It Really Bites That I Have to Post This (Rhys' Absence)

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It Really Bites That I Have to Post This (Rhys' Absence)

Postby Rhys Blodwen on November 20th, 2013, 1:53 am

Yeah. Title.

So, Life has begun doing what life does and biting me right where the sun doesn't shine. School, band, friends... Gah! All of 'em! I'm not going to say I wish they were all gone, but I value work above fun, as to allow myself more time for fun. And Mizahar isn't work (Unless you're one of the amazing staff. I'm going to sneak a 'thank you' in here for you guys.), it's fun. So, gonna' have to say sorry, and I'm gonna' try to get all this work in the "done" pile as soon as possible. I'll still be on, but posting will be inevitably slower, and I wouldn't be surprised if some threads would have to be labeled "Flashback". So, my apologies to anyone I've plotted with or am threading with, and I'll do my best. Salute, Mizahar!
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It Really Bites That I Have to Post This (Rhys' Absence)

Postby Quint Caravel on November 20th, 2013, 7:07 am

Good luck. I've only know you a short time but you've already impressed me with your spirit and dedication. In the thread we had, you were a good and reliable poster. And a good writer and role player.

I know this must be hard for you. But yeah, grades come first. Jobs and clubs and things have to come first.
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