[Job Thread] Roadside Rescue

In which Tallis rescues a man caught in a landslide

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Job Thread] Roadside Rescue

Postby Tallis on August 30th, 2013, 3:22 am

60th Day of Summer
Mirahil Pass

A massive storm was sweeping through Zeltiva. Tallis had heard the winds blowing and had known the tempest was coming before he had even seen the first clouds roll in. The storm was nothing short of impressive and the people of Zeltiva welcomed the downpour. The thick smells of the city caused by weeks of heat and humidity were instantly replaced with a sweet petrichor. Life giving water fell from the sky, breathing life into everything and everyone it touched.

A Stormwarden from birth, Tallis had always felt a certain affinity for storms. Whereas others ran for shelter, he had always embraced the wind and the rain. They were a gift from Zulrav and he knew that he would never come to harm. However, not everyone could claim to have been blessed by the God of Storms.

As the brunt of the storm passed, Tallis made his way up to the Mirahil Pass. As a geomancer employed by the city, it was his job to make sure that the only land-based path into Zeltiva was maintained properly. Although his scheduled patrol of the pass was for later in the day, he knew that the heavy rainfall meant that the pass would probably need to be cleared for the safety of others. He might as well survey the damage and get to work early.

Just as he had anticipated, the climb up to the main road proved more difficult than usual. The torrents of rain had washed much debris onto the path and patches of mud hindered his progress. But the physical exertion felt good. The humid, muggy weather had made him feel lethargic, but now that the rainfall had caused temperatures to drop and the air to clear, he was glad to be moving again.

As he made his way past the forested area of the pass and onto the mountain path, a certain sense of urgency came over him. The breezes called to the Stormwarden, warning him of danger up ahead. As he listened to the winds, it seemed that they were calling him. Urging him somewhere. Tallis rushed ahead, following the wind.

As he rounded the mountain bend, he saw something that sent a shiver down his spine. There had been a landslide. As Tallis surveyed the scene, he felt his heart sink. There were signs that a lone traveller had been caught in the landslide. About twenty feet into the edge of the landslide, he could see a toppled wagon, much of it was buried under mud, but a single wheel was lifted into the air, spinning forlornly. A few feet away from the wagon, Tallis noticed a horse trapped in the mud, but the rider was nowhere to be seen.

Placing his hands against the ground, Tallis generated a pool of res in the ground in front of him. He then manipulated the magical substance to form a straight line in front of him. Getting up from his kneeling position, he lifted the res and began the transmutation process. As he stood, a wall of rock lifted before him. Spreading his arms apart, Tallis’ gesture caused the wall to split down the middle. As the two sides slowly moved apart, they shoved the rocks, mud, and rubble out of the center of the main path.

When the walls had cleared a path a few feet wide, Tallis moved in closer towards the horse. The animal was clearly panicked. The whites of its eyes were visible and its movements were erratic and wild. Tallis stopped a few feet away from the panicked horse. It was too dangerous to approach it, but he needed to get past it to try and find the rider. There was no choice – he’d have to coax it out.

Tallis held his palms out towards the horse and began speaking to it calmly, calling the animal towards him. His voice seemed to soothe the horse, as it calmly stood still and let the mage approach it.

“Alright now, I’m just going to go behind you,” Tallis said, reassuring the horse as he walked behind it. He was pretty sure the animal had no clue what he was saying, but the sound of his voice seemed to keep it calm. “Alright… good horsey. Just going to see what’s going on back here. You just stay still… and don’t kill me.” The horse was still attached to part of the buried wagon and was being held in place. Tallis quickly moved beside the animal and began undoing its harness. “Alright. One more part here and you’re free to go.” The animal seemed to sense that its restraints were being removed, and as soon as Tallis had loosened the final strap, it bolted down the road. It was heading towards the city and Tallis concluded that it was familiar with the route and would find its way to safety on its own. He needed to focus his attention on finding the owner of the horse.

Sitting down in front of the wagon, Tallis prepared himself for the use Auristics. He was only a novice with the magical discipline and every use left him feeling tired. However, he had no choice this time. If someone were buried underneath the rubble, auristics was the fastest and safest way of finding them. Tallis closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, centering himself.

Tapping into his djed reserves once more, Tallis slowly opened his eyes. His range of vision with auristics was tiny. A foot or two at best. He shifted his attention like a spotlight, slowly sweeping back and forth, scanning the land for an aura that was distinctly human. A sudden flicker caught his attention and he sent his focus there. The aura was faint, but there was something urgent about it. It was like a tiny candle trying to illuminate an entire room. It flickered wildly, trying to spread its light as far as possible. This was the rider. There was no doubt about it.

It appeared that he had managed to make his way inside the wagon just as the landslide had hit. The force of the landslide had caused the vehicle to flip onto its side, creating a barrier that had offered some protection for the rider. If it hadn’t been for the wagon, the rider surely would have been crushed, but he was far from safe. Tallis had to act quickly.

Standing over the spot where he had felt the aura, Tallis produced more res from his hands. He circled the magical substance over the area in front of him, pulling on the earth and lifting swathes of it away from where he had sensed the body. Every time the res passed over the rubble, a few inches of it was drawn away until finally a body could be seen.

The earth he had pulled up was quickly thrown to the side of the road as he rushed forwards to help the buried person. It was a man, somewhere in his thirties as Tallis estimated, and he was lying on his side. Tallis flipped the man onto his back and was rewarded with a loud groan. He was alive. Tallis gave one hard tug and pulled the man from the wreckage. This time, the man let out a pained scream. Tallis grimaced and apologized before dragging the man onto the impromptu path that he had made earlier.

“Alright sir, I’m going to have to leave you here for a moment.” Tallis was no expert, but he could tell that something was hurting the man. A sprained ankle? Or a twisted one? He didn’t know the difference. Hopefully it wasn’t broken. “You’ll be safe here. I’m going to get help for you.”

Tallis rushed down Mirahil Pass, and raced to the infirmary. He was already exhausted from using so much djed, and the running tired him out further. However, he couldn’t bring himself to walk while the person he rescued sat in pain. He made a mental note to start working on increasing his stamina.

As he reached the infirmary, he quickly outlined the situation. The healers weren’t used to seeing many major cases, but they didn’t shy away from the task and a small group of them soon headed out to retrieve the injured man. Tallis found a comfortable seat and waited for the healers to bring the man back to the infirmary. He’d probably have to help him find his horse. As he thought about where the creature could’ve possibly run off to, he felt himself nodding off. It wasn’t long before he fell asleep. He had, after all, exhausted himself magically and physically. But at least it had been for a good cause. Hopefully, he’d even get paid overtime.
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[Job Thread] Roadside Rescue

Postby Taylani on November 15th, 2013, 1:49 am

XP Award!


XP Award:
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Comments :
I gave you a good amount of auristics for being just one post because I did enjoy how you wrote it. It was well within your skill level. If you break up your RP into different posts per thread you can get more skill points that way. Well Written. Feel free to PM me with any thoughts or concerns. Don’t forget to edit/delete the grade request..

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