Few Quick Questions!!

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Few Quick Questions!!

Postby Vynir on August 30th, 2013, 1:26 am

Sorry I'm asking so many just want to have everything ready before I make a character sheet. :D Thank you everyone once again for your help. Just a few more:

Is there a list of lore's, or are they just kinda made up for what you learned?

Was there anyone in history who tried to bring complete peace to all of Mizahar?

If there was someone is there a link to a story about it?

Once again thank you all for your time and help. I greatly appreciate it. :D
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Few Quick Questions!!

Postby Scorn on August 30th, 2013, 1:42 am

1) No list. A CS Liason or experienced Mizaharan can probably answer specifically whether a certain lore works or not, but generally they are specific bits of information or knowledge you have. There are certain lores that are common for starting. If you want an idea of what those are, you might check out the Character Sheet Templates in the CS forums.

2) That's a big job, especially given that Mizahar post Valterrian is so dangerous that it's too much trouble to even go to WAR with other cities. So, if someone tried, I doubt they got very far.

If you want something similarly impressive, there were, I believe, people who tried to circumnavigate Mizahar. You might check out lore on Kenabelle Wright.
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