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Postby Kaolin on September 2nd, 2009, 12:16 am

• PC Name’s Kaolin
• Physical Information (Required)
o Race: Pycon
o Age: 5 Birthday:Winter 23, 504AV
o Gender: Male
• Physical Description
o Kaolin’s form is currently based on a tale of the Grey Wanderer. He stands six inches tall with a gray cast to his stony flesh. His skin is carved into a stylized robe and cowl which covers his ill defined facial features.
• Character Concept (Optional But Recommended)
• Character History (Optional But Recommended)
o As soon as Kaolin emerged from his ball and took on his first form, he could be found at the feet of the eldest of the Pyve. He absorbed all his stories and songs and even learned to play the recorder to accompany the eldest from he spoke the old stories. From the eldest, he learned the arts of geology which among the Pycon was a combination of cooking, farming, biology and philosophy as he learned of their makeup. Kaolin would have been content to spend his life growing slowly in the Pyve. Then Morpheus joined the Pyve.
o Morpheus was young yet every Pycon of the Pyve deferred to him. Where his community was warm and engaging he held himself apart from the rest. One wondered why he stayed in the Pyve in the first. Through a combination of enthusiasm and persistence that only the really young possess, Kaolin worked his way into his company and over time Morpheus shared his secret. Morpheus was a wizard, a morpher to be precise, and he had retired to the Pyve to anchor himself after almost losing himself to the shifting. Morpheus tried to warn Kaolin away from his path but Kao learned enough from his tales to effect the first true change himself. After that, Morpheus had no choice but to train Kaolin as well as he could before wanderlust drove Kaolin to set out on his first adventure.
• Training & Skill Points (Required)
o Starting Package (Initial Skills/Points)
o Geology: 10 points
o Escape Artist: 10 points
o Play Recorder: 10 points
o Morphing: 30 points
o Earned Skill/Points
o Lores: Stories of the Pyve, Songs of the Pyve
• Equipment/Possessions (Required)
o He carries with him a clay recorder forged by the best potter of his Pyve and a sack of tasty clay for the road.
• Ledger (Required)
o 600 gold mizas
• Thread List (Optional)
o Keep a running record plus links of all your threads and in what season they were in.
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