Solo Rising from the Depths

Arriving to Zeltiva

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Rising from the Depths

Postby Hekra on September 24th, 2013, 8:53 pm

20th of fall 2013

Finally here… Hekra shook her head and looked behind the journey had not been all that she had expected. She sighed resumed looking forwards the docks were just ahead. She had lost the second of her underwater beasts of burden as she had gotten separated from the rest of the convoy.

Luckily she had managed to find the shore relatively quickly, and gotten her bearings. She knew that she was somewhere between the Sunberth and Lisnar and as she had started to go the other way trying to stay as quiet and unnoticeable as possible. She would have had to drop her precious cargo if push had come to the shove and hope that she could find the sled later with reinforcements. After few days the sings of the civilization were becoming more and more apparent, abandoned and looted wrecks, sunken junk that had rusted through. She pushed forward knowing that she would not have time to skim over these things, they might still hold some interesting things despite the age. The land dwellers usually were in a hurry with their silly bells or other contraptions. The food supplies had ran through few days ago, she had given rest of the seaweed to her remaining seahorse so that it could keep up its strength, and few passing thallus she had managed to grab as they had moved past had now been not enough to satisfy her hunger. Hekra mentally cursed that she had trusted the caravan leader to keep his calm as the shark had stricken, they could have recouped their losses by salvaging what had remained after the attack but he had panicked and made a run for it the caravans main body, leaving her with one seahorse short of a sled team and all alone. Hekra had know that she would not have been able to catch the main group without risking to get lost, and alone that would be a death-sentence. She had decided that the best course of action was to follow the shore… it would either lead her to Zeltiva, Lisnar or Sunberth.

She blessed now the Sea Father that she had the habit on keeping herself on the map and that the promises of a sacrifice on her safety had been heard. Pausing for a moment only to observe the odd hum that was coming from the odd black thing in the harbour but she quickly decided to steer clear of it for now and push to the docks before her luck would run out. She left the sled and the seahorse behind at a spot she could easily find them to observer the docks and decide what would be the best way to make a landfall, and make her presence known and understood. She did not want to be harpooned as a shark or beast by overzealous guardsmen...
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