[PC Plotnotes] Avalyon Marem

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[PC Plotnotes] Avalyon Marem

Postby Avalyon Marem on September 6th, 2013, 11:52 pm

Plot Notes for the Fallen Pirate

(and to help me keep in line and not lost with so many webs!)

Always under development!

Main Goals

[ ] Get his revenge on Sebastian “Passion” Marks

[ ] Buy a new ship, return to his piracy activities

[ ] Amass a sizeable wealth (say, 5000 gold mizas)

Summer, 503 AV

Having recently lost his ship during a surprise attack, Avalyon find himself stranded in Sunberth, without friends and powerless. Happened in the ending of the season, so couldn’t advance much.

In the end, Avalyon managed to settle in The Drunken Fish and spent the rest of the season looking for a crew and a ship, to no avail.

Fall, 503 AV

Avalyon has just given up finding a crew. Now he sets his eyes on the city of Sunberth and all the wonders it has to offer – he wants to make a name for himself as a mercenary, try to find employment as a guard. He is becoming optimistic about his future.

Season Goals:

[ ] Look into Sun's Birth.
[ ] Look into the Night's Eye.
[ ] Pulp addiction.
[ ] Train Dual Wield
[ ] Train Short Sword (cutlass)
[ ] Train Negotiation
[ ] Train Swimming
[ ] Employment as a guard
[x ] Buy a second cutlass
[ ] Praise Laviku, the God of the Sea
[ ] Meet an old acquaintance
[ ] 15 threads!
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