Nonlethal Combat Maneuvers (Quarterstaff)

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Nonlethal Combat Maneuvers (Quarterstaff)

Postby Jorin Ertihan on August 22nd, 2013, 11:56 pm


Ok so my question probably needs some background. Jorin Ertihan is a very non-aggressive guy, who really doesn't like violence much at all. The only reason he is learning the Quarterstaff is because he realizes that in a dangerous world, not having the means to defend yourself is suicidally stupid. Nonetheless, he's not a big fan of fighting, and he would be absolutely horrified if he killed anyone.

Anyhow, the question I had was, would the following scenario make sense:

Since the Kendoka Sararan of Riverfall is a combat school for Akalak warriors, presumably, when Jorin studies there he'll be taught combat maneuvers with the staff. In other words, lethal combat maneuvers, designed to kill if used correctly. Jorin, being new to weaponry in general, does not know this. So when he is faced with a genuine opponent (as opposed to a sparring mate), such as a bandit, he uses one such maneuver and accidentally kills his opponent.

Would that scenario be reasonable? Can you "accidentally" kill someone in that way? What sort of maneuvers that Jorin is likely to be taught would be the most likely to have done this to his opponent?

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Nonlethal Combat Maneuvers (Quarterstaff)

Postby Vick on August 24th, 2013, 5:09 pm

Yeah that is rather easy and simple.

For example even when using wooden weapons such as swords to train you have to be careful since you can still kill or break bones.

A wooden hammer hit upon the skull can break the skull and kill so a quarterstaff seems about right.
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