The World of a Challenged Symenestra

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The World of a Challenged Symenestra

Postby Assilsa Curare on November 24th, 2013, 3:11 am

Well in honest truth my plan for Assilsa for the rest of fall is to get Mauled however Along the way I have planned a few things.
[center]59th- Gain a Slave (Bliss)

I have started this thread in hopes of gaining a slave however this is also the thread that Assilsa will get mauled in. This will begin the debt that Bliss feels as though she owes Assilsa there for gaining the Symenestra her slave.
59th- Get Mauled.

Assilsa, In attempts to save Bliss, turns her back upon one or two Marrow dogs as they lung forward their claws dig into her back wounding her, this puts her in Danger of fevers, sickness, infections, and Also the huge gaping wound on her back.
Between 59th and the 67th (Predicted)

This may change but Assilsa will in fact be fighting off Deaths grasp and I hope that people will still want to thread with her during this time. Assilsa will be incredibly ‘all knowing’? Giving gifts and advice as she believes she is going to die.
NOTE: this may actually change, however only the times

I also plan to bring together Biss (Assilsa new gained slave) and also Ero (Assilsa planned wife) together and inform the two that they share the slave and that Bliss should treat her with respect because we love the slaveness.
Between 70th and the 80th

Well Assilsa is roughly back on her feet, she is still fighting for the ability to survive. She still looks like a rotting nuit on the last legs of its current body but she is moving and talking almost like herself. If you where to thread with her during this time she would be incredibly sick and also very vage.
89th , 88th and the 87th

This is when Assilsa will be passing on her small knowledge of hunting to both Sayren and Bliss hoping the can use it better then her As she can no longer hunt for a while losing her income..
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