[Faction] The Wave Guard

Zeltiva's Citizen Defense Force

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Faction] The Wave Guard

Postby Eldritch on December 16th, 2013, 4:15 am

The Wave Guard



The Wave Guard is the citizen militia tasked with guarding the Port City of Zeltiva from threats, both external and internal. While not a professional military by any stretch of the imagination, the organization is effective at its role in the city. They are known to be closely affiliated with the Sailor’s Guild, who provides them with the sleek and slender vessels that can occasionally be seen patrolling Matthew’s Bay.


Mizahar is a dangerous world, even more so for a budding Zeltiva with no walls or professional military. In these early days a few brave individuals stepped forward to guard the city from harm, the first true Wave Guards. They came from all walks of life, fishermen, sailors, even a few scholars, all united by the desire to keep their loved ones safe from harm. They never really became a full standing military; the city didn’t have the resources to sustain such a thing. However, they did as best they could with what they were given, a standard the Guard still follows to this very day.

As the city evolved and its politics changed the Wave Guard shifted and changed with it throughout the years. In some years they were a tiny group of tightly knit peacekeepers, in others they expanded to combat greater threats only to disband when the threat was dealt with. In recent years they have found greater ability to function in Zeltivan society thanks to closer ties with the Sailor’s Guild, who provide a large amount of funding and requisition to the Guards. Officially they have always served the Lord of Council, but some question if that loyalty has stayed the same off the record.


The organization of the Wave Guard is rather simple and clear cut, the chain of command is very clearly defined and orders flow easily down the line. It is at its core still a citizen militia, receiving only light training that is compounded upon by experience in the field. People from all walks of life and talents are accepted by the Guard, the varied make up allows for greater flexibility in handling anything from domestic disputes to fighting against smugglers.

There are two ‘branches’ of the organization, the Guards that handled affairs within the city and the surrounding areas and those that patrol Matthews Bay in the sleek vessels granted to them by the Sailor’s Guild. Those that display an aptitude for sailing are accepted into the latter category, while everyone else is placed into the former category. Despite their presence on the Bay it is important to note that the Wave Guard are not interchangeable with the Navy, their ships are too small and few to serve that purpose, usually they just watch for smugglers and around the city.

There are only around four hundred standing members of the Wave Guard, certainly not large enough to serve as a military. This number has been smaller or higher over the years, but rarely has been known to go beyond one thousand at any given time as the city cannot practically sustain a massive land military force.


The ranks of the Wave Guard are simple and few in number, only possessing four recognized ranks of any import. Advancement is recognized by the amount of crests upon a creating wave insignia granted to every Wave Guard upon joining.

Rank Sigil Command Wage
Guardsman Single cresting wave N/A 5 GMs
Sergeant Two crests on a wave 5-7 Guards 7 GMs
Lieutenant Three crests on a wave 20-30 Guards 14 GM
Captain of the Guard Four crests on a wave All of the Guard 28 GMs

Joining the Wave Guard

As previously stated the Wave Guard accepts most every abled bodied recruit that would volunteer to join the Guard, provided they are a mature and upstanding citizen in Zeltivan society. One need only express an interest in joining the guard, enter into a light training program and undergo an assessment of their skills. After a person completes the short training program then they are permitted to undergo the Trial of the Waves, where recruits are taken out into the Bay on one of the signature vessels of the Guard and told to swim to a large rock located near the outer edge of the Bay.

Once they succeed they are granted the azure uniform of the Guard, a shield bearing the symbol of the Guard, and an emblem denoting the rank of Guardsman. From there they will be assigned to a Sergeant on either a ship or on a patrol route in the city or surrounding areas, depending on what aptitude they showed best.

In terms of skills, one needs to possess the following skills in order to serve as a full member of the Guard. Exceptions are granted on a case by case basis.

Weapon (Any): 20
Unarmed Combat (Any): 15
Shield (Round): 10
Swimming: 20
Lores regarding Zeltivan Law and the Wave Guard

Those who display aptitude for Sailing in some regard are taken on the ships that patrol the Bay. It has been known for the Guard to take in those skilled with magic in some regard, though they are treated cautiously.


Advancing in the Wave Guard is rather simple, one must show the ability to lead as well as prove increasing proficient with regards to the already required skills. While there are only light requirements for joining initially the expectations become steeper as one advances, and as the responsibilities increase.

Guardsman: Base requirements are all that are needed as well as passing the Trial of the Waves. The new Guardsman is awarded the signature azure uniform of the Guard with a chain shirt to put underneath it. Along with this they are granted a round shield with the sigil of the Guard and a silver insignia of rank to pin to their uniform.

Sergeant: Required to have at least one of the combat skills needed for guardsman at competent as well as possessing Leadership at the very least at 15. In order to gain this rank they must also have served at least two seasons in service to the Guard. The newly minted Sergeant is granted not only higher pay but also is awarded a higher quality version of their weapon of choice and a silver emblem of their new rank. They are also given a squad of up to seven Guardsmen to command.

Lieutenant: Required to have at least one of the combat skills needed for guardsman at expert and the other at competent, as well as Leadership at competent. In order to gain this rank they must also have served as least a whole year in the Guard. Lieutenants are raised up and handpicked by the Captain of the Guard, seen as the cream of the crop and the finest examples of leaders. In commemoration of their new rank they are given a new uniform of much higher quality and half plate armor. If they serve on the waters of the Bay they are also granted a sleek vessel to command. They receive a gold insignia of a three crested wave and can command of a platoon of up to thirty guardsmen.

Captain of the Guard: Required to have at least one of the combat skills needed for guardsman at master and the other at expert, as well as Leadership at expert. In order to gain this rank one must not only serve exceptionally for at least two years, but also be put in place by the Lord of Council themselves. The Captain of the Guard is selected by the Lord of Council at the advisement of other members of the Guard and the Sailor’s Guild. A ceremony is held in honor of the occasion where the Lord of Council awards the Captain with the four crested wave of their office as well a weapon bearing the trident insignia of Zeltiva in its design. They are granted an official office to handle Guard affairs. They command the entirety of the Wave Guard.

Moderator Note: PM Zeltivan Storyteller about joining the Wave Guard.

Credit to Paragon for the first write up for the Wave Guard.
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