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Postby William Renegade on September 30th, 2013, 10:46 pm

Lessee... Name's Sébastien, I'm 24 and my native tongue is French, although I'm Canadian, not from France which is a common assumption. I've been RPing for a couple of years now threw forums mainly as a means of burning time and practicing my English since I used to hate writing until I hit 16. Honestly I don't really remember how I found this forum, remembered I had it in my favorites only recently since I never took the time to check it out due to RL problems that made me temporarily quit the RP scene.

I tend to enjoy various types of stories. I've written in the past dramas, some comedy, action scenes, romance, hell even wrote erotic stories for and with my ex gf. Although I'm kinda ashamed to admit I seem to specialise at romance. Only things I don't like are mundane/trivial or unrealistic stories, I'll explain. My main enjoyment in writing is character development since I'm a psychology nut so stories that have nothing to do with a character's mental or relationships growth/degradation tend to bore me quickly. Although I'm still a guy and naturally enjoy utterly pointless action sequences.

Not really expecting much from here, just joined cause I felt like it really. So far I'm amazed by how active this place is and how much work has been put into it and you guys really seem to put the average professional fantasy writer to shame. Ironically that's also what troubles me so far since there's just so much content that it's gonna take me quite a while to wrap my head around it all. Also I'm much more used to freestyle rules so all this structure is totally new to me. For example in my previous RP forum a characters skills were only ever limited by it's writter's actual knowledge and imagination rather than an RPG system, making RL martial artists and science nuts pretty damn deadly.

An early warning: Some people tend to take issue with my main characters since they are meddlers/comic reliefs and are intentionally meant to be annoying/smart-asses. So if anyone has a problem with that I'd appreciate if they discussed it with me directly since they often if not always have underlying intentions that I keep hidden for plot purposes.
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Postby Taylani on September 30th, 2013, 11:23 pm

Hiya William. Welcome to Mizahara, I am fairly new to a system of Stats/XP that has to be kept up with manually as my RP experience used SimpleMU client. This meant that +Teachers +Trainers could type a command and it would automatically assign XP etc and when there was combat or language issues commands would tally your stats against opponents stats or knowledge of the language and give you the result once you do the action.

However the forums here gives a much better avenue for writing, and that is what I like the most about RP. The development of character so, I learn the stats/xp/teaching thing slowly but surely :)
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Postby Kaden Swift on September 30th, 2013, 11:53 pm

Your intro was very fun to read. I was laughing at a few things you have said.

Well welcome to Mizahar, my name is Berry but you can call me Kaden since that’s my characters name. Now for the whole information overload, yes there is a lot. In fact I am still learning more each time I log in. I had thought I read the site top to bottom before even posting a character sheet, but I missed quite a bit and more is added all the time.

Still, don’t worry about it. My personal suggestion is to pick a race you'd like to play; then read everything for just that race; followed by where you wish to start your character. While you role play your character will learn things and so you will. What’s lovely about role playing is that your character doesn’t have to know anything past their own nose; so unless you want to venture past that you don’t have to either. Well, at least you do not need to be fluent in lore of everywhere. When you want your character to learn something you just look it up and learn it yourself before setting your character to do the same. This might make it easier to understand then diving into everything at once.

The skill’s, well if everyone were to be believed in knowing a skill then there would be a lot many more masters in the world. A teenager in London can claim to know ancient Chinese secrets all they like; doesn’t mean the information isn’t taken straight from someplace like Wikipedia. The skill system makes it fairer and keep’s people from power playing. It also makes it more realistic as no one is born knowing something but have to learn it. Well, except the Kelvic who are born knowing they are more than just a human. If you want your character to be great they have to work for it and not just claim to be.

To personality, each is their own! Somewhere running around here must be a character that is under the delusion, that they are a footstool. Anyone ever gets that reference deserves a cookie.
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Postby Radiant on October 1st, 2013, 12:41 am

Agreeing with Kaden, your introductions are fun to read indeed! :D

I personally expect great things from you! Can't wait to see your CS!
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Postby Croduth on October 1st, 2013, 9:14 pm

I would love to Roleplay with you sometime my friend! The "Smartass" is usually met will with the sort of.. Stoic characters I have played in the past ;D
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