Open [Event] The Denvali Party

A party is held in the Denvali Quarter!

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

[Event] The Denvali Party

Postby Bob Barton on February 27th, 2014, 5:06 pm

Being so busy helping his uncle in earning his keep since he returned to Zeltiva seasons ago, Bob never really had the time nor the interest he once had to keep follow the current events because much of his free time, brief as they were went into his other shenanigans. However when everyone started talking about the party in the Denvali Quarter, whether from the people that brought him work with their hurt animals, overheard while he was enjoying his pasttime in East Street or just while he was walking from place to place he knew he had to have a piece of the action. While right now Bob seemed to be a functioning member of society with a somewhat respectable job treating animals that needed it he was still a Barton. In essence he was a gambler, an opportunist and what he heard was an opportunity to meet the more outstanding citizens of Zeltiva. Well more precisely the words were more along the lines of everyone and anyone in Zeltiva is going to be there. To miss out on this opportunity was going to be stupid indeed.

And hence the day before, Bob spent preparing himself to attend the party. It was not often he had a chance to use these clothes he 'acquired' back in Sunberth and now not only did he have the chance, he also had the perfect opportunity to use them. The important people of Zeltiva, it had to include some people from the Sailor's Guild. With a little luck and some tricks he has missed for so long he would not only be able present himself as one of those important people himself, but maybe...just maybe he could bypass that entrance fee he heard so much about. He did not exactly know how much it was but for a party he expected it to be expensive and there was the principle behind it as well. There was no way he, Bob Barton, would add to the funds of the people that had the gall to attack Zeltiva. Even if he had heard it failed as it should have against the way more smarter Zeltivans, there was no telling when they would be stupid enough to try again.

On the day of the event, Bob or more precisely Captain Barton arrived at the main entrance of the Denvali Quarter just the way he had seen himself in the mirror the day before. The Zeltivan captain uniform he had on him fitting rather snugly after the alterations he got made on it giving him an air of dignity. Along with it, the captain's hat tilted upwards so people can see that a man of his rank had nothing to hide from the rest of the common folk. A monocle, now repaired by a Zeltivan glassworker kept in his pocket like an accessory denoting a degree of class because it would not possibly see any use in the foreseeable future. Last but not least, the spyglass. It was not as if Bob needed it on land but he found it with the uniform during the shipwreck and regarded it as part of the set. At the very least it might make him look more convincing and convincing was what he needed since all this? They were just for show. After all, he hasn't even ever had a chance of doing anything on a ship other than riding on it.

At least this time, he lost the ridiculous false moustache he tried on in an attempt to look more sophisticated. He tried it the night before and because he didn't have enough time to get a proper one, took some of the leaves his uncle told him were used to seal skin together to help with cuts. Not that Bob really cared to know more about the leaves beyond that as he put them in a bowl and started mashing them up into paste right up until the point he could no longer see a leaf. With more experience perhaps he would realize he should have continued longer to make sure that it was finely mashed up into paste if he was going to use it at all but for Bob it was enough to lather some on his face and start putting some loose hair over it. Not only the hair easily fell given time but it also gave Bob a pretty bad itch for a while until he finally got the gunk off. It explains the red mark slightly above his lips but hopefully no one would notice it after he used the soothing cream he pilfered from his uncle's medicine closet.

The moment everything would be determined before him Bob headed towards the entrance, swaggering like a sailor not by choice but because of the injury he sustained back in Alvadas by one horrible backstabber. He only took a few steps, his left leg stiff the whole time before he was stopped by the guards at the door. Looking at the two he nonchalantly mentioned "my invitation? I don't know where it is either" just like he practiced in the mirror over and over the night before while trying on his clothes which was in a sense true for Bob because, who wouldn't want to invite him? "But I'm here now. You don't want to send ol' Barton all the way back do you?" he asked before extending his cane and using it to support himself as if he was resting. At least through gambling, Bob has developed quite the poker face otherwise he could not deliver the line with a straight face. Instead he lightly tapped the cane on the ground as though he took another step forward asking "well my friends? I can't stand here for long you know" hoping that the suddenly sound would elicit a favourable answer before they could put much thought in it otherwise Bob might have to try something else he hopes would be more effective.
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