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Postby Kiyeri on September 29th, 2013, 2:40 pm

In these past few months, my activity's dwindled significantly. It's been hard for me to really keep up with this vast place, so I guess it's time for me close up shop. I'm really sorry about stringing people along like this. I had so many ideas...so many plans.

Sigh, I'll miss you guys.
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And it blows away with the changing wind
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Postby Lullaby on September 29th, 2013, 11:24 pm



I am so sad to see you go. Though we have never spoken much past OOC within Chat, I know your presence will be missed within Lhavit. I hope this is not goodbye, but a see you soon. Come back when you can, write when you can, plot when you can. Think of it as time to make your character better, your posts even deeper, and your story even greater. A chance to improve, revisit, remake, revise.

Sometimes we all need a break, a bit of a time to re-evaluate, and that's completely alright. You don't need to apologize, or feel like you are letting people down. Just don't give up. Come back once you're ready and even bigger than before.

We'll miss you too. Come back and chat. Help us plot wacky things, read through new threads, maybe even help guide a new member to their feet to show them how great Mizahar is. You don't have to spit out three-thousand words a day to be an active member of the community, or have five-hundred lores by the end of the season. There are many different ways that you can stay within Mizahar, and take a step back from what might seem overwhelming in the scheme of writing. Ask a DS if you can take on a location to write up and just chip away at it. Maybe pitch a plot that could add some spice to a quiet domain. Even just glance over a CS for those new members that are too shy to ask staff, or need direction to a lore even if its right in front of them.

Just don't say good-bye.

See you later,
~ Lullaby

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