Flashback A Mist Connection

(Marina Agamand, Khazius Raine)

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A Mist Connection

Postby Khazius Raine on August 31st, 2013, 5:05 pm

Prior to reaching the end of the pier, Marina had inquired into Khazius' possible future as a shipwright, finding it to be a noble pursuit. While the lad had not answered her straight away, he chose now to rectify that as the pair watched the incoming storm creep towards them.

"Father wishes it of me to learn his trade. But also my mother wants me to attend the University and undergo teachings there. She's a herbalist." The youngster frowned for a moment, as if tackling some hard decision in his head, before the tell tale sign of his nervousness showed itself as he scratched the back of his head. Nervousness was perhaps not the right word. Rather in this case it was irritation, knowing that before long he would be forced to choose between his two parents. A daunting task indeed, considering they were both head strong.

"I think I could do either well enough." His answer was honest. He didn't doubt his abilities or capacity to learn either of those paths. But something about the way he said it spoke of a lack of enthusiasm, or that to pick one of them would be at the cost of something else he had his mind set to.

The topic turned back to the storm, a curious Marina wondering how the boy and conjured this fine display unfolding before them. "I'm no wizard Marina, no more than I'm a sir. But if you want to know if a storm's coming, I'm your man." He grinned with this, a mischievous grin that promised not to reveal its secrets. The truth was rather less mysterious though, as it had a habit of being. He was just observant when it came to details, and the various changes in the weather were something he'd paid attention to over the years, learning to judge with a little accuracy when it was due to rain. Some people could do it from an old injury, finding it would get stiff and sore prior to a storm front coming in. Others claimed they could tell from the behavior of their dog. For Khazius, it really was just recalling what he'd seen before and making an educated guess based on that.

An academic at heart. Coupled with his curiosity, it did rather seem that shipwright or herbalist was simply not going to be enough to keep him busy.

At this point Marina's appetite for entertainment seemed sated, and the weather had turned into an unwelcoming host. Before she could finish, there was a frightening crack as though thunder had suddenly arrived over head. Strange, since the audio aspect of the storm was still a way off. But turning back to the ships behind him, Khazius saw it was the splitting of timber that had caused the ruckus.

Amazing, he thought to himself, though instantly the wonder of what he was seeing was replaced with dread, realizing the ship in question was none other than the one his father was tasked with building. Before he could utter his protestations at the events unfolding before him, there was an insistent tugging at his sleeve. Turning to Marina, he saw a real fear in her eyes, the little one most eager to be done with this and retreat from the docks.

Her plan was smart and Khazius was quick to comply.

Moving back across the pier Khazius worked with the same familiarity as on the way here. Only this time he had cause to keep looking across at the ship, a look of dismay planted on his face as rigidly as his hair now stuck to his forehead. The drizzle had grown more confident, doubling its efforts to soak Zeltiva while lightning continued its display overhead. Only now, the show that had served to entertain Marina moments before now seemed to chase after her, mocking her as the ghost fled with Khazius in tow.

The trick when moving quickly is to place ones feet with care and precision. Familiarity will get you far, but by no means was it a certainty you could rely on completely. Add to that the beginnings of a wretched and cruel storm, with mist, rain and of course the fact that this was night, and the chances of peril were rising all the time.

It took a split second for the night to turn to one of tragedy, Khazius looking back over his shoulder once more at his father's ship. In doing so, he had taken his eyes off the already unforgiving path along the docks, wet and dark as it already was. The slightest of holes in the woodwork was enough, his heel slipping there on the rain and sending his body off balance while his momentum carried him onwards. Instinctively he reached out, hoping perhaps to find a newly installed rail along the pier, or perhaps a friend to help right himself.

Instead he found only the gaping darkness, that somehow seemed to yawn wider and welcome him into the abyss. His heart pounded in his chest, a burst of adrenaline washing over him as he felt himself falling. His next step met air and, unlike Marina, it wasn't enough to sustain his weight. Off he went over the side of the pier, leaving behind a despairing yelp.

Marina had of course a hold of his sleeve, but all things considered, it didn't seem like it would be enough to prevent Khazius from a cold, wet demise.
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A Mist Connection

Postby Marina Agamand on September 1st, 2013, 11:45 am

At first, Marina was bewildered by the sudden panic showing on Khazius' face as he hastily, perhaps too hastily, began retreating from the pier. Not letting go of his sleeve, the ghost did her best to stay close to him. Following his constant glances towards the smoldering mast, she thought that the silhouette of the misfortunate vessel was somehow familiar. A second later, it finally dawned on her that it was the very ship Khazius had shown her earlier. His earlier words, filled with pride of his father, emerged in her mind. A faint sense of pity rose within the girl as she watched her new friend's dismayed face, a face that should have been facing forwards. The boy's boots made dull sounds and they hit the wooden boards beneath him, at uneven intervals, indicating that his footing was not the main point of his attention. Trying to get to him slow down, Marina tugged at his sleeve and spoke in a begging tone.

"Sir Khazius, please watch your step..."

Just when she was finished with her warning, one of the muffled strikes of a leather sole against wet wood was replaced by a slithering sound, as if some small creature was being dragged along the soaked pier against its will. Idly wondering what might have caused the strange sound, the ghost watched her companion's body tilting unnaturally to the side. When his sleeve began slipping out of her immaterial fingers, she finally understood that he was falling.

Unnatural, stiffling fear rended Marina's mind, the same find of sensation as the one she felt when the malevolent ray of lightning came down. A ray of lightning that should not have been there. The spectre was not a diviner by any stretch, but sometimes, fate chose to present itself without any riddles or crypticism, obvious to even the most unattentive and clueless.

Pictures of the past flashed in the girl's mind. Pictures of travelers she had met when crossing the wilderness between cities. Pictures of them setting up peaceful camps in seemingly quiet and safe places. Pictures of their fragile forms; of their faces, controrted in agony and terror as monsters tore them apart. Their untimely demises were accompanied by nothing but Marina's satirical laughter as she floated by, indifferent; both unable and unwilling to intervene.

The scene unfolding in front of her was no different. Falling victim to his own carelessness, yet another human would be ground to dust by the maws of death, only to be reborn and repeat all the same mistakes. It was natural, common and not particularly upsetting. But then, why didn't she want to let go of this sleeve she was holding?

Power coming from some unknown source surged through the spectre, whispering to her that this was the time to change. This was the time to stop being a bystander and make a difference, to prove that she was not merely a worthless picture painted in the air. Pouring out all of her strength, the spectre pulled on the wet, coarse sleeve as if her own existence depended on it. Her Soulmist, which under normal circumstances was not even powerful enough to throw a pebble, gripped the boy like an iron vice, fixating his body in midair as it was about to plunge down into a watery grave. Marina's arms felt like they were being torn off; the overexertion made her form distort and flicker, making her look like a painting under the assault of a drunkard with a pair of scissors. Yet she was holding on.

Alas, it was only for a moment. Depleted utterly, the soulmist making up the flesh her hands dissipated, leaving behind a pair of ephemeral, skeletal appendages that could not maintain a grip on anything. The only barrier between Khazius and the misty abyss below him was gone. An ear-splitting wail, full of helpless despair and drowining out even the rain and thunder, was the last thing the boy heard before the black waves embraced him, bringing with them peace and silence.
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A Mist Connection

Postby Eldritch on October 12th, 2013, 10:55 pm

Marina Agamand :
Soulmist Projection +2
Materialization +3

-Zeltiva: Same as you left it.
-Khazius: The boy who offered help.

Notes :
Nothing to note.

If you have any comments/questions/concerns about your grade please PM me and we will work something out.

Keep on writing!
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