Why Hello There, my Fellow Friends (:

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Why Hello There, my Fellow Friends (:

Postby AliciaBaniter on September 14th, 2013, 4:29 am

Hey there! I stumbled across this masterpiece today and my curiosity took over me and I HAD to join! This all looks so amazing and unique in every way (:
Although, I do have to say, there is quite a lot to read and to attach to.

My real name is Taylor, I go by that or Alicia, either one works perfectly fine (:
My normal username is ' Rikkaix ' but its hard to pronounce and its getting a bit old for me, so I created a new one, since I have always had an interest for the name ' Alicia '.

I honestly don't know where I first began to RP, I believe I was playing an old game and saw players acting odd and watched their conversation for a while and realized they were ' acting ' and found it quite interesting, and I have been on from there. I began to get a bit more serious when I started to play two games called ' Feral Heart ' and ' Impressive Title ' haha. I very much remember two role players asking me to be more descriptive with details, and here I am now, enjoying inhaling ALL the details and being very descriptive. I wouldn't say I am advanced though. I have my moments where I just have to mention every single detail, and the next moment I am horrific and almost unbearable to even read x)

I found this awesome little slice of cake while bored earlier today and in the mood to read things and interact with people and RP a bit, and stumbled across this. It was #1 on a site I can't quite recall. I also * Really * like fantasy, so I couldn't just let this slip past.

I don't really know what RP styles there are out there, besides like, Simply, Literate or... Hard Core Literate, I suppose haha. I enjoy a literate , simply because like I said before, I very much like details though nothing too hard to read, and is simple in a way.

I am pretty much capable of writing about anything. I used to only write and RP about wolves and canines specifically, but lately I have gotten into human / humanoid figures and am actually very much liking it. I have done many different forms, such as owls, felines , aliens, winged-creatures etc. If I am capable of understanding it, I am comfortable about writing about it. Although I am very picky about topics, and I often have trouble finding a thread that appeals to me, and I actually become attached to my characters and plots etc. So a sudden ending or the death of a character makes me go into a ' mini- depression ' Haha!

My favourite thing about Mizahar has to be.. the look of everything and how there is tons of detail in everything. I can't quite grasp everything at the moment, sadly and have read many things several times and its still pretty difficult, so if you ever see me make a mistake, DO let me know (:

Nothing is all too frustrating about Mizahar, not that I have came across, at least. Although, this is my first time doing ' One character per account ' thing and having my username be the name of my character, so I might have to get used to that, and very advanced RPers as well, but that shouldn't be a problem. Although, there is so many links and what not to get started with its almost overwhelming.

I don't want to make this into a Super Novel of doom, so I will stop here! I'd love to hear from you guys and make a couple friends. Feel free to introduce me to some RP threads or whatever, and send me some helpful links!
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Why Hello There, my Fellow Friends (:

Postby Taylani on September 14th, 2013, 11:20 pm

Hiya, its hard to grasp everything in the first few days because of all the lore. But that is what makes the site so great. We have a lot of awesome helpers to help understand everything :)
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