Flashback Summer adventures

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Summer adventures

Postby Voss on December 7th, 2013, 10:50 pm

Summer 54th 506

The summer sun shining brightly and the sky was a clear blue. While the academics and mages of zeltiva had sought refuge in the shade and moaned about how hot it was. The Sailors were still working in the hot sun. And the children of zeltiva where taking full advantage of the warm weather to go outside and be a general nuisance as they played.

“Voss, I don't think that is a good idea.” One of this trio of friends said as they were huddled behind a stack of crates on one of the smaller piers.
“Oh come on Marx, aren't you curious! The people say that that ship,” Voss motioned towars a large galleon moored to zeltiva's large peers. “sailed to the place where the ice never melts and beyond! That's petching far! Who knows when it leaves and we get another chance to get a close look at the ship!” Voss said as he paced around. A determined glint in his eyes.

“It'll probalby come back in a few years voss. Maybe you can apply yourself as a sailor to that ship if you want to see it so much. A ship like that'll need a lot of sailors.” Marx said.

“Give it up marx.” The third member of their little group spoke up. “You know just as well as me that you can't talk him out of doing stupid things. It's in his blood.” both of them began snickering at that.

“Oh petch off, Andres. I wasn't the guy who lost two teeth after you called that myrian a freak to his face!” Voss shot back. Stepping closer to andres, glaring at him.

“Don't laugh at that! He nearly killed me! Besides you dared me to do it!”

Voss smirked in victory. “And who was stupid enough to take me up on that dare?”
Andres twitched in annoyance as Voss made his point.

“Besides,” voss continued. “unlike then nothing can go wrong. Worst that'll happen if one of the sailors's kicks us off the peer. So stop whining and just lets go. I mean what else are we going to do anyway?”

Andres and marx looked at each other and shrugged. He did have a point.

“So what are we still waiting for? Lets go already!” Voss took the chance. Both his friends were considering the idea. Now he just needed to sweep them along. “That ship won't be here forever you know.”

“Fine but if we get caught then you're the oen that'll take the blame.” Marx muttered. Voss just laughed and ran of towards the larger peer.

“Stop being such a worry wart. We'll be fine! Like I said the worst they'll do is kick us of the pier. And we can all swim don't we. So get moving!” The other two boy's just let out a sigh.

“yeah, stop getting on our arse about it captain.”

“If you don't start moving and stop being a smartarse I'm going to kick your arse!” Voss yelled at the two, there was still a smile on hsi face.

The other two kids just laughed as they started running towards the ship. “As if you could even catch us!”

“I'll show you! Get back here!” Voss yelled as he ran after the two. Both parties taunting and yelling at each other while running towards the pier where the galleon was mored.


Voss lunged at marx who didn't manage to dodge in time. Voss managaged to grab a hold of his belt and dragged him with him tot he ground.
“Gotcha you slow vagik!” voss yelled out in triumph. “Told you I could catch you!”

“Shh!!!” Andres shushed them both from behind the cover of a crate. “Stop fighting and hide you idiots.” He hissed towards them. “Do you want the sailors to notice us before we even got to the pier?”

Voss and marx gave each other a quick look before voss clambered of the smaller boy and ducked behind the same crate andress was hiding behind. Peeking over his piece of cover. Marx following close behind.

“So how are we going to do this?” Marx whispered. “We can't just walk up to the ship. Those sailors probably don't want us to get in the way.”

“How else? We sneak past them. They look pretty bussy, so as long as we keep out of sight they shouldn't really notice us.” Voss told him. “There are enough pieces of cover around. A few times we might have to drop of the peir and swim though.”

“No. We aren't going to swim right next to the bloody pier Voss.” Andres whispered. “If a ship gets a bit loose it could crush us against the pier. We aren't getting in the water here!”

“fine fine. Wuss.” Voss muttered. “Lets just get as close as possible, stick to cover. And make a run f or it if we don't have any cover. Pansies.” the two other kids gave each other a look before nodding.

“That sounds like a better idea the almost getting crushed to death. Lets do it.”

“Right as soon as the sailor looks the other way. We'll dash behind the crate over there. Ready?”

The small band of friends nodded. “Then lets go!”
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