savannah mulled over her past silently as she walked easily along Yeven and Kashrim. She hadn't felt so at ease since leaving her home town, and frankly she was loving it.

Savannah, Yeven and Kashrim spent nearly two hours moving from store to store with no real pace in mind. They shopped and joked for the remained of the day, and when the sun was beginning to make its daily descent, the three departed with promises to meet up again one day. Of course Kashrim's goodbye was guessed by Savannah, but she was certain the scrawled sentence was something good. Hopefully that is.

Now, finally back at the World's End Grotto Inn in her rented room, Savannah stares up at the ceiling in thoughtful silence. Her current stay in Zeltiva had proven to be an interesting one for sure. Maybe I should consider a more permanent residence, she thought idly. Yeah, maybe a cottage somewhere for me to call home. That'd be nice...

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Shopping and a Little Exploring

Postby Abstract on October 12th, 2013, 12:42 pm

Grade Awarded!



~ Investigation - 1


~ Feeling... Pregnant?
~ Y'von, Kashrim, S'avannah: Three helpful 'shoppers'
~ Where to find baby supplies




For all the other PCs in this thread, please update your ledger for Fall expenses. Once you do that, I can give you your grade! Otherwise, not much to give here, considering Ricky only had three posts XD

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