Solo The Kitao Scrolls(1st rp Scroll read)

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The Kitao Scrolls(1st rp Scroll read)

Postby Sharito Kitao on October 6th, 2013, 12:14 am

47th of Fall 513
Sharito Kitao looked at the heirloom wooden box, adorned with a lid carving of a sword crossing a spear pointing to the left. It is really a fairly crude rendering, but it is nonetheless beautiful in its own right. The clasp was made from an old copper-iron alloy that has been worn down from use. As he opened the box, Sharito felt a feeling of excitement of what he might read. He slowly pulled out a 10-year old parchment roll, making sure it didnt crumble. He shut the lid carefully down, and gingerly unrolled the parchment roll. He focused his mind on the parchment, and started reading what appeared to be a herbalism recipe thing.

Temurs Sap Pain-Sucker

Temurs Sap by itself is a mild sleep-aid, but when combined with certain other extracts, oils, and herbs, it becomes a great pain sucker, as it literally attaches to the pain center and sucks it down to relieve the pain.

    Temurs Sap 20 grams
    Black Rosea Oil 26 grams
    Willow Powder 13 grams
    Willowoak Tree Fruit Juice 22 grams

Add willowoak fruit juice with black rosea oil. Mix one chime, cook over short-chimur fire three chimes, then let sit one bell.

While waiting,-, slowly melt Temurs Sap into a liquid for ten chimes on a klick-dottur flame, dissolve willow powder in Temurs Fluid, let sit¡.

Mix both mixtures into a clear fluid, then add some deldertet leaf powder to prepare. Mix the new mixture for two chimes, then cook over green-oil flame one bell. Take new mixture, stir, filter through copper screen, stir, let sit one bell, its done.

Sharito carefully refolded the roll, put it back into the box, then gingerly closed the clasp. He then went to bed, as it was night.

OOC: I deliberately made some grammar fails and punctuation derps to make it seem like translation-bogged.
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