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Savidis Magnolia

Postby Savidis on September 9th, 2013, 11:51 pm

"... he shook my hand, then, still wearing a smirk as he returned to the gloom, and I couldn't decide whether to be offended at his arrogance, amused at his jests or to count my money to be sure that it was still in my pocket."

Savidis Magnolia
Symenestra male
born on the 89th of fall, 494
20 years of age

Any act often repeated soon forms a habit; and habit allowed, steady gains in strength.

At first it may be but as a spider's web, easily broken through, but if not resisted it soon binds us with chains of steel.

ImageSavidis stands at a full 5’11”, held in the thin and willowy frame characteristic of all Symenestra. He is all bone and wire, with a frame cut and defined by rippling tendon without a pound of extra muscle. His gait slithers with the grace one might expect of a dancer—light, delicate and with barely a ruffle of fabric to announce his passage. Even traveling fails to see sun darken him—in comparison to a human, his skin is deathly pale, though to a Symenestra his complexion is hardly uncommon. Eyes the color of honey glimmer from dark sockets, almost always twinkling with thinly veiled amusement, and his near-colorless lips are commonly found with the hint of a smile. A long scar slides over his face, one cheek to the other, that is too symmetrical to have been made by accident. An array of smaller scars cascade downwards like rain, some sharp and recent while others are blurred with age. Savidis does not attempt to hide these scars, nor does he pretend they don’t exist; he displays his old wounds with great pride and confidence, as if they were badges of honor.

Unlike his Symenestra brethren, Savidis prefers subtly colored clothing to bright ones. As a dweller of shadow and a lover of secrecy, he’ll almost always choose black over the jewel-like tones that his people value so highly. Still, that isn’t to say that such vestments compose his entire wardrobe—he does have some sense of fashion, and is fond of instead using rich colors to accent the darkness he so often surrounds himself with.

Upon first meeting, one of the quickest words to describe Savidis is “slippery.” His words are a bit too light, his smile a bit too mischievous. His eyes twinkle with humor that’s a bit too shadowy, and upon parting he will often leave you with the compulsion to take stock of your person and possessions to be assured that all are present and functional.

ImageSavidis is a difficult man to tie to one title or another. With a clever mind and an even cleverer tongue, he regards the world with a certain playfulness that adulthood never quite managed to grow out of him. With the racial superiority that slithers throughout most of his race, he sees others as little more than ways to amuse himself—ever the trickster, Savidis is always ready to prank whoever comes across his path, stranger or friend. There are few things that he will not try once—or trick someone else into trying, anyway.

Still, he is not exactly cold-hearted—Savidis may be merciless in his tricks, but rarely does he manipulate out of spite. He has a vague idea of where to draw the line, and generally does not attempt to harm others unless they wrong him in some way. Nevertheless, rivals would do well to watch themselves, lest they find a nest of scorpions hiding in their pantry.

When not lying, stealing, cheating or otherwise disrupting those around him, Savidis becomes considerably calmer. Despite his thieving habits, he is quite literate and will never turn down a new book. He deeply enjoys learning, though lending a book might not always see it returned. His Achilles’ heel, however, is puzzles; riddles, contraptions, or even people that he finds particularly interesting have the power to capture Vaduras’ absolute attention and to hold it until it is either untangled or he is forced to abandon it. Anything new and unexplained is bound to attract his attention, and it is with relentless determination that he pursues the answers.

History to be added...


Outside Kalinor: Symenestra are unpopular
Laughter puts people at ease

Fluent in Symenos
Basic in Common


a black tunic
a black cloak
black breeches
a red sash
black boots
a waterskin
a backpack *which contains:
- a set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
- food for a week
- an eating knife
- flint & Steel

a quarterstaff (-1gm)
night leather armor (-60gm)
a set of opalgloam stones. Each stone is roughly 50 carats, and he has 10 of them. (heirloom)


ledger :
starting package+600gm600gm
night leather armor-60gm539gm

Is currently resting his head in World's End Grotto.

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