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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

A Cat Is For Life

Postby Khazius Raine on September 27th, 2013, 5:52 am

Timestamp: Fall 513 - Day 1

The dull thud of the old brass bell was a welcome sound, as tired workers found renewed vigor, gathering jackets and coats as they scurried off the docks towards the city. Wooden walkways and piers gave way to the more stable ground of streets and alleys. Should one be so inclined, they could follow those streets all the way up to the north-east part of the city, where the Denvali converged, planned, and plotted. Something was stirring there as if the arrival of Fall had set a fuse. Politically it was a powder keg waiting to ignite, bound to send fragments of chaos and chunks of upheaval across the city. None would be spared. None would be untouched.

But not everyone knew the impending troubles that for now paused on the outskirts with beady eyes and twitching hands. As fingers wrapped around hilts and staves, Denvali militants waited with a mix of excitement and nervousness, watching the unsuspecting Zeltivans going about their daily business as if nothing was different. If there was a sense of foreboding in the air, they didn't know it. They would come to mark this day though, as the day the Coup began.

Having gathered his own coat - that he admitted might be in need of replacing - Khazius climbed the steps from his loading dock and onto the paved walkway lining the city. Turning back to look at the ships, he wondered for a moment if he might ever be free of loading and unloading them add infinity. Maybe one day he would be loading himself on one of those ships, that would take him far, far away from here.

It was the same old story come the end of his shift. That pause as he transitioned from work to freedom, only to have it snatched away as the monotony of life reminded him that he wasn't free at all. There was father to consider, still as speechless and inactive as the day mother had passed. Without Khazius, his father would have probably ended up in one of those homes for the insane. He couldn't allow that. Not his own family.

But just as soon as he rued his lot in life, he at once countered with the relief of his 'other' profession. The life of a spiritist was a rewarding yet strange one, not so much the subject matter of course, but rather that for the most part he had to conduct his affairs in secret. Only a handful knew of his second occupation. Farris' granddaughter of course. Then there was Marina, as well as a few other ghosts who he had worked with but for now had not reincarnated. A few others perhaps, but very few.

Still, spiritism was restricted to the night time. He had a few hours before then, but presently he wasn't working with any ghosts or on any 'assignments'. In other words, he was completely free for the remainder of the evening. For others he worked with, this would mean hitting the nearest tavern to drink foul tasting liquor, or perhaps returning home to loved ones. As for Khazius, he didn't drink and had no loved one waiting for him at home. There had been women in the past, but with his effectively working two jobs and caring for his father, he'd watched his twenties pass by without ever advancing to the higher echelons of a relationship.

At that moment Khazius was drawn from his meandering thoughts as a passerby rudely brushed past him. It was more of a collision than an innocent brushing, and he turned to offer his protestations at the transgressor. But he noted with confusion that several others had also taken flight in his direction. He became aware of a commotion, a mix of shouts and crashes that only came together in the form of trouble.

"What's going on?" he asked of a young boy with a reddened face. The lad stopped, hands on his knees as he regained his breath, before looking back the way he came with a sense of urgency slapped on his face.

"Them Denvali folk mister. They takin' to arms and lookin' fo' trouble." With that the boy set off once more, almost getting flattened as two city watch guards came stampeding from the other direction heading towards the commotion. Khazius himself was no trained fighter, beyond the ability to throw a wild punch or two. In any case, his first priority was to ensure the safety of his father, and so he set off towards that humble cottage he called home.
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A Cat Is For Life

Postby B'Naomi Tomva on September 27th, 2013, 4:41 pm


Naomi was annoyed that the sea. She was was laying at the edge of a remote dock, looking over the ocean. The sun kept her warm and the cool breeze wafting past her was pleasant. But every 50 ticks or so, water would splash up over the side, making her hiss in anger. She decided it was worth it to occupy such a wonderful napping spot, though, the humans had not shown much interest in it. In fact, they had been glancing at her quite oddly, marking her has a potential target for thievery perhaps. Well, she would cross that bridge when she came to it. She opened her eyes into slits as a strange tolling sound echoed into her ears. People seemed to pour out of thin air all of a sudden into a huge mass that flowed away mop from the docks, and she sat up to examine them. They looked relieved, as if the sound signified something good, the end of a 'work day', she guessed. She still did not understand why people decided they needed to work to be happy, which sounded kind of counter productive if happiness was the goal. One man did not look happy, however, yet followed in the midst of the crowd anyway. A throbbing pain erupted from deep in her chest, and she clutched at her stomach, doubling over. It was not an ailment of the flesh that affected her. It was caused by the hole in her where a bond was supposed to go, ever open and festering. She was used to this pain by now, but it usually did not come this bad. She felt a strong pull in the direction of the crowd, so she struggled to her feet and joined the mass.

Naomi followed the group for a while, it slowly shrinking in size as people branched off to go to different parts of the city. She noticed the where people brushing past them more and more, and for some reason she felt a strange panic in the air, the hair on the back of her neck standing on end. She heard a young boy in front of her say that the Denali, whoever they were, are stirring up trouble. She doubted that they could storm Zeltiva, but you never know. She felt a pull away from the crowd, so she branched off a side street, following the strange attractive force. She walked for a few minutes until she came to the door of a small cottage, where the feeling told her to go through the door. She stepped onto the threshold and wrapped her fist on the door loudly. She waited for someone to appear with excitement. It could be anyone, or anything. Whatever it was, she would relish in their presents, if only to subside the pain in her gut. And so, she stood at the door patiently, hands playing with the simple dress she wore, waiting for her life to change.
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A Cat Is For Life

Postby Eldritch on September 27th, 2013, 4:48 pm

B'Naomi Tomva. You have been warned against starting any new threads outside of Kalinor by DS Poison here. I'm sorry to you here Khazius, but until I get word otherwise from Poison that the situation in Kalinor is amicably resolved you cannot continue to post. I have had issues before with you Naomi, and I hear the same now from Poison. If you start any more threads in Zeltiva without resolving the situation with Kalinor I will intervene on your threads. This is your first and only warning.
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